Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meera angrily walks into Urmila’s chawl and tells Ahem that she and Mansi want to go back to Mumbai as Modi bhavan people don’t like her and are troubled her a lot. He asks what happened. She tells all the people are backward there and don’t like her at all and Pari yelled at her for her so called sons tolu/molu. Gopi tries to interfere, but Meera asks her to back off. Gopi slaps her and asks her why did not she inform dad that she injured Molu. Ahem asks it is true. Meera says she just hit him but did not no he would get injured so much. Gopi asks ahem if she did right or not. He says she did right. Gopi asks Mansi when she was there, why did not she speak up. Meera asks Ahem how can he take Gopi’s side. Ahem shouts and says it is enough. She says hates

him and walks angrily from there, while Mansi and Vidya follow her. Gopi says she knows slapping children is not a solution, but they have do it to teach them a lesson.

Kinjal goes to chemist, shows Kokila’s medicines and asks why these medicines are taken. He says one is a multivitamin and another is a heart medicine. She thinks to unite Gopi and Ahem, Kokila did such a bit drama of heart attack.

Pari brings Molu back home after nursing his wound and gives her turmeric milk. He says he will not drink it. Tolu jokes that he should drink bitter gourd juice for speedy recovery. Molu drinks milk. Meera and Mansi come with their bags. Tolu asks why did she come back, if she did not get tickets, he will get her. She tries to yell, but Mansi asks her to go to her room. She apologizes on Meera’s behalf and says Meera is disturbed. Kinjal says it is ok. Pari says if Gopi would have been with Meera/Vidya, she would not have misbehaved with dear ones and Mansi is responsible for Meera’s wrong upbringing. Mansi gets irked and leaves. Kinjal says Pari not to stretch the issue. jigar scolds Tolu/molu for troubling their sister meera.

Gopi serves food to Ahem. He asks how can he eat in such a tough situation. She says she cannot stop feeding her family. He says because of her, he scolded Meera, he is keeping quiet as it was Meera’s mistake. Gopi says if he had controlled Meera, this would not have happened. He says it is because of her, she left Meera 10 years ago, and now after coming back in her life, she is being so tough on her. Gopi says meera should leave her arrogance and become a responsible daughter, we all love meera, but that does not mean, she misuse our leniance and should show her a right path. Kokila thinks at least because of children, gopi and ahem are talking. Gopi asks him to have food. He says he will get food from outside. Kokila enters and says she will prepare food for him and starts coughing. He says he will eat Gopi’s food. Gopi serves him food.

Kinjal comes to chawl and thinks she has to inform Ahem about Kokila’s drama and lies. She enters and sees Ahem shouting on his employee for telling lies. She says he still hates lies, what if she says mom is lying and is dramatizing her illness to stop him. She says he knows mom is very egoistic and to get her things done can go to any extent. Kokila hears that standing near door and thinks her own daughter is her enemy. Ahem says if she would have told about anybody else, he would have agreed, but she is talking about their mom who does not lie. She tries to speak, but he says he saw Kokila fall down in mumbai and thought he would lose her. She says she will show him proof and shows multivitamin and heart medicines.

Precap: Kinjal calls Mansi and tells Kokila is not ill and is acting to hold Ahem in rajkot. Ahem tells Mansi that they will go back to Mumbai soon.

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