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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi tells the kids to go to their respective classes and says we will get Meera’s admission done here. They go to the principal’s office. Meera greets her. Principal refuses to get her admitted in her school and asks Ahem and Gopi to get her prepared for the interview. She gives them 15 days to prepare her for tests. Meera gets sad. Gopi asks Meera not to be sad as she will get admitted in school soon.

Rashi asks Urmila, why you came in between. Kokila might have taken keys from me. I want that. Urmila pats on her head. She says, why you want to lose the Modi Bhavan keys. Urmila tells her that it is magical stick. Rashi says, it is like hanging rope. Meethi gives tea to Urmila. Kokila asks, is everything alright. Urmila says yes. Hetal tells Urmila that Rashi took care

of home very well. Urmila says, I also tells her the same. Rashi says, she have so much work to do and is about to leave. Urmila stops her. Gopi asks Rashi, what she have to do. Rashi says, she has work and leaves.

Kokila tells Gopi that she has full faith on her that she will get Meera study well. Rashi sees them and thinks she can do her work now so that Kokila takes keys back from her. Urmila thinks, Rashi have done that. They hear the voice and goes to see. Rashi is making hole in the wall. Kokila asks her to come down. Rashi says sorry and says she wants to place the family photo there. Kokila says, don’t know what do you want? Why are you doing this. I can’t understand what do you wish? You really let me down. You are same as before. I don’t know how to make you understand.

Hetal asks her to calm down. Kokila says, I want to know what does she wants? Why she doesn’t want to understand her responsibilities. Urmila shouts at Kokila. Rashi asks Urmila to calm down. Urmila gets angry and says you are blaming my daughter. Rashi took care of this house for 8 years. You are accusing her. Everyone know that you want Rashi to return the keys so that you can give the keys to Gopi. You wants Rashi to lower in everyone’s eyes. Everyone get shocked. Hetal is about to say. Urmila says, I am saying the truth. Kokila says, you are lying. I won’t keep quiet. Urmila says, Rashi didn’t get anything as your loving Gopi bahu has come back. Kokila gets angry and asks her to stop talking nonsense. She says, what did you say? that I gave keys to Rashi. She says, I know how the Urmila Mansion was brought. She calls her thief. Urmila says, you are thief.

Kokila asks her to shut up. She says, I know you very well. You wants to break your daughter’s home. She says, you can’t influence any of my family members. You should be ashamed and asks her to get out from her house. Everyone is shocked. Kokila tells her that she never interfered in her family matters then why she is interfering in her family matters. Rashi is about to say. Kokila asks her to shut up and says I was quiet since 8 years, but now I have woken up. I am in my senses now. Leave my house. Urmila goes after getting insulted by Urmila. Kokila asks Rashi, do you want to say anything. Rashi nods no. Everyone go to their rooms. Rashi thinks, what happened to Kokila? She says, I won’t let the keys be with me. She thinks to talk to Urmila.

Madhu is fetching water from the common tap. Urmila comes to her house angrily and collides with Madhuben. Madhuben asks Urmila to come out. Kinjal gets angry at Madhuben and goes to Dhawal’s office. Urmila thinks to do something.

Urmila warns Rashi saying Kokila will kick her out of the house if she gives away her keys.

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  1. Oh hai

    1. I love this now

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      1. Hahaa lol…..

  2. MA plz update fast
    sraswatichandra has also been fully updated

  3. Now it came back again to a boring family drama……kokila is an idiot she is blaming rashi who helped her to catch the culprits…..and urmila she too helped her and now she is blaming n scolding all of them……story is again getting old …….please make some new storyline we are bored of seeing all these silly fightings from last 3 years….so now focus to make the story interesting………….
    *****And writerji…!!! Please write a few dialogues the men in the modibhavan how long can they act in that dumb roles n now they even got grandsons n daughters make them spend a little time with the kids it will look good………………

  4. oh god people do change with time, but kokila, urmila and rashi all three wont change. Urmila will never change she wants money, Rashi does not want responsiblity. Kokila wants rashi to be responsible. Story is back to square one were it started. why cant they make the story a bit intersting instead of same , same things.

  5. Sathiya should go off air i hate this same story again and again

  6. But i luv rashi

  7. Rashi should stop doing kalakari and hearing to her mothers nonsense then she will have more time for herself and for some romance also. The story is no good now. Showing rashi again in bad light is not good after hw she handled radha and she handled the house during gopis absence. Urmila benefited from the crisis but then also dont forget what she did. For Kokila to blame rashi or gopi as per her convenience is not right. They are her bahu but they are also human beings. not superman yaar.

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