Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Madhuben writes letter as Ahem that he is leaving house and thinks now once Modi family reads this letter, they will disown Gopi. Whole family is in Gopi’s room concerned after she gets unconscious. Madhuben shouts and they all run towards her and ask what happened. She says damadji left home. Kokila asks why did not she stop him. She says before she could stop him, he left home. Kokila says they should not let Gopi know about this. Gopi comes out and hears her conversation, says she will stop Ahemji and runs. Whole family runs behind her. Madhuben thinks nobody saw Ahem’s letter, but she will show it to all.

Gopi runs bare footed while Tolu/molu and Jigar follow her. Hetal stops Kokila and says Tolu, molu and Jigar have gone behind Gopi and they will bring her back.

Urmila calls Kokila and asks if Ahem opened door. Kokila says he left home without informing anyone and Gopi has gone searching him. Urmila says this is all because of evil Gaura. Gaura just then snatches mobile and tells Kokila that she told her son will leave her. Kokila disconnects call. Gaura then tells Urmila that she knew she is with Kokila still and it was their plan.

Ahem walks on road subconsciously without noticing traffic, reminiscing Meera’s words. A car comes speeding towards him. Gopi runs on road calling Ahem ji.. She is about to be stuck by car when Jigar rescues her. She falls on road and says Ahem ji went somewhere. He says they are all searching bhai. Tolu/molu bring car and Jigar forcefully gets her in and takes her home.

Kokila tells family that she will bring back Ahem and Gopi. Gopi comes just then with Jigar and Tolu/molu. Kokila sees blood oozing from her eblow and calls Meethi to bring bandage. Madhuben keeps letter on table with dettol bottle over it and thinks now everyone will see it. Sona picks dettol bottle and does not notice letter.

Kokila asks Jigar to inform police to find Ahem. Just then, inspector calls him and informs that Ahem met with an accident.

Precap: Jigar informs family that police found a dead body and think it is Ahem’s.

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  1. Pls tell me its not ahem

  2. It is not ahem

  3. Kanha ji, mere ahemji mar nahi sakte….agar usse kuch ho gaya phir main aap ko kabhi maaf nahi karoungi — i am sure this is gonna be Gopi’s dialogue when she will find out that Ahem’s been kidnapped

  4. now ahem is gonna be kidnapped?! poor gopi. all this problem in one family! no time to even sleep!

  5. Absolutely Heera i mean diamond

  6. Ahem and gopi always have some type of problem and separate, never happy for long

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