Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi shouts at family to get out of her room and throws things at them. They all walk out. Premlatha says she will be with her gopi bahu and locks door from inside. She then laughs loudly that Gopi did good drama and mimics her. She then soffocates Gopi with plastic bag and Gopi chokes and gasps for air. She then says her maaji will be pleading for life like this if she reveals who she is.

Jigar dresses Ahem’s wound and says bhabhi was never like this. Baa prays god what is happening with her family. Gopi pushes Premlatha out and shouts to get out. Premlatha falls down. Ahem asks Gopi if she has problem, she should speak to him and not trouble his mom.

Vidya asks Meera if she feeling bad with mom’s changed behavior. Meera says no and she feels there is something which mom is hiding. Vidya hugs her.

Gaura calls Premlatha and asks if she gave food to Kokila. Premlatha shouts she is not her servant and will not serve any food to Kokila. Gaura starts arguing and says she has to punish Gopi and Kokila. Vidya hears her conversation and enters room. Gaura shouts at her. Meera with Urmila enters room and asks what happened. Vidya says he heard Gaura speaking to someone about Gopi and Kokila. Gaura says she was playing chess and addressed pieces as Gopi and Kokila. Once everyone walk out, she thinks she has to be careful.

Premlatha silently carries food at midnight and leaves home. She goes to overhead tank and opens it. Kokila is tied inside with electric wires around her. Premlatha laughs on her and says if she steps he feet down, she will get electric shock.

Precap: Hetal brings soup for Gopi. Gopi pours soup on Hetal’s head and splashes water on her face.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Oooo..Reshmi Sharma plz audience ko fool maat banao.Aata de kar mask banakar koi kisi Ki chehra nakal kar chakti hai Keya??? Kokila ko tank Ki andhar rakh kar tank Ki dakkan laga dia.Phir bhi kokila nehi Mari.How????Bandh tank Ki andhar oxygen kahase milti hain?

    Guys one thing notice kiya
    ?Baa hamesha wheel chair par chadti hain.But jab kisi Ki shout kar ne Ki awaaj upar se aati hain tab sabke sath baa bhi 2 minute pe upar aa jati hain?kaisee??voh toh wheel chair par chadke upar nehi aa chakti.Toh phir 2 minute pe kaise a jati hain?

    Kokila Ki acting really really AMAZING.i like it.

    Ha Ha Ha.Pagal ko soup pilane chali hain mota bhabi.
    Gopi kokila Ki phone nehi check kar ke unka phone Ki call trace kar k gopi ko kokila Ki sath kon Mila Hua hain voh pata chal chakti hain.

    Nehi woh sab to nehi karegi,bcz modi fmly ko toh lyf measurable banane Ki habit hain.

    1. Meera Dharam

      Its Miserable dear

  2. Rubbish!!! How can gopi be so cruel….worst track

  3. Seriously, are we not ending this track now????Utterly stupid…

  4. gopi sasuri ye sab premlatha k kahne pe kr rahi h. where is paridhi??

    1. Opps! Poor gopi.

  5. akshay ki gopi sasuri to complete mad ho chuki h

    1. nahi g wo drama kr rahi h gopi sasur

  6. This Gopi’s acting is amazing than ever. Best serial in the world.

  7. Hey Janu yaar….kaise hu…???????aap kal mujche doonde rahi hai na…..

    1. yes coz i like sweet chocolate but my sweetu was missing on chocolate day.
      now i m happy to see u.. 🙂 🙂

  8. Gopi aunty got mad…..what to do ?????

  9. Hi jhamkudi….aap kaise hai????

  10. Dheera fans bad news for u
    in upcoming episode Meera asks Dharam to prove his love for her. Dharam gives agni pariksha and tells Meera that he loves her very much. Dharam asks meera to confess her love for him. meera tells dharam that she loves him very much. Dharam is very happy hearing Meera’s confess which makes entire family shocked. Then, Meera tells dharam if he loves her then sign on divorce paper. Dharam is heartbroken over Meera’s demand. Dharam signs on divorce paper for Meera.

    1. this is sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please don’t tell me this is the truth i’m seeing this serial only for them

  11. nahi akki aisa nahi ho skta really hate meera. meera is very idiotic worst character of this serial. gawar meera break not only dharam but also my heart too.

  12. I think gopi is acting

  13. Before I so much luv this serial bt nw……. pls the written should expose the three witches

  14. Is this show going to end what is the producer director trying too prove really bàkwass serial this days

  15. Rubbish and bullish part of serial , stop all this nonsense…. Or else close down this show… At least hame time to waste nahi karna padega…. Give it up some sensitive and good feelings waali episodes….. Other wise close down or shut down this nonsense show….

  16. I hate … meera she broke dharam heart my heart too stupid meera

  17. Whywriter wrote that dharam shravan’s father bcz dheera looking good than shravanya

  18. I hope this stupud drama will end soon and guara’s character will end in serial. Such a stupid serial evrseen. One aftr anothr big drama. Star plus is wasting time with such stupid serials

  19. Meera betta gopi mamma ki pass jaho tumari mamma tabith teek nahi he pakal pakal jaldi meeru gopi ki pass jaho pls

  20. so boring!!!!right??? but after sm time u ll see a twist in the story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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