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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila confronts Meera and asks why did she add phenyl in chaas/butter milk. Meera shouts that she did not and alleges Pari instead. Kokila says she knows Pari well and even her, so she is sure she has done it to take revenge from family. Meera continues to deny. Jigar enters and says he made a mistake by not trusting Pari and will not hereon, asks Meera to accept her mistake. Meera gets adamant and says she will phenyl chaas then. Kokila says she will not. Meera acts as trying to drink, but Ahem stops her and asks Gopi and Kokila why did not they stop her. Kokila says she is just acting. Ahem says she will if she gets angry and warns Meera not to. Kokila then asks her to clean floor and throw glass strands carefully. Meera does yelling.

Dhaval’s friends come to his

house. Kinjal brings snacks like a servant and acts that she burnt her hand in a hurry, so she got late and pleads Urmila not to beat her. Urmila asks what is she doing. Dhaval asks her to bring sauce. She starts crying and asks not to beat her and runs into kitchen. Dhaval and Urmila are shocked seeing her behavior.

Kokila prays god to give her strength to mend Meera. Gopi enters and says she knows Meera hates her, but she trusts Meera and knows she did not do any mistake.

Kinjal starts acting and continues pleading Dhaval not to beat her. Dhaval takes her to room and asks what is she doing. She shouts more loudly and holds his legs in front of Dhaval’s friends. Dhaval’s friends ask her to complain in police and get Dhaval and urmila arrested if they beat her and leave from there fuming. Dhaval continues telling them that Kinjal is acting, but they don’t believe him.

Jigar comes to Pari’s room and tries to console her. Gopi enters with juice. Pari says they did not trusther at all and when she needed them most, they were against her. She gave her 10 years of life for this family and even then they did not trust her. She turns her back and sleeps ignoring them.

Dhavala asks Kinjal why did she insult them. She says it is tit for tat for their ignorance towards her. Urmila angrily walks towards her and she shouts not to touch her, else she will get them behind bars.

Meera throws broken glass in dustbin and goes to her room. Someone throws glass pieces in mud purposefully. Gardener brings plants and gives it to Hetal. She goes to fill mud in pots and gets her hands injured. She loudly calls Kokila and Kokila is shocked to see her injured hands.

Precap: Kokila scolds Meera for throwing glass pieces in mud and getting Hetal injured. Meera shows her injured hands and says even she is injured.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Great…

  2. Any way guys u hv to agree this show sns is again in no 1 position of trp chart like other weeks:):);):D8-)

  3. Something is special in this show which always makes it a no 1 show:)

  4. Totally agree with u aksh….

  5. Seriously. This serial has crossed all thr limits..

  6. Good show – i really hope Pari stays on Gopi’s side though

  7. Dis serial is superb and going in interseting story line

  8. i think its tripli or rashi

  9. Saathiya was boring today it was the same thing as yesterdays but a little diffrent

  10. Lame and boring episode

  11. Today episode was more better

  12. Dragging

  13. I agree it is dragging on and on

  14. I think raashi doing all this drama……

  15. actually rashi is doing all this she wants to take revenge from all family members especially gopi becoz gopi has killed her mother radha

  16. Hi friends, I think it is Rashi because of you look at yesterday’s episode – 9th July when it’s shown that someone is putting glass into the soil, a red thread is shown on one of the arms. In 8th July’s episode when the family is sitting on the table to have breakfast you can see that Rashi is wearing a red thread on her arm. This is just my opinion – I might be wrong.

    1. That is very clever. I think you are right my friend!

  17. Brilliant thought rihanna 🙂

  18. Wow gr8 rihanna u have keenly observed it;!!

    But still can’t believe it’s rashi!!! But this ekta mam can do anything!!!

  19. I thnk it is Sanskaar….or tripthi..bcz rashi cant do all this being small….bcz she love kokila and gopi ..nd ill never hurt them….

    1. Maybe, you may be right 😉

    2. I Think sanu is right bz rashi cant handle it being small and spoilers said that sanksaar will b tripthis son…so it can b tripthi and sankaar

  20. Thanks friends :). Yes shabbu neither can I as she is an innocent child. But thinking about it in reality, if any of us got to know that someone killed our real mother, we will hate them no matter what they have done. In this serial, Gopi is depicted as a heroine but out of anger, any of us can forget the good deeds and just hate the person who killed our loved one. Rashi does not know that Radha wasn’t a good person so I get where Ekta mam is coming from.

  21. Yes that’s true and you never know as Radha is her asali mother and she may have some of her tricks.

    1. I definitely agree Kriti and Rihanna

  22. Yes it is rashi only and I think that as she is Radha’s daughter she can do anything and might be the reason is her mother’s ( radha’s ) murder and it could be her revenge

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