Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Paradhi with Mona prepares food for Gopi, Kokila, Sona, Tolu, children, and Urmila. Mona yells that she cannot prepare so much food and will order from dabbawala. Urmila enjojs food and says Pari is serving them food after a long time. Tolu says he does not want to join dad’s business and does not feel like staying here. Kokila says he is elder son of this house and has right to stay here. Mona brings pooris. Sona says she cannot have more as she is feeling nauseated and dizzy. Kokila asks Dr. Krishna to check her. Dr. Krishna says it is normal in pregnancy, he will check her blood pressure. Gopi says we all know that that Pari brought us here to keep a tab on her business.

Vidya brings aloo poori for Priyal. Meera asks if she did not feed Priyal yet and asks

to feed her first. Priya eats and Meera asks how is it. Priyal says it is tasty. She falls unconscious. Vidya and Meera get worried and call servant to call doc.

Gopi asks Mona to give her room keys as she wants her to shift to first floor and let her ground floor room to Sona as she cannot climb stairs in pregnancy. Mona says she wears heel slippers and may slip. Sona says it is okay and climbs stairs but slips. Tolu and Dr. Krishna hold her. Sona says she would have hurt children if she had fallen. Dr. Krishna says it is okay, she is fine. Pari says Sona should take ground floor room. Mona says she knows naa. Pari says she knows naa why they brought Sona here, to keep here away from chawl’s problems. Mona gives her room keys hesitantly. Kokila says by god’s grace, Sona is getting back her rights

Doc comes and checks Priyal. Vidya runs to bring water. Priyal wakes up and drinks water and falls back unconscious. Meera says doc told Priyal ate something poisonous in food and needs to be removed. Vidya cries holding Shravan. Urmila comes to invite Meea and Vidya for Sona’s goad bharai and hears Vidya crying. Servant informs that Priyal fell unconscious. She rushes towards room. Doc says Priyal consumed some harfum chemical, but he flushed it out and Priyal is fine. Urmila asks how did chemical come in food. Naiya thinks she mixed salt and not chemical. Meera drags Vidya out and shouts what did she mix in food. Vidya says she prepared food normally. Meera shouts.. Shravan says why will Vidya mix anything. Urmila asks them to calm down and says Vidya is Priyal’s mother and any mother will not harm her child. She further says she came to inite them to Sona’s goad bharai. Meera asks in chawl? Urmila says in Modi bhavan, Pari herself came and took Sona back to Modi bhavan and arranged this function. Meera gets very excited.

Pari brings pastry to calm Mona and says if their plan is successful, she will prepare her favorite snacks. Mona gets excited.

Gopi looks at her business contract and says business has mentioned to deliver order on time. Kokila says everything will be fine. Dr. Krishna enters and says not to worry everything will be on time. Kokila says Pari brought Sona here with bad intentions, but helped them instead. Once Sona gets well, she will also help them, now they have even Dr. Krishna to help them.

Precap: Gopi gives 20 lakhs to Kokila and says when Mehta comes tomorrow, they will inaugurate their business. Mona hears their conversation standing at door and says they will not inaugurate their business.

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