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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Police comes to Gaura’s house and asks who is Meera. Ahem shows Meera and asks what happened. Inspector says he came to arrest her for Dharam’s murder. Ahem and Jigar say it was an accident and not murder and who filed complaint. Gaura says she filed complaint.

Pari asks Urmila if she has planned anything to teach Sona a lesson. Urmila says yes and she has hired someone to kill Sona.

Gopi and Ahem plead inspector not to arrest Meera. Kokila says he can arrest Meera and says she just needs to talk to her family once. Inspector permits. Gaura shouts not to let them speak. Inspector asks her to be silent and lets Kokila speak to her family. Modi family moves aside. Gaura says even she wants to listen their conversation. Kokila says she told her family and she is not her family member. She takes family aside and tells Meera that she should never accept that she pushed Dharam. Meera says how can she lie. Kokila says Gopi’s blood fell on he forehead, it means god wants her to be suhagan. Gaura asks inspector to arrest Meera soon. Inspector sends constable to hand cuff Meera. Ahem says he will not let Meera arrested. Gaura yells he is playing with law. Kokila asks Ahem to let them arrest Meera. Constable arrests Meera and takes her jeep. Gaura comes and says Meera is going to her grandma’s house as Gopi was in jail and it is her mother’s house. Gopi tries to confront, but Kokila stops her and says Gaura has lost her son, so she does not know what she is telling.

Gopi says Vidya let us go home. Vidya says she will stay here. Gaura says she will not let her stay here. Vidya says she will go only if Durga says. Durga says she can stay here only if she accepts that Meera is Dharam’s murderer. Vidya says it was an accident and Meera loves Dharam a lot. Durga says if she cannot see her widow avatar and says she has lost respect now and will not stay here if she does not accept her condition. Vidya sadly leaves with her parents.

Precap: Kokila with Gopi and Ahem goes to police station and tells inspector they want to ng Constable pushes Meera into cell, gives her white sari and says sshe should not mind wearing it as she is widow anyways.

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  1. My blood boils when I see Gaura on the screem

  2. Please meera kokila ki bat mat manna

  3. Thanks, vidya is in modi mansion again, not in that hell.

  4. Great episode. I have been a fan of this show since 2010 and will always be a fan.

  5. Meera jail sa bhag jai gi

  6. Rashi is alive ?? Is it true or not ? Or make by the other writer story ?? Please guys tell me if you know any news about it

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