Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meera spoils Vidya’s rangoli by mistake. Vidya accuses her for spoiling it. Meera gets emotional and says why would she do that as the rangoli is for Ahem and Kokila’s welcome. Vidya apologizes to Meera. Gopi asks her not to worry.
Kokila asks Dhaval to take care of Urmila and says she is fine now. Rashi tells Urmila that she will not eat her icecream now. Urmila hugs her and asks her to promise that she will come to meet her. Rashi promises. Urmila asks Kokila to call her. Kokila says I won’t call you as I didn’t miss you. Your place is in my heart and I spent 10 years with you. Ahem looks on smilingly. Kinjal and Meera plan to spoil grah pravesh of Kokila.

Urmila gets emotional and gives her a rose as a gift. She asks her to put bindi once she reaches modi bhavan. Kokila

hugs her and asks to take care. Urmila cries. Dhaval asks her to take care. Urmila says she is happy for Koki. Kinjal and Meera come to the kitchen. Kinjal says Gopi has made sheera for Kokila, but she won’t be able to eat it. She tries to mix dish washer in the sheera. Meera gets Sanskar’s call and she leaves. Gopi comes and sees Kinjal about to mix dish washer in the sheera. She stops her. Paridhi says today you have done enough. Gopi asks why you are fighting with yourself. Paridhi calls her snake. Gopi says we can talk and solve the matter.

Paridhi says she doesn’t want to go to her sasural and that’s why finding new way to stay back here. Gopi asks her not to try to make others let down. Kinjal says I didn’t have any other option. Paridhi asks her to say. Kinjal says Gopi is planning to kick her out of house. Gopi says it is your house where your husband resides. Kinjal asks her not to worry about her and says her mum is still alive to worry. Hetal shouts Kinjal. Gopi says whatever you are doing is wrong. Kinjal says you are also doing wrong with me. Hetal tells Gopi that she knows Kinjal well and asks Meera to give lemon water to Gopi. Meera angrily says yes. She thinks to continue Kinjal’s work.

Paridhi says she will make nimbo pani. Dhaval consoles Urmila. Urmila asks him to bring Kokila back and says she might send old servant (Kinjal) here. Dhaval says she won’t come here. Urmila thinks Kokila might send Kinjal here. Kinjal scolds Meera for spoiling her plan and says she has mastermind plan. They hear Tolu and Molu welcoming Kokila. Kinjal asks Meera to get ready for attack. Kokila comes home and looks at the house emotionally. Tolu and Molu welcome her. Kokila thanks the God. Everyone looks happily except Kinjal. Paridhi asks where is Ahem? Ahem comes with little Rashi. Paridhi’s smile vanishes. Jigar gets happy seeing Rashi.

Gopi does Kokila’s aarti and tilak. She asks Kokila to enter by kicking the kalash. Gopi reminds Kokila about her words that she won’t return until her family unites. Kokila says I remember this thing. I said it as I have full faith on you. Gopi says the way you did my grah pravesh, I wants to do your grah pravesh the same way. She touches her feet and takes her blessings. Kokila enters the house kicking the kalash. Gopi asks Kokila to step on the colored water.

Precap: Kinjal tells about executing on the plan. She does something and the sheera falls on Gopi.

Update Credit to: MA


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