Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Urmila sees Gopi tensed and asks why she looks tensed. Gopi says she is worried about maaji/Kokila and is waiting for her to tell truth. Gaura returns to her room and thinks now Vidya will be trapped soon, she has thrown Vidya’s chain and ring near Chanda’s grave, now police will catch Vidya soon. She calls someone who looking at Chanda’s photo says now she will do her work. Gaura laughs and continues her evil plans.

Jaggi takes lassi for Seeta and asks her to have it, else he will shout again. She takes lassi and sipping it asks who is Gopika ji’s maaji. Jaggi says his sasuma, she is jallad/very cruel. Gopi passes by and asks what did he say. He says he did not say anything. Seeta says he told jallad. Jaggi says when did he say, then agrees and says whole family

is shattered and Kokila is in jail instead of setting things right. Seeta asks why maaji is in jail. Gopi tells her whole story. Seeta starts crying. Jaggi asks why is she crying now. Seeta says tomorrow is her mother’s death anniversary, in her place, panditji used ot help her, how will she do here.

Next day, Gopi arranges Seeta’s mother’s death anniversary/barsi pooja. Seeta brings prasad and says she prepares it every year. Jaggi says she should continue barsi every year. Bhavani enters with Seeta’s mother’s photo and garland. Gopi asks why did she come here. Bhavani says she came here to show her love for Seeta and perform her sister like sautan’s barsi. Gopi says she can. Bhavani thanks her and gives photo and garland to panditji. Panditji performs havan and says it is complete now and everyone can show their respect to the deceased’s soul. Seeta keeps flowers in front of photo followed by other. Bhavani lights agarbatti closing her nose and walks out. Everyone present around falls unconscious with smoke. Bhavani gets up and claps. Her goons come in and lift Seeta. Bhavani says Seeta roamed a lot, now it time for her destroyal, she will think 100 times before getting out of house. They carry Seeta along.

Dharam and Shravan are busy checking business accounts when a lady/Gaura’s puppet enters with police. Shravan asks who is she. Lady says she is Chanda’s sister Ratna. Shravan greets her to sit. She says she came here to enquire about her sister and knows she was staying here, where did her sister disappear, if someone disappeared her. Dharam says her sister eloped herself. Gaura says Chanda told she is going to her sister’s house. Ratna asks where did she go then. Dharam says if she did not hear what baa said. Inspector sees Vidya stands behind Gaura shivering and asks where was she when Chanda escaped, if she spoe to her. Chanda says no. Gaura says he bahu is ill and takes her in. Dharam says only Chanda knows where Meera is, so he should find Chanda soon. Inspector leaves saying he will inform if he gets any info.

Modi family wakes up and thinks how did they collapse together, what is happening. Gopi asks where is Seeta. Urmila asks where is Bhavani. Gopi realizes that Bhavani kidnapped Seeta. Urmila says Bhavani tricked and took Seeta. Gopi panics she will not let anything happen to Seeta. Jaggi says like Hanuman ji saved Seeta maiya, they will go to Hobli village and save Seeta. Urmila prays god to save them.

Jagggi and Gopi reach Hobli village and ask villagers where is Bhavani Rathod. People get afraid. A man says until Bhavani permits, nobody can meet her.

Precap: Gopi tells Jaggi she does not know what Bhavani did with Seeta. Jaggi says they will know once they enter house, kicks door and enters house.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Gopi is overacting. Dialogues were terrible

  2. Now i am 100 persent sure tanya aka meera leave the show

  3. Tanya sharma bahut matlavi nikli jis sns ne unhe fame diya use chod kar chali gayi iam big fan of her i follow sns from start last two year in ever miss any ep she never respect fan feeling this valentine i will not see dheera because of her

  4. hi Friends. Gopi is busy looking out for Sita. does she know that Meera is missing and Vidya is losing her mind? I am getting upset with this show now. Seems like Kokila was on a holiday.
    I hate mona and Pari, they don’t have anyother role but to look sneaky at each other. and Sona just runs around like a puppet to Gopi. lol

  5. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi SUNSHINE Friends
    Hw r u all .
    Tmw’s episode is interesting jaggi&Gopi wl be going to village to save sita . Gaura is gng to trap vidya in chanda’s murder then both vidya kokila wl be in jail . So Modi family is gng to face lot of trouble frm gaura&Bhavani .

    1. Chithu

      Hi Sid
      I too think Vidya be trapped and sent to jail. She is already feared to death by guilt of killing Chanda. I think she will confess

    2. Hi sunshines, boss,sowmya, nandhini, akshay, Isaaq, average girl, nisha, rose, chithu, chinu, ragini, pratiyusha, ramona,fiza, Savy, mahi, sia,veera, Ann simona, vp, sp,pratik, arvind,sharad,,shakaib. And all sns family.this episode is good I think sita be bahu of gopi.

  6. Boss(Siddarth)

    Star Plus longest running show Saath Nibhana Saathiya will bring tough time for Gopi (Devoleena Bhattacharjee) and Jaggi (Mohammad Nazim) in process for saving Sita from Bhavani’s clutches.

    Gopi and Jaggi enter in Bhavani house disguised as sweet maker to save Sita getting married forcibly and Pankaj Kaka help them to come out along with Sita as he also against Sita’s marriage.

    However, it was not possible for Gopi and Jaggi to befool Bhanavi easily and get catches by her.

    Bhavani locks Gopi, Jaggi and Sona in room, warn them not try to interfere in the marriage again as if they wants to see Sita safe.

    Gopi hugs Jaggi diverting Bhavani’s men mind

    Bhavani takes Sita with her, Jaggi takes priest’s phone and calls to someone while Gopi diverts goon’s mind hugging Jaggi.

    Jaggi feels happy for a time seeing Gopi closer to him but then concentrate on his work of freeing Sita.

    Let’s see how will Gopi save Sita from Bhavani now.

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

    1. Chithu

      It will be fun to see how they are going to save seetha from bhavani’s clutches. Bhavani shpuld be fooled by Gopi n Jaggi

  7. Boss(Siddarth)

    The upcoming episode of family daily soap Saath Nibhana Saathiya on Star Plus leading with Sita’s marriage plot with a lot of twist and turns.

    Gopi and Jaggi come to know that Bhawani is getting Sita married against her will.

    They decide to stop Sita’s marriage by taking Sita away from Bhawani’s clutches.

    Bhawani catches Gopi-Jaggi red handed making plan to save Sita

    Gopi and Jaggi makes a plan to enter in Bhawani’s house and take Sita away with them.

    Kaka also helps Gopi and Jaggi as he also does not want Bhawani to get Sita married forcefully.

    Gopi and Jaggi enters Bhawani’s house disguising themselves but then Bhawani catches them red handed.

    She locks them inside a room and says that she will not let them stop Sita’s marriage.

    Once again Gopi and Jaggi caught intotrouble trying to do justice with others this time for innocent Sita.

    Stay tuned on Serial xPRESS for the upcoming twist in Gopi and Jaggi’s life in Saath Nibhana Saathiya.

  8. sowmya ( huge fan of dipika kakar )

    hey sia !! i respect ur view about isaaq yaar and i am glad that sunshiners are so caring for each other and yaa nandi is right we are just assuring isaaq that we are there for her so isaaq don’t worry u can share anything with us
    and sia from my side u just said ur opinion so u need not be sorry because u din’t hurt anyone and cheers to both of u girls for ur caring nature sia and my strong isaaq

  9. Isaaq

    Yh Sia I understand what you mean. You care for me and others. I have the biggest ego so I get angry if people try to protect me when I can protect myself on my own. You didn’t hurt my feelings. We are friends

  10. sowmya ( huge fan of dipika kakar )

    thanks for all ur wishes guys!!! isaaq rani nandi sid rose riana chithu chanu and shakaib

  11. Hi to everyone what is this news of the gopi’s son entry is it true but how come gopi’s have a son they are saying he will be the twin brother of Vidya but when gopi’s gave birth to Vidya she is all alone and staying away from modi family for the guilt of small meera’s death and she does not have any relation with the family and to think that of Gaura kidnapping gopi’s son at that time there is no introduction of the suryavanshi family and neither Radha know’s where gopi’s was so I am wondering who would have taken away gopi’s son I am eagerly waiting for the track to come and why would gopi’s son character will be negative gopi’s did not left him by knowingly no she does not know that she had a son so many questions turning

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      How Gopi seperated from her son is yet to be known . Still it is not confirmed whether he wl be in positive or negative character.

  12. Episode was good!

  13. Hi all Sunshine friends.Episode is OK.

  14. So chandalini ka behan vehan kuch nahi.Yeh sab Gaura ka drama hai.Let’s see Gaura aur kya kya karegi

  15. Lol?. Where is fake John, john’s mom and dad?. Man I am so popular on this site. People use my name to express their views.I feel so proud of my self. ?

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      John uncle u are not popular but your madness is popular in this forum lol.

  16. Boss(Siddarth)

    Neha,Namratha,Akshay,Rishi, Sharad comment friends.

  17. Friends abhi 2016August,July written updates padhi hoon.Akshay,Nisha regular commenters hai jabna.Aur John tho bahut positive commenter hai us time.He praises this serial.Phir ab kya huva vo bhi itna negative ban gaya hai.

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Hi Rose some times he used to praise serial. But if u see 2015 mar april written updates john was always behind the girls and flirting with them.

  18. Isaaq

    I just got back my results for my law exam. I got a 2:1?? im so happy

    1. Chithu

      Wow congrats Issaq. Way to go girl

  19. Shakaib

    Hi sunshine friends….how are you all..?? I’m fine and doing good.TThanks chithu di…it was my science test so that’s why I couldn’t comment…now,,will try to comment daily. Nandi di… Maybe our doubt is right.. I’m 100%sure that silent reader and umeir,etc are john or adi… Isaaq di… You’re right…adi and john are weak villains…lol… and you Mr. John…you’re more terrible than dialogues…. Ppl don’t use your name…you use different ids to show yourself popular which you’re not in actual…right guys..?? You’re welcome sowmya di…yes sid Bhai…. I guess there will be a great mystery…. CVS…please don’t let water flow over our wishes..please…play guys, I’m felting sleepy, so going to bed for taking rest…lol…good night.have sweet dreams.

    1. Chithu

      No problem Shakaib study comes first and whenever u take a break comment here. Yeah John acts as he is very cool and has fans. He comments from different ids and try to grab out attention

  20. I don’t get for how long will writers drag this Gaura track and how many people does she know to help her out? Is she invisible when doing her plotting, no one sees her. Why no one senses that she’s again conspiring. No one sees cameras or senses that bombs are planted in MB. What will gopi do when vidya is also in lockup? Will kokila speak up then? Why bring another track before ending first one? I wish mona and pari were trapped in a case, then they’d understand someone’s plight.

    1. Chithu

      I too wish kokila tell everything to Gopi. They could have plan to trap Gaura

  21. I think one of them should shoot bhavani

  22. Basically gaura is planning to send vidya to jail, this gaura deserve torture, gaura should be kick out of the sv house.

  23. Lol?. Sunshine group are jealous of me. Already I am not the one looking for online friends. If you guys trust each other so much then you don’t you upload your pictures?. Or are you people so ugly that you are afraid you wouldn’t have any friends. It makes sense???.

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      John u are a 44 year old foolish man who comments nonsense and go behind girls and claims u are servant of Modi house. U want to marry leila whom u dnt knw lol. Why the hell we shud get jealous of u who is half mad ?.

      1. Who says I want to marry Leila. r u so retarded that you do not see who is real John and who is fake. And you call yourself a mba student?.

  24. Isaaq

    Hi guys. I’m not even joking now looool. My entrepreneurship group and I going London to this National Competition. I checked the date of when we are going and its on my birthday ;D

    I’m going be staying in London on the 10th and 11th of April. I guess I reunite with Adam on my birthday. I’m going to be in London for 2 days so it gives me enough time to clear our differences. I’m looking forward to my birthday.

    And don’t worry. I’m not cancelling this plan. This plan was organised by my group and we need to go for important business. I’m just happy I get to have 2 days to unite with him

    1. Chithu

      Wow Issaq thats a good news. It will be perfect tym for u to meet Adam n clear all misunderstandings. What about ur plan to confess ur love on Valentine’s day. We are waiting for tat. Do call him on tat day

      1. Isaaq

        I just feel like it would be more special if I did it at that time. I rather confess to him on my birthday because it’s all what I’ve always dreamed about.

        I don’t want to waste such a big moment on Valentine’s Day. I rather confess when I see him in April. And I get to spend 2 days with him then

      2. Chithu

        Ok dear i am happy its all coming together and yeah birthday is far spl than valentine’s day.

    2. Boss(Siddarth)

      Oh thats a great opportunity Issaq ?.

  25. hey sowmya thank you for understanding me and Isaaq is so understanding too i really mean well but our iron lady can handle those idiots by herself keep it up Isaaq

  26. Good Morning Sunshine friends how are you guys doing a big hello to all my friends i am up early i have an operation at exactly 8 am and i am really stressed out thinking about it i hope i am successful my grandma always tells us ‘what ever sweet for your mouth bitter for your ass’,so basically some of these patients who do not listen to their doctors has to pay for not listening to us hey Nandhini welcome back hun Akshay you too where are the rest of them i know aisha has left our group[her loss] but where is nisha? hi soumya sid i saw two indian movies ‘Raees and Kaabil’ i like Kaabil more i love the song from Raees ‘Zaalima’and the title song from Kaabil what is the meaning of kaabil? i know raees is someone’s name and where is meera? and kokiji? i have missed out on some episodes so one of you update me on what has been happening will see if i can come on later in the month

    1. Chithu

      Good morning Raven. Hope ur operation went on good. The meaning of kaabil is worthy. I didn’t see tat movie. Take care n come soon

    2. Boss(Siddarth)

      Hi raven HW r u . Best of luck raven .
      Ya raees&Kaabil ws good movies. Even I like zaalima song it is my favourite song . ?. Meera is missing and kokila is in jail .

  27. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Sunshiners wer r u all . Why less comments. Hm still it is not confirmed whether Meera lived the show or not.

    1. Chithu

      Now only i could msg. I miss meera they have completely ignored her part

  28. Hi friends, how r u all
    When will SNS makers will end gaura’s track?? Gopi should stab her like she stabbed her own sis Radha.
    Congrats isaaq,ur going to London and will be with ur Adam on your birthday,I’m so happy for u,?
    Hey guys where is isaaq’s mom isaaq’s mom’s mom and John mom.. Lollllll I was missing them yaar??

    1. Isaaq

      Mom Ji is busy making green tea for me? She never gets the time to comment

  29. Chithu

    Gopi should not have allowed Bhavani to sit in the barsi knowing she is evil. Now seetha have been abducted by her

  30. Chithu

    Where are our other friends. Today comments are lesser. Come soon dears

  31. Isaaq

    Guys here’s the venue I’m attending on the 10th and 11th April. I’m so excited for my birthday! I get to see Adam and I get to go here

  32. Isaaq

    John seriously irritates me??? Hes a Buddha but he still acts like a child.

    John baba… please don’t get jealous of us? It’s not our fault you have bad fate… some people aren’t as unlucky as you?

    1. Lol??. You’re making excuses again. Couple of months ago you said that you will confess your love on Valentine’s Day but now you will do it on your birthday. Stop making excuses.

      Adam doesn’t exist. And even if he does then he is a fool. He is a stupid idiot fool.?

  33. Boss(Siddarth)

    John uncle u ws chatting with leila in yeh hai mohabattein page too that too ur id ws same and u are saying its not u . Everyone knows here u WL always comment in different ids .

    1. Dude all I said was hello. When did I chat? I didn’t say anything inappropriate to her unlike you.

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