Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila, Vidya, Urmila and Sona get emotional that Gopi will marry Dr. Krishna tomorrow and leave them. At Dharam’s house, Meera yells in front of Dharam that Kokila is getting Gopi married tomorrow and it is wrong. He asks if their love is also wrong. She says yes and she made a mistake and was mad then. It is her life’s biggest wrong decision and she is repenting for it.

Kokila makes Gopi sleep on bed and thinks her Gopi bahu will not be with her from tomorrow. She then stands in front of Ahem’s pic and says she is sure even he accepts her decision of getting Gopi married to Dr. Krishna and says Gopi needs happiness and only Dr. Krishna can keep her happy now and give her a new life.

Sona gets her children ready and asks them to behave during daadi maa’s marriage. They call her tsunami and run. Sahir comes and she asks why is he not yet ready for gopi maa’s marriage. He says he is confused about badi maa’s remarriage. She says if he wants to see her happy, then he should accept this marriage. He agrees and says she is looking beautiful. She gets shy and then says he should get ready and and even take care of his Jai and Veeru.

Dr. Krishna talks to himself at home. He selects sherwani for marriage. He then looks at Gopi’s pic in his mobile and thinks he used to look at her daily in the morning in pic and now he will see her directly from tomorrow. He feels very excited about his marriage.

Kokila and her team gets Gopi ready in bridal attire. Sona, Vidya and other dance on a song.. Gopi imagines Ahem talking to her. Dr. Krishna arrives with baraat. Kokila and Vidya greet Krishna and his baraat. Jigar and his puppets look at them angrily.

Precap: Pandit asks Dr. Krishna to apply sindhoor in Gopi’s forehead. Gopi stops Dr. Krishna and shouts to stay away from her.

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  1. I wish Gopi doesn’t marry him. She doesn’t know he’s a villain!

    1. Its too complicated to identify an identity of a person….

      1. Gopi shouldn’t even listen to Kokila. Gopi should be independent now- Krishna is Kokila’s choice, not Gopis. Its not fair for Gopi who has just come out of shock, to leave her family.

      2. no point of Gopi marrying Krishna because she is out of shock now.

    2. I agree with Isaaq….gopi should be independent….she is fine now…to be happy its not necessary to remarry….

  2. Yesssssssssssssssas gopi don’t forget ahem plz

  3. Is he avillian???

    1. Yes, bad than Gaura, he will spoil life of all Modis wait and watch

      1. how do knw??

  4. Maybe he kill ahem ji n she knows

  5. Hey I’m soofia gopi will marry Krishna Coz Krishna loves gopi so much it’s only Krishna that will keep gopi happy make her come out of shock Kolka will get gopi Krishna married for good this time Coz Krishna coast live with out gopi anymore Coz it’s only Krishna that can keep gopi happy only

  6. I just hope that krishna isnt a villain because i just want happiness in this drama because too much crying in this i mean read the title…hapiness came when meera was getting married to dhram then straight away sadness came when ahem died a.d then leap and theres no hapiness in it except for sona and samars sons and shravan and vidyas daughter,they are the only funny people who bring the happiness in saathiya rest of the characters are just grumpy all the time.

  7. I don’t know about the future track but until this moment Krishna is very nice towards gopi even better than anyone.he is very good at heart and have humour sense

  8. My wishes for this track- Gopi discovers that Krishna killed Ahem, she avengers Ahem death while taking a new avatar and saves the Modis.

    1. Have you noticed how all the villiains in the drama have holy names such as Radha and now Krishna?

  9. I am glad that Gopi is out of shock

  10. I think krishna is not a villian he is good hearted. ……so

    1. I want him to be a villain. Gopi will leave the Modis for ever if she becomes his wife.

    2. Anyone can pretend to be innocent and good hearted. Gopi is only Ahems Saathiya, not anyone else’s. I’m on Meera’s side. For the first time, she’s right.

  11. I am too bcoz cant trust randomers evan tho he was looking after gopi all these years and he might have diffrent motive towards gopi but on the other hand if krishna and gopi do get married then atleast gopi can tey and move on in life because she cant keep thinking about ahem and ruining her life when she has a chance to start life again and enjoy it.

  12. Oh yes gopi marrys krishna because she trusts kokila and excepts her decisions but later meera starts to hate gopi again because she finds out that gopi was out of shock when she was getting married…erghh never hapiness in this drama but it is interesting.

  13. Gopi aunty pls don ‘ t marry him
    else the entire story will change sur.

  14. Nisha, the writes change the srory when they kill Ahem character. and there is happiness in 2nd marriage I think. Look at Pari and Jigar and meera and dharam. now they are showing them to have bad relationship, that’s not true always. I am sure some poople get happiness again. the writers are making a mockery of marriage and 2nd marriages.

  15. Doesn’t like this episode. For me it was Dheera that made me wach this show. What a tragedy is going between them .I hate vidya and shravan

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