Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kokila telling Parag that after Ahem’s death, Gopi slipped in coma. She says Dr. Krishna took care of Gopi along with me, seeing his car towards her, I thought to get them married. I thought I am taking a right decision, but it was proved wrong. Dr. Krisha’s truth was someone else. A fb is shown, Kokila recalls Krishna ill treating Gopi and sending her to mental asylum. She tells Parag that she wanted to save Gopi somehow and then I met Urvashi. She says I asked Urvashi’s son Jaggi help to save Gopi. Urvashi asked me to give name to her and her son Jaggi in exchange of help. A fb is shown. Urvashi asking Kokila to give her rights. Parag is shocked to know this. Kokila says I have to give them their rights. Parag says but. Kokila says I have to fulfill my promise

else it will be injustice to them. She says Urvashi has taken care of Jaggi till now, but truth is that he is your son, and we can’t refuse to accept the truth.

Jaggi massages Urvashi’s head. Urvashi asks Jaggi to treat the family members well, and asks why didn’t you touch Parag’s feet. Jaggi says he don’t want to make relations, and that’s why he didn’t touch feet. Sona’s son comes there and asks him to come showing toy gun. Jaggi goes. Urvashi thinks what will happen if he comes to know about his truth.

Urmila sees Jai and Veeru practicing with toy sword. She asks what they are doing. They say they are practicing to become maha yodha. Urmila explains to them about the yodha, and asks Sona if she knows about Chandragupt Maurya. Sona tells them about Chandragupt Maurya and his rule. She asks them to see Chandranandini to know about his life, and promotes the show. She tells Nandini was strong minded girl and asks did you know why she got married to Maurya. Urmila says I was unaware and tells that she will watch the show surely. Kids leave. Sona gives soup to Urmila. Urmila tells that Gopi and Kokila are looking burdened and tensed seeing Parag coming. Sona says Parag got tensed knowing about Kokila’s fake illness news and came here. Who might have given this news. Urmila says surely those trio.

Pramila, Krishna and Mansi comes there and call Modi family. Kokila asks if you have called Parag from America. Pramila says they called him so that they can get the test done of jaggi and parag. Kokila is shocked. Mansi says exactly, last time you have swapped the reports, but this time we didn’t leave any chance. Kokila gets tensed and thinks last time she gave Urmila’s blood for test. Urvashi thinks if Jaggi will know the truth now. Krishna calls doctor, and tells that the given sample belongs to Jaggi and Parag. He asks if this report is right and not compromised. Doctor says yes and says it is made under my supervision. Mansi checks the report. Krishna says I will read the report and says actually this man is not….Pramila says he is not Ahem Modi. Krishna is shocked to look at the report and says their DNA is matching. Everyone is shocked. Krishna says Parag is his father. Jaggi wonders how did his DNA matched with kaka. Mansi says this is impossible.

Inspector comes there with constables and asks Dr. Krishna if he is giving them concrete proofs. He checks the report and says this man is Ahem Modi, according to this report. He asks why you are trying to wasting my time. Gopi tells Inspector that these people come there often and troubles them, asks Inspector to do something. Jaggi thinks Gopi might have changed the report. Mansi says they have compromised with the report. Doctor says it is not possible. Mansi argues with him, and says she can get any number of reports done, and confesses to have made report of Gopi proving her mad. Gopi asks Inspector, if he heard what she just said. She asks him to arrest them. Urmila says she is saying right. Krishna says I will not leave you. Jaggi stops him and asks to try to touch her first. Inspector asks Krishna to come with them. Pramila warns them and leaves. Urmila praises Gopi’s kalakari and asks when did you change report. Gopi says let it be, the argument is over now. Kokila asks everyone to sleep now. They go to their rooms. Gopi thinks nobody can think that this report is true.

In the morning, Jaggi tells Urvashi that Gopi has a solid intelligent mind, and does magic. He praises her and tells that she matched my DNA with that of Parag. Urvashi is tensed. Jaggi asks what happened to you? Urvashi says nothing and says Kokila took away my tension. Jaggi asks if you are hiding something from me. Urvashi says no, and says she is thinking if everyone like her chole or not. Jaggi asks her to make chole. Urvashi thinks this bitter truth will come infront of you very soon.

Kokila tells Parag that it is our duty to tell truth to Jaggi that you are his father. Urvashi is also with them. Jaggi comes and hears them shockingly.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Oh wow interesting track

  2. Hi friends how are you? Is really rucha hasbin will coming back in the show? Hi is ur sdy siddu?
    Akshay bhai kesi ho?
    Nandini akka business eppidi pooyikkittu irruku?
    Aisha where are you yaar?
    SP you are rock
    Oh finally jaggi heard that paraag is his papa
    PARAG ROCKSTAR NA?Billi billi banke sher bangayaa!?
    Mansi is a fool who revealed the reality in front of police?how poor!
    Modi house is unlocked even at night foolish!!anyone can entwr into the house at any time( like a star hotel) Actually how many rooms are there in the house?its like a dharam shalla
    What was the plan of vidya ?do you have any idea guys?
    Here always shrinks the role of meera too!!!!!!!
    What will be the reaction ofjaggi?

    1. Hi friends how are you? Is really rucha hasbin will coming back in the show? Howis ur sdy siddu?
      Akshay bhai kesi ho?
      Nandini akka business eppidi pooyikkittu irruku?
      Aisha where are you yaar?
      SP you are rock
      Oh finally jaggi heard that paraag is his papa
      PARAG ROCKSTAR NA?Billi billi banke sher bangayaa!?
      Mansi is a fool who revealed the reality in front of police?how poor!
      Modi house is unlocked even at night foolish!!anyone can enter into the house at any time( like a star hotel) Actually how many rooms are there in the house?its like a dharam shalla
      What was the plan of vidya ?do you have any idea guys?
      Here always shrinks the role of meera too!!!!!!!
      What will be the reaction ofjaggi?

      1. #Will come#

      2. Nandhini

        Hi Nisha! Enga business nalla podhu…i think vidya’s plan for time being is to make rithesh and meera away but to make naiya believe they are together…modi house is indeed a dharam shalla! Jaggi will become very angry after knowing the truth.

  3. Boss(Siddarth)

    In the upcoming episode, the show to witness high voltage drama as Jaggi rushes Gopi to hospital post Mansi shoots her.

    Jaggi gets really worried for Gopi and he does not wants that anything happenss to her as she has saved his life.

    Jaggi then informs Kokila about all this and everyone rushes to the hospital, they gets shattered and prays to god for Gopi’s welfare.

    Jaggi files complaint against Mansi

    Jaggi gets really angry and recalls everything then he decides to take revenge from Mansi.

    Jaggi goes to police station and files complaint against Mansi and makes her arrest for trying to kill Gopi.

    Krishna and Pramila gets shocked as Mansi gets arrested.

    Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.

  4. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Sunshine friends wazzup hw r u all doing . My day was good Nisha hw is ur studies going ?.
    Hope this mpk track gets end soon and this Dr Krishna ,Mansi and premila quit show .

    1. Nandhini

      Hello Sid! MPK will get out and its urvashi and jaggi’s turn to revenge modis..parag must repent for his sin.

  5. Y d hell alws d same drama been repeated..kokila met wid accident then vidya been shot n then jaggi mom met wid accident now again gopi will be shot…same drama…all keep rushing to

    1. Nandhini

      Yes swathi everyone here meets with accident or get shot either and rushed to hospital and at last minute they are saved.Because they are rich family(except urvashi) they can afford hospital bills so they are saved..if they are poor then the story would be different.

  6. Nandhini

    Jaggi should not spare the modis. If he is ahem or not dont know for now…but he needs answers for his and his mom’s sufferings..he may have said he is only ahem to save Gopi but he should not spare dat idiot parag and kokila..kokila now also actually gave rights to jaggi inorder to save gopi only…and she is saying she is doing justice..selfish woman.

  7. Nandhini

    We all remember how kokila lived a extravagant life and she showed herself she is a follower of dharm and dat case she must have taken care of jaggi financially because of parag’s fault…atleast that dumb parag should have done these idiots are living and sleeping peacefully in letting other people suffer in street who are their own blood!

    1. same doubt here di now i am just hating kokila so all these years she was just showing up

  8. Guys I think today h Hasan has updated Saathiya, because of the update I realised….

  9. hey Nisha have you forgotten me?what’s up hun? saw some birthday of some of the Sunshine Group mine is on the 17th march 1993, and i thought that it was Urvashi that parag was suppose to get marry to and he was forced to marry koki and nandhini i like your adjective ‘dumb parag’ lol keep up with your comments its not as before where are shakaib aisha akshay etc come on guys comment dont know when i will come on again bye

    1. No ways i cant forget you.i did not mentioned about you because you are lives in my soul.
      YOU ARE MINE……..
      you have been send only one cmmt per day but that is more valuable cmmt here.(especially for me)

      1. There is no distance between us RAVEN DIDI

    2. yes raven di we asked every sunshiner their birthdays including u may be u didn’t see our comments that time anyways episode was awesome

  10. Nandhini

    Good morning dear Sunshiners! Have a great weekend! Ohh thank you Raven?..this situation of jaggi is similar to the concept of the serial Naamkaran where a child is born to unmarried couples and the child is labelled as ‘illegitimate’ by the society…the child has to suffer in this world who could not keep his/her father’s initials in its name…jaggi’s feelings are just same here.

    1. Isaaq

      This Urvashi track has given me inspiration to introduce new villains on my fan fiction. Anita and Ahem illegitimate son and his family.

      After Kumari is kicked out of the Modi house, she will find Ahem son and his family. Ahem son (Meera and Vidya half brother) will come to the Modi house and claim his share in the property.

      Kumari will join hands with this evil family!!!

  11. what is this promoting chandranandhini on saathiyaa i mean promoting ekta’s show on rashmi’s show this is miracle may be because they both ere star plus show’s

    1. Nandhini

      Sowmya they are promoting chandranandni in all star plus serials except siya ke is channel’s tactics to gain trps.

      1. Nandhini

        Its channel’s and all producers agreement where everyone will gain from it.

      2. ekta will however make it a hit but i just wish sns only to be top on starplus

  12. yipeeeee !!!!!! krishna is arrested now next its turn for mansi after shooting gopi
    then why to leave premila put her also in jail they will together live happily in jail thereafter

  13. no rucha is not coming back as rashi she clarified this on her twitter page on sep 18
    but if she comes back no one can beat sns

  14. i don’t know what is the situation that parag has to leave urvashi and marry some other
    but i think he should have told about urvashi to family because baa and hetal both are very understanding thay would have supported him

  15. Shakaib

    Hi all sunshiners! Sns is rocking, now Krishna goes to jail! Awesome, hope mpk too die or go to jail.

  16. jaggi really beared a lot he is not going to forgive parag easily

  17. Isaaq

    Guys have you realised that Parag did the same as Ahem. Ahem left Anita for Gopi.

    So in my fan fiction, another villain will be introduced. Anita and Ahem illegitimate son and his family!

    After the Kumari drama, Kumari will join hands with this evil family!

    1. Nandhini

      Yes Isaaq ahem left anita for gopi but he didnt make anita pregnant and abandoned them like parag did…waiting for the new vamp entry in ur fan fic….

      1. Isaaq

        There are so many vamps this season!!! After Ahem son and his family, Sindoora daughter (real biological daughter) will target the Modis.
        Sindoora daughter looks just like her mother so the actress who played Sindoora will return back on my fan fiction.
        The big three villains in this season, Kumari, Ahem son and Sindoora daughter. Will Rashi be able to fulfil her promise to Gopi and protect the Modi family against the big three?

      2. Nandhini

        Rashi has got stuck between these swamp of vamps!!

  18. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Good evening Sunshine friends.
    But why Jaggi is going to beat Parag why ahem is acting like this.

    1. Nandhini

      Because ahem is acting as jaggi so he has to do what jaggi is supposed to do.

  19. Hi sunshines friends,now is litle twist because jaggi member when hi smal and peoples ask him ho his father.Ahem live whith his father till when hi small.My question is hi is Ahem or Jaggi? Someone tell me please?

    1. Nandhini

      I think he is ahem acting as jaggi.

  20. Hi litlbt bsy frm lst 2days so I didn’t comment here..i didn’t watch serial also..tody I saw it..nce I thought little bit dragging..wat do u say guys..n Wat hapnd to tody written update..waiting fr upcoming episodes..hw r u all..thank u Nisha..n anyone frm here watch ishqbaaz..
    Meera n dharm scene was ncee..thank god tdy nayya is NT dere wen meera kissing dharam?

    1. Nandhini

      Hii Priyanka!. i missed today’s episode…dont know what happened…i watch ishqbaaz sometimes but not regularly yaar…

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