Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gaura packs her bags and says she will have to go and invite her relatives for engagement and have to decorate house for the come come. Tolu says it is welcome. She says it is same to same age…She then asks where is Vidya, if she will not come to say her good bye. Gopi says she was awake whole night and just now slept. Gaura says let her sleep and calls gopi as gopi bahu. Gopi is surprise to hear that. Gaura says when Kokila can call her gopi bahu, why can’t she and says she knows the pain of separating from daughter, she will keep Vidya like her own granddaughter. Kokila says she knows she will keep Vidya happy.

Gaura says she will leave now. Shravan tries to pick her suitcase, but Tolu says has to dance tonight during engagement, so he will pick it. Gaura

gets tensed and looks at Dharam. Tolu picks suitcase but keeps it back as it is very heavy. Gaura says though does exercise, he could not pick suitcase and jokingly tells heroine/Pari to stop spending time on makeup and feed her children with ghee to get them some strength. Everyone smile. Tolu/molu then pick suitcase and follow Gaura till her car.

Gaura reaches her home and her servants greet her in. She looks at her house carefully. Dharam asks servant if all arrangements are done. Sevant nods yes. Shravan asks servant to send some food to his room and leaves.

Gaura burns camphor into a bowl and starts doing pooja reminiscing hugging Kokila and then Vidya. She addresses god’s idol that the moment she was waiting for years has come now, Kokila is trapped and will come to her home today. She has trapped Vidya and hopes Meera is also trapped. Her drama’s first part is over and with god’s blessings, she will start second part.
pHetal packs her saris for Vidya’s sangeet. Pari says she is worried about Meera as she cannot attend sangeet. Hetal says even she is worried about her and they will have to make her feel good. She then asks Pari which sari she will wear. Jigar enters and selects red sari. Pari says she likes green. Hetal asks till when she will be angry on Jigar. Pari gets tensed. Hetal says she will not force her to compromise with Jigar and it is up to them, she just wants to see her bahu happy and shows her jewelry to wear. Meera sees that and fumes in jealousy.

Ahem asks Tolu/molu to pack shagun items in a car and let Vidya travel in big car. Tolu asks why big car for small vidya. Molu says today is Vidya’s special day and she should feel comfortable. Meera gets more jealous seeing that. Gopi asks her if she needs food. She ignores Gopi. Kokila speaks to Gaura over phone and says she will accept her demand and dance during sangeet. Gopi tries to stop Meera, but she walks angrily. Kokila asks Gopi to let her go. Meera shouts in her room that everyone are bothered about Vidya and not her.

Gopi asks Kokila why is she so tough on Meera. Kokila says Meera makes mistakes repeatedly and tried to harm Gaura always. Gopi says even then, how can she stop meera at home. Kokila asks what if she creates problem at sangeet. Ahem says he will be around Meera. Kokila says her decision is final and Meera will not attend sangeet at Gaura’s house. Gopi says she does not accept her decision and says if they leave Meera alone here, she will shatter and says she cannot do injustice to meera for Vidya. Kokila starts crying and asks if Meera is not her granddaughter, she also feels pain when she punishes her, but is helpless. Gopi consoles her and says she loves Meera a lot. Kokila says she knows her concern, but what if Meera spoils Vidya’s biggest day in a fit of rage, she will not risk Vidya’s future for Meera, so she has decided after much thinking that Meera will not accompany them to Gaura’s house for sangeet and asks Gopi if she is understanding her words. Gopi says she is right. Meera silently hears hiding behind door and gets more jealous.

Precap: Gaura dances with Kokila on ye mera dil pyar ka deewana song.. and repeatedly pushes her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Such a boooring serial..

  2. Love the kind of dresses meera wears..

  3. Why does this serial have to be so slow but i love it

  4. Meera and Gaura are fantastic. Their tunes are amazing.


    oh!! Meera ab vidya ki sagai attend nahi kr payegi hey kanhaji is modi house me ye kya ho raha h aaj gaura ji ne mujhe gopi bahu kaha jarur kuch gadbad h aage k episode me mujhe ab jyada shak krna hoga hmmmmmmmmmmm

  6. Wow what a great show

  7. saathiya i just love this show very much

  8. I think meera will show up at the wedding or do something to harm or hurt gaura n gopi will help her this time

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