saath nibhana saathiya after 8year season 2 part 10 (2)


Episode started with modi bhavan. Rashi get sense…
Gopi shout at Rashi saying how could you insult maaji in party…
Kokila says Rashi you turning worth nowadays…
Urmila shout at kokila for always insulting her daughter….
Kokila started her large dialogue and says to urmila to leave….

Urmila ask papu and neha to come… neha says if I left this house then mamiji plan will not get success…

Gopi request and explain kokila to please don’t ask mamiji and remember her about the past in which urmila help… kokila

Kokila agree…

Rashi in her room at 12:00am…
Jigar hug Rashi from back and says happy birthday…
Rashi says thank you jigarji…
Romance of jigar and Rashi started…. jigar goes for a lip kiss but entire family knock at door….

Entire family wish Rashi…. Gopi hug Rashi and says happy birthday and says today you will get a big gift……. Rashi shocked…

Morning episode started in Agrawal house…

Meera and Rashi prepared breakfast…. in the meantime a girl enter and hug tripti saying mom she kangna Agrawal daughter of tripti… meera and Rashi hug her… but she hate Rashi so asked her to stay away… as Rashi was daughter of radha whom she hate most… because she married her with a downgrade husband karan Sinha…

In suravanshi house saniya ask servant for breakfast… durga and vidya look at her…..
Vidya goes and ask saniya to get ready for modikiye rituals…

Saniya says momji but today noone does this rituals it’s immature rituals…
Krishna shout at her for arguing with ma..
Vidya says it’s Ok beta…. we won’t perform this rituals….

In modi bhavan Gopi ask kokila for looking for groom for Priya and Riya….
Meanwhile two boys are showed…
A boys stunning his bike and another boy in office…
Everyone cheers by taking shaurya goenka…

A old man entering in that cabin saying dev beta …
The boy says yes kaka….
The office was goenka office….
Episode ended freezing face of dev shaurya Priya and Riya

Kokila shout at Manisha and asked her to leave the house right and throw out….. molu and urmila also goes with her…
Gopi goes and says to Rashi….how was your gift…
Rashi shocked

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Rashi’s b’day…RaJi romance was sweet.but as a b’day gift gopi planned n kicked out molu n family with can gopi b so cruel.New entry Kangana who is tripti’s daughter.which actress plays Kangana?sad that vidya got a bahu like n shaurya have entered.surprise

  2. Jasminerahul

    plz say who plays Sanya n Krishna.Whose children r priya n Riya?Priya is Sanjeeda?Then who plays Riya?

  3. Chetan

    Introduction of new character

    Dev shaurya and kangana are same as ek hasina thi

  4. Chetan

    Priya and Riya are daughter of sona twins sister

    Priya is durga thakur of ek hasina thi and Riya is nitya Mithra

  5. Chetan

    Tell me would you like devriya or shauryariya or Priyadev or Priyashaurya couples

    Alan kapoor is Krishna

    1. Jasminerahul

      I like Dev Nitya more bcz of the lovely fb scenes.Though Shaurya was the villain he had sparkling chemistry with Durga in romantic scenes.So guess I prefer Priyashaurya n devriya

    2. Jasminerahul

      Which actress is doing the role of Sanya?

  6. Jasminerahul

    plz update this ff daily.i rly missed it

  7. Chetan

    Ok…. now the story will change firstly dev will love riya each other and priya will love dev but shaurya will also love riya… so shaurya and priya will make difference between dev and Riya eventually in getting their lives but fall in love with each other…and finally shaurya will get married to Priya and dev will marriage riya

    1. Jasminerahul

      superb.can’t wait 4 it.plz update.
      u didn’t tell yet which actress is doing the role of Sanya

  8. Chetan

    Jyotsana chandol

    1. jasmine Rahul

      thanku .i like jyotsna n her new look in ssk

  9. Chetan

    Jyotsana chandi is saniya

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