Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Savita Devi trust employee says Ahem Modi does not know on whose name the trust is and dorned garland to wrong photo. Kokila says Ahem that he should have dorned garland to Baa’s photo. Jaggi says he knows and has a reason behind it, Baa opened this trust inspired by his naani, so he dorned garland to his naani. Trust employee apolgozises Ahem for misunderstanding him. Kokila says let us distribute certificates to deserved candidates. They distribute certificates and trust people walk out.

Mansi yells at Gopi even she knows this man is not Ahem and where is her patnivrata love. Gopi wals towards her and says she cannot understand the relationship between her and Ahem. Mansi says she is going now and will be back as she does not like losing. Jaggi asks makeup shop/Mansi

to leave. Mans leaves yelling to degrade her, Gopi is giving Ahem’s place to a stranger.

Naiya’s puppet choreographer teaches dance to Naiya, Vidya, and Shravan. ACP reminisces how he was suspended. Meera passes by. Naiya asks her where is she going instead of practicing dance. Meera says she is going to give tea to Dharam and bring him down for practice. Naiya says she will give tea. Meera says she should practice. Naiya insists and takes tea tray from her. She then goes to Dharam’s room and brainwashes him against Meera.

Mansi fumes in front of Premila that her plan fails always. Premila says she is trusting everyne, so she is failing and shows news footage where Gopi writes note for Jaggi and Jigar tries to pass it on to him.

Kokila sees Gopi tensed and asks what happened. Gopi says Mansi’s intentions are bad, but she told truth, to win the fight, they are trying to make Jaggi as Ahem, she is feeling guilty to call someone else as Ahem. Kokila says she is trying to save her from monsters Krishna and family and nobody can take Ahem’s place in her life.

Jigar enters Mansi’s house and says even today their plan failed, but they will expose Jaggi soon. Mansi says she has one more plan and slaps him. He shouts what the hell. She says shut up, he cannot fool her, she thought he is on her side, but her mom and brother showed his real face via news channel. She shows news where Modi family distributes certificates people, Gopi writes a note and Jigar tries to pass it on to Jaggi. She shouts she will not spare him now.

Urmila sees Tolu and Molu laughing in lawn an dinforms Kokila and Gopi. They all 3 walk into lawn and see Jaggi teaching Jai and Veeru to mimick Gopi and Mansi. Gopi scolds Jaggi and leaves with Jai and Veeru. Jaggi says Kokila that her daughter looks soft, but is like tigress, looks like govt has imposed laughing tax on her. Urmila says she smiles, but is tensed now. Kokila says since Ahem left, Gopi did not laugh at all. Jaggi promises that he will make Gopi laugh.

Precap: Jigar informs family that he mortgaged his part of Modi bhavan to Mansi and even went to repay her, but she did not accept money and wants to demolish half Modi bhavan now.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Boss(Siddarth)

    Good episode finally jigar turned positive and helping his family . It would be best if jigar wont quit and continues in show.

    1. Suddenly behavior of jiger is changed. He is selfish man

  2. Omg!is baa really dead?Hetal too?

    1. Na yar both r alive

  3. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi my sunshine friends Akshay,Nisha,Aisha,Raven. I still cnt beleive that Adithya was playing with us from last few days actually he was making fun of our emotions. Guys we hav stand united whatever happens k.

    1. Sid we should forget him n this nonsense issue. Only god knows his hidden intention. Well in this serial slapping is normal habit of everyone. Gopi slap mansi. Mansi slap jiger. Yar ab to bahut paka raha h ye

  4. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi my sunshine friends Akshay,Nisha,Aisha,Raven. I still cnt beleive that Adithya played such a big prank with us I . He really played with our emotions. But friends we have maintain our unity k . We people always be a friends and good coommentators k .

    1. We r always together sid. Fabulous sid, gorgeous Aisha, cute nisha, sunshine star raven. Overall we r awesome Sunshiner. Bestum best frnzzz????????

      1. Thank you bestum best akshay

    2. I’m here sid bhai. I was just busy but this so called adi played the worst prank which really surprised me.

      We as the sunshine group should move on from this so called issue. This adi fool should know that whatever happens, the sunshine group will always be united.

  5. Hi Riana thnx for support

  6. Mansi slapped jiger ????? women empowerment !!!

  7. No comments from shakaib??

  8. Pratyusha where r u??

  9. Nisha long time no see!!!!

  10. Mr lonely ??

  11. Boss(Siddarth)

    Aisha Nisha wer r u comment buddies.

    1. I am hr sidhu

  12. is it true Hetal and Baa are dead? i just read someone comment saying that,Sid and Akshay lets put that chapter of knowing someone by the name of Adi behind us,and lets move on,come on Nisha and Aisha where are you guys? comment please!!! will miss jigar when he is becoming good he has to leave and where is little Rashi?and has Krishna vanish in thin air?

    1. They are in the US according to the drama

  13. Good serial.

  14. Hi guys after long time I have come back to commenting section.
    You all might not remember me.
    But i read today’s comment i felt something bad happened, hence i checked yesterday’s episode’s comment.
    Ohh God!!! It was damn silly to claim a son dead that to from a mom at such an odd hour. Because of awareness of few members that lie was caught.
    Really that prank was horrible.
    Thanks to Boss and Akshay you people did a great job.

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Welcome priyaraj?

  15. I think he will change n bring back gopi to who she was n mansi sent mansi to the mental hospital

  16. Prathyusha

    hi all. finally jigar turned poaitive. great. when can we see all tge modi family members together? is parag dead??

  17. Boss(Siddarth)

    Good morning Sunshine friends ?.

  18. Boss(Siddarth)

    No guys Baa,chirag,Hetal,Parag are in America they went for Baa’s treatment.

  19. Shakaib

    Nice episode always ,I think mansi will too turn positive

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