Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Madhuben smears her face red with kumkum, removes knife and walks towards Kokila who is among crowds doing pooja. Sona tells Gopi that Kokila is unsafe with Madhuben and they have to save her. Gopi shouts how can she badmouth about her mother. Sona says she is not lying and though she did many wrong things, she is not lying this time and can take Sahir’s oath. Gopi does not trust her even then (as usual) and says she should get her wounds treated first.

Madhuben walks towards Kokila and slits her hand. Kokila turns, sees red faced woman stabbing her, and pleads for help. Madhuben continues stabbing her
Ahem calls Gopi and asks where is mom. Gopi says she with Maa and since maa was having cough, she came to take doc. Hetal tensely asks why did she leave

Kokila with Madhuben. Gopi asks what happened. Ahem asks her to listen carefully and says Madhuben is behing all the recent accidents happened with mom. Gopi shouts this cannot happen, why will her maa try to kill maaji. Sona says she already told her Madhuben is the culprit. Ahem asks if Sona is around. Gopi says yes and she is also saying maa will kill maaji. Ahem says Sona was right even before and reminisces the incidents where Sona says Madhuben is the mastermind and culprit. Gopi still does not trust Ahem. Ahem says Madhuben came to take revenge of Radha’s murder and she has to save mom. Hetal, Parag, and Jigar also plead her to save Kokila. Gopi at last believes and says she will save maaji at any cost and runs. Baa says Gopi is in a delimma now and God should help her.

Madhuben continues stabbing Kokila and Kokila walks pleading people for help. but everyone aer busy in pooja and don’t even notice her. Modi family come to parking lot to leave for Omkareshwar and discuss that they should inform Vidya and Meera. Gopi continues running to save Kokila.

Dharam’s family is busy with pooja. Dharam after performing aarti with Durga asks Vidya and Meera to perform aarti. Vidya prays god to protect her family.

Kokila turns and asks who is she and is shocked to see Madhuben. She asks why is she stabbing her. Madhuben says it is her revenge for killing Radha and she wants to feel what Radha felt when her own sister killed her. Just like she Radha lost her child, Ahem will lose her mom now.

Precap: Madhuben stabs Kokila, but Kokila comes in between and gets stabbed instead.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Shivam saxena

    exciting episode

  2. Wow. What fanstastic acting by the crew. Amaxing isn’t it.

  3. When they r going to stop the serial. Tomorrow madhuben track ends. New track paridhi return and new drama is going to start. Gopi always over react and lengthy dialogues.

    1. Will paridhi come back?

  4. anyone explain precap please. is gopi or kokila gets stabbed

    1. Gopi gets stabbed

  5. same story dragging dragging and dragging they drag till they get headache what a women madhuben is did she forget everything done by radha to the modi family she even tried to kill her own daughter

  6. get Gia Manek back as Gopi and I request dialogue writers give Gopi small dialogues not routine dialogues please yarrrrrr soon soon ka thak gyaa yarrrrrr

  7. I think gopi will end up killing her mom n i she kill her like radha

    1. No…gopi’s mom will suicide because she had harmed gopi…

  8. Precap: Madhuben stabs kokila, but gopi comes in between and gets stabbed instead

  9. ouf now it be be dragged , till gopi gets well then some other sanket will come upon the modis oh kanaji what is this. i agree this Gopi vau is to much she needs to take a chill pill

  10. Really fabulous episode.great

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