Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila sees Gopi drinking water and angrily walks back to her room. Pari with Mona eters her room with milk and snacks and badmouths against Gopi that she drank water and has asked to prepare khichdi for her, so now she should also eat. Kokila angrily looks at them. They nervously say she can have milk and snacks whenever she wants. Kokila sits fuming.

A school teaches comes with 2 students to Jaggi’s wrestling school and asks who is Jaggi sir here. Urvashi asks what happened. Teacher says she heard Jaggi sir teaches wrestling to even girls without any genderr discrimination, she has school competition and wants her students to win, so she can pay thrice fees than Jaggi charges. Urmila says arey wah. Jaggi says why woman should be felt inferior, everyone has

equal rights, not to worry he will teach her students and will try to make them win competition.

Dharam with Shravan calls Meera from factory and says nothing is right here, but not to worry their lawyer is looking at the legal aspect. He asks her to get some file from cupboard and give it to lawyer when he comes. Meera goes to her room, but Chanda is already in room trying to steal a file, she hides seeing Meera. Meera picks file and leaves.

Jaggi teaches girl students wrestling. One of them falls and twists her leg. Jaggi checks her knee and asks another student to bring ice. Girl says it is hurting up and not on knee. Another student brings water and touches Jaggi inappropriately. Jaggi says he does not need water and asks her to practice.

Competitor wrestling schol owner Rajeev Patel comes and sbreaks water pot. Jaggi asks who is he. Owner yells that he has best wrestling school in this area, but Jaggi spoilt his business and grabbed all his students. Jaggi confronts him. Rajeev continues verbally abusing Jaggi that he is a roadside goon and pushes him. Jaggi warns him to not touch and use his tongue. Rajeev continues abusing. Urmila and Tolu/Molu speak on Jaggi’s side. Urvashi asks Rajeev to calm down. Rajeev insults even her. Jaggi beats him. Inspector comes and asks what is happening here. Rajeev says he came to talk with Jaggi calmly, but Jaggi it him and took his students wrongly. Gopi says Jaggi did not misbehave and Rajeev is wrongly alleging. Tolu, Molu, Urmila and all come to Jaggi’s rescue. Inspector asks Kokila to speak. Kokila in her usual commanding loud style says she never tells lie and when she came here she saw Jaggi raising hands on Rajeev first. Everyone are shocked and Pari/Mona smirk. Urvashi asks Kokila what is she telling. Kokila confidenly says whatever she saw from her eyes. Inspector asks constable to arrest Jaggi. Gopi says he cannot arrest without any proof. Inspector says whatever they have to tell, they can in police station. Gopi asks Kokila how can she lie even after seeing the truth. Rajeev says he needs to get his jaw x-ray now. Whole Modi family and students plead not to arrest Jaggi. Jaggi asks them not to worry, he will be back soon, to practice his teachings by then. He leaves with police.

Urvashi cries that Jaggi was innocent and Kokila wrongly got her arrested. Gopi and Urmila console her not to worry, everyone saw Jaggi is innocent and they will bail him out soon.

Kokila rests on her bed with a frowing face. Pari asks her not to worry, she will come in sometime. She carries gloves with her. Gopi notices that and silently follows her. Pari looks around and leaves home. Gopi silently follows her. Pari throws gloves in dustbin, calls someone and informs that work is done. Gopi is shocked see this and hides under tree. PAri walks awa without noticing her. Rajeev comes on bike, picks gloves, gets money out of gloves and leaves. Gopi walks to Pari’s room, sees her sipping juice, and throws glass. Pari asks what the hell. Gopi asks not to act innocent, she saw her throwing gloves in dustbin and Rajeev taking money out of it. Pari says she did whatever she was instructed to and Kokila gave her instructions. Gopi stands surprised. Pari acts that whatever she did was on Kokila’s instructions. Gopi asks why will Kokila do that. Mona says they are just following Kokila’s instructions and Pari pleads not to confront Kokila. Gopi angrily leaves. Pari yells that everyone yells and insults them often, it is enough now, they have to teach them a lesson. Mona says yes.

Pari goes to Kokila’s room. Kokila asks why did she come here even after warning her repeatedly not to come here. Gopi says Jaggi is being punished for the mistake he did not do. Gopi asks how can she be so sure, is it because he is her husband. Gopi asks if I should think that you are thinking Jaggi as culprit as he is my husband or is there is some secret behind it. Kokila shouts if she thinks she can do this. Gopi says maaji…Kokila repeats her question and says if she thinks she has done this, then she can do whatever she can and get out of her room, she does not want to see her face. Gopi walks out disappointed.

Precap: Tolu and Molu in a filmy style greet Jaggi in. Public throw shoes in Modi bhavan and shout Jaggi down.. down…

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. i am feeling bad for jaggi
    i have a doubt i din’t watch episode
    school teacher brings two girls right ?? i thought they might be little girls
    but later on by reading remaining update it seems like they are teenagers or young girls
    someone clarify this for me sunshiners

    1. I think you right sowmya

    2. Nandhini

      Yes sowmya those girls are teenagers…

      1. thanks

  2. good news friends sns trp increased
    it is on no 2 overall behind naagin and it is no 1 on starplus

    1. Chithu

      Wow tats a good news Soumya

  3. guara’s re-entry and kokila’s old avatar is doing magic for the show that is why sns trp increased a lot in just one week
    straight jump from no 7 to no 2

    1. Nandhini

      7 to 2!!! Dats a great peak!!

  4. omg !! saba di ur daughter is 18 she is 2 years elder to me just can’t believe this

  5. hi rose !! everyone here is very good may be due to some reasons sunshiners are not able to reply u but trust me in future u will definitely enjoy our company on this page

    A BIG BIG WELCOME TO U to sunshine group dear

    and yes sp is only priyanka she couldn’t reply to u on 7th dec’s page as she is out of town

  6. hi kp i am fine !! hahaaa ” gopi became jagga jasus for jaggi ” nice one prateek rhyming is also there

  7. rose ur hindi and prateek ur telugu both are good enough for us to understand u need not worry about that

  8. precap seems interestings !! i think imarks the start of that plot where a girl files a wrong case on jaggi as per spoilers

    oh god !! jaggi will go to jail two times within a span of two days

    1. Nandhini

      Bechaari jaggi…and again he will go to jail for ahem’s death…

  9. Boss(Siddarth)

    The upcoming episode of Saath Nibhana Saathiya will show major revealition drama where Kokila reveals Jaggi’s truth.

    Gopi and Jaggi are married amid whatever circumstances and are living together which Kokila doesn’t like.

    Kokila gets to know some truth about Jaggi, police who had been investigating Ahem’s accident case comes to Modi house

    Police reveals before Gopi and Kokila that it’s Jaggi who was driving truck with which Ahem had his accident.

    Gopi upset finding Jaggi’s truth

    Jaggi is somewhere responsible for Ahem’s death and his accident, Gopi and Kokila are shattered hearing this.

    Abhi apologize to Kokila for what all happened but Kokila couldn’t resist it and gets cardiac arrest.

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

    1. Chithu

      Just few days back she acted like getting a heart attack and now she really got one

  10. Boss(Siddarth)

    The upcoming episode of Saath Nibhana Saathiya will show that Kokila reveals to everyone as Jaggi killed Ahem.

    Jaggi hid this secret from everyone but he finally accepts as Ahem met with accident with his truck and died.

    Kokila slaps Jaggi for killing Ahem and sends him to the jail while Gopi realizes her mistake of getting married with Jaggi ignoring Kokila.

    Kokila refuse sto forgive Gopi for getting married with Jaggi

    Gopi tries to get Kokila’s forgiveness but Kokila refuses to forgive Gopi and asks her to stay away from her.

    Kokila is ready to go back to her room but she faces heart attack and falls unconscious.

    Will Gopi save Jaggi from jail?

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates

    1. now this track seems more interesting
      thanks for the updates sid

  11. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Sunshine friends
    Wats wrong with makers Gopi is going to regret marrying Jaggi after she knows that Jaggi is responsible for Ahem’s death it means if Jaggi goes to jail no one wl save him and whole Modi family wl hate him .
    Then if Jaggi goes to jail wt happen to Jaggi&Gopi’s story .
    Hope makers wl bring any twist and Jaggi turns out to be ahem .Or else this may decline trps.

    1. Chithu

      Sid I think Jaggi is indeed Ahem and he might reveal the story

    2. Nandhini

      I hope some day jaggi will say…”meh hoon ahem”…or else the story will go down…or else they will show as gopi forgiving jaggi and after some days of hatred and bailing him out but she wont accept him as her husband…then jaggi will try to win her heart…in dat process gopi’s son will be introduced…or jaggi will go to jail and they will show a 3 yr leap as said by riana and he will come back and ask for kokila’s and gopi’s forgiveness and he will convince them hard,, meanwhile they wil make the entry of gopi’s son…

  12. Boss(Siddarth)

    And one thing I dont understand why makers are keep on changing storyline regarding Jaggi&Ahem’s mystery.
    Firstly they gave spoilers that Jaggi is ahem and he is on secret mission .
    Then again there is news that Krishna &Mansi is responsible for killing Ahem .
    But now they made as Jaggi killed ahem .

    1. yes sid i think makers are also confused now how to end this jaggi -ahem’s mystery
      i just hope they end it in the best possible way

  13. Chithu

    Gopi will definitely not support Jaggi n help him getting out on bail. Ahem was killed by Jaggi how can she digest that. Sid u r right makers are giving false spoilers. Ahem mystery should have been revealed earlier. Its high time they clear this misunderstanding.

  14. Chithu

    I really hope this is Ahem else Gopi can never accept him knowing he killed her Ahem. Then this will b a disaster and ratings will definitely fall

    1. Nandhini

      Hii chithu but i think the makers are planning something interesting…i hope they wil never attempt some things dat will bring the trps down…because just now the story has developed with gaura and old kokila’s return so they will bring some interesting twists that wont disappoint the fans…

  15. Y os kokila so against this Gopi & jaggi marriage, not long ago dhe herself got Gopi married to dr Krishna !!!!

    1. Nandhini

      I somehow feel dat kokila is not accepting the marriage of gopi and jaggi because she still thinks dat jaggi is her sautan’s means illegitimate son of parag who just resembles ahem but his character and personality is totally opposite of ahem so at first kokila doesnt accept him as her son although she gave the rights of modi property to him in beginning…many times she mentioned jaggi is not even 1% of her son ahem…but for dr. krishna he is educated,, rich and settled and while he was taking care of gopi,, kokila said she loves him like her son…but jaggi is uneducated, unemployed and unsettled and never-mind attitude person…his careless behaviour made kokila doubt on his future life so she was not willing to marry him with gopi although he helped her several times and took care of her in hospital…i think the status,, background and personality matters more for kokila more than love and genuineness when it comes to gopi’s life…

      1. Chithu

        Also I think unknowingly Krishna she made a mistake of marrying him off to Gopi. Gopi had to suffer as he married her only to take revenge for Mansi. This tym Gopi hurriedly married Jaggi because of his persuasion. Kokila doesn’t want Gopi to suffer after taking a wrong decision. Also she knows that Gopi can only love Ahem not a look alike. I think what irked Kokila was his adamant nature and insistence. Urvashi accused Gopi numerous times for trying to get married to a Jaggi. She feels that Gopi wont get respect and again fall in some kind of trap . As Nandini said she also wanted someone who is financially strong.

  16. Hello everyone..i missed all d episodes frm few days..vl read updates wen vl het free tme..
    Tomorrow is brothers marriage..wish him all..
    Saba di ur really great..handling 4 children..its vry tough to handle my son?..
    Sowmya am in Hyderabad only..
    Hi rose ya am nly priyanka..evng I cmpltd my bed in science n English..

    1. wishes and prayers for ur brother priya akka
      so u are in hyderabad…….. welcome welcome……… which area ??

    2. Chithu

      Hi Priyanka we missed u. Wishing ur brother s happy married life

  17. Nandhini

    Hii prateek! So Gopi is a detective but she is a dumb detective who will just witness the scenes herself but wont record them or collect proofs of it and she will get confronted by her family for alleging someone…always it happens hahaha…

    1. Hello nandhini did you read my tamil haha

  18. Nandhini

    Hii Rose! Do you know tamil language?? I watch telugu movies but i dont understand them often…do you watch saathiya serial in telugu too??

  19. Isaaq

    Apparently Rashi jr will return and she will fight with Mona and Paridhi? Finally Sona will get a supportive sister in law

  20. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi friends I think after police arrests Jaggi for ahem’s murder he wl reveal that he is Ahem and he may accept that he mistakely killed Jaggi thatsy he may get jail . After knowing this kokila and Gopi may be shocked and i think she wl go to USA and then there wl b 3 years leap after Gopi wl meet her son . Wt say friends

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