Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meera calls hospital and yells at staff for being so careless and letting Chanda go from there. Dharam asks her to calm down, takes phone and apologizes hospital staff. Meera yells everyone is careless and she will search Chanda herself now.

Radhika reaches temple and walks to buy pooja thali. Urmila also reaches and pays 20 rs to auto driver. Driver says 30 rs fair. She says for 1 person only 20 rs, yells at him and walks to get pooja thali. Radhika changes into western outfit and walks holding pooja thali smirking and thinking if Modi family sees her, they will be in shock. Urmila passes by but does not notice her.

Dharam with Shravan wait for Vidya and Meera to come home. Someone calls on landline and says he has kidnapped Chanda and needs ransom. Meera

enters with Vidya and hears Dharam’s conversation. She panics and breaks things. Dharam tries to control her.

Urmila reaches home from temple and tells family that she did not find Radhika in temple. Gopi thinks where Radhka must have gone. Urmila sees her tensed and asks what happened. Gopi says Radhika must have left temple before Urmila entered. Urmila asks where did she go then. Gopi says must have gone to temple. Urmila says anyways she will have to return here and leaves saying she will go and get her leg massage by Sona. Kokila asks Gopi not to worry, Radhika will return. Gopi calls Radhika and asks if her pooja is not yet finished, when will she return home. Radhika says there is a lot of crowd in temple and if she can hear bell sounds, she will return home once pooja is done. Gopi gets suspicious.

Vidya goes to Chanda’s room and thinks there must be some clue with which police may be able to find Chanda. She searches cupboard and sits praying god, what is happening kanhanji, if Meera loses her child again, she will shatters, prays not to do this. Shravan comes and asks why is she crying. She hugs and cries that she cannot see Meera like this, they have to find out Meera at any cost. He consoles her not to worry, he is sure police will find her out. If she breaks down, who will handle, Meera, so he should calm down.

Radhika waits for her boyfriend Mangesh comes. Radhika hugs him Gopi comes there is is shocked to see them hugging. She is surprised seeing Radhika’s western outfit. Mangesh asks her to tell what he wants to hear. Radhika says I love you Mangya. Gopi is shocked more and reminisces forcing Jaggi to promise that he will marry Radhika. Mangesh tellls Radhika that he is mad behind her. She says he is really mad that he came to Modi bhavan at midnight to give rose. Gopi remininisces yesterday’s incident and realizes that Mangesh is Radhika’s boyfriend. Mangesh and Radhika leaves in a bike. Gopi feels guilty that she selected a wrong girl for Jaggi. She selected sorrows for Jaggi instead of happiness, what she should do now, Jaggi life will be destroyed.

Dharam and family eagerly wait for kidnapper’s call. Phone rings and Dharam picks it. Kidnappers asks 1 crore ransom to free Meera. Shravan says they should file police complaint. Vidya says yes. Meera shouts if they file police complaint, they will see her dead face. Vidya says this is kidnapping case. Meera shouts her child is kidnapped and asks Dharam to give howmuch ever money kidnapper asks and gets back her child. Dharam says Meera is right and leaves with Shravan. Vidya consoles Meera to trust god, everything will be alright. Meera cries untils he sees Chanda, she will not calm down.

Gopi enters temple and prays god that she made a big mistake and to save Jaggi. She reaches home thinking Radhika’s words that she loves only Mangesh and Jaggi telling he does not want to marry anyone else. Jai sees her and asks Sona what happened to badi maa. Gopi reminisces Kokila telling her and Gopi’s selection is same, Urvashi’s request to convince Jagggi for marriage. Uvashi tells that Gopi had informed her that she is going to buy jewelry. Urvashi says she is looking so tensed. Jaggi asks what happened to her. Gopi reminisces all the incidents again and falls unconscious. Jaggi runs and holds her. Kokila asks Pari to call doctor soon.

Precap: Radhika comes home holding prasad. Gopi gives her a tight slap.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Some of the wording is incorrect. Chanda is kidnapped not meera. I think it maybe chanda’s plan or Gaura.

  2. Jaggi is the best.

  3. I think Gaura kidnapped chanda

    1. In spoiler is it said Chance has been kidnapped by Gaura.

  4. Boss(Siddarth)

    In the upcoming episode, the show to witness high voltage drama as Meera is taking Chanda’s care nicely.

    Chanda has becomes greedy seeing money and try to steal money.

    But she gets caught by Vidya and Meera red handed.

    Vidya and Meera gets really angry and scolds her for stealing.

    Meera begs infront of Chanda for her baby’s life

    Meera then decides to call police and Chanda gets scared so then she shows her evil side to them.

    Chanda blackmails Meera and says that if she will call police then she will kill her baby.

    So Meera and Vidya gets shocked as well as scared.

    Chanda makes Meera touch her feet and beg infront of her and Meera does everything as she does not wants Chanda to harm her baby.

    Stay tuned for the upocming twist.

    1. Boss I already read the spolier but thanks for telling us

    2. Seriously this serial has issue with kids, before Radha tried to kill small Meera and try to kill small Rashi(don’t know where they hide her not seen her in ages) now this Chanda going on same path

    3. Nandhini

      These instances are reminding of gopi and radha’s scenes…thank you for the updates Sid.

  5. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Sunshine friends
    Mahi,Chanu,Priyanka SP,Raina,Rithika,
    Ramona. Hw was episode but still Gaura is not shown and atleast Radhika exposed. I think chanda is lying she is not surrogate mother

    1. Nandhini

      The episode was good siddarth..gopi is again overacting instead of taking next immediate step..i also think chanda is trying to trap suryavanshis by faking her kidnap and taking away one crore rupees from them…but spoilers saying gaura has kidnapped her…And sid chanda is the real surrogate mother..if she is not real surrogate mother then how will she threaten meera and vidya to kill the baby when she got red-handed by them in trying to steal their money?? And i think this will happen after the birth of the baby because she cant kill the baby when she is pregnant as she will also die when she attempts to do dat…

  6. hey Saba have a wonderful birthday dear!!! your special day will bring u lot of happiness, love n fun. you deserve them a lot. i wish your everyday to be filled with lots of love, laughter,happiness and the warmth of sunshine. happy birthday again sunshiner Saba 🙂 🙂

    1. Hi akshay,tanks to your beautiful comment,I love all of u and I wish all sunshines friends be always happy.u guys live in my heart.

  7. hey sid nandi shakaib i have doubt rithik, rithika both r same person. both id is handled by hp.

    1. Nandhini

      Ohh ok Akshay…let Rithika come and clarify this…rithika can you please clarify our doubt?? We are very sorry for doubting you and but we already suffered mentally by a person who cheated please co-operate with us by giving ur details like ur real name,, ur occupation,, etc…or you can register ur name in telly updates so ur account and email id will be secured with ur username…please dont mistake us…

  8. my sunshine sweethearts now i m taking break till 27 dec. it is my dream to become RAS n i want to make all efforts. yes i will wishes on nandi n somi’s birthday. now its time to give shape to my dream. ok till then take care good bye sunshiners.

    1. Nandhini

      Thank you for the wishes akshay?..prepare well,, perform ur RAS exams with excellence and come back soon here after december 27?..we are gonna miss two best sunshiners sowmya and akshay more in the upcoming days!:(:(:(

  9. I think naiya is behind Chanda kidnapping

  10. Hi sunshines,Boss,Akshay,Isaaq,Sowmya,Nandhini ,Aisha,Iara,Zohaib,Reinala,Rani,Mahi,Sakaib and all SNS family, today episode is ok but this Chanda is very negative.

  11. Hi sunshiners,sorry for not commenting i was busy.Happy to c that you don’t forget me even after I don’t comment. Pray 4 shakaib that he do well on exams. Nandhini di,not 2 sunshiners,its 3 sunshiners; Shakaib,sowmya and akshay. Hope that return soon. Chandna is so greedy. According to isaaq,if she is to b new radha, then I think maybe meera will kill chandna or maybe chandna will go jail. Let’s c.

  12. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Sunshiners Saba wish u a very happy birthday ?.
    Akshay then u WL b not commenting til 27th December we all gona miss u a lot you and your comments. Best of luck for ur RAS exams ?. Come back soon .
    Ragini welcome back to group. Akshay and Nandini I dont think Rithik and Rithika is same bcoz Rithik commented here only at once that too before 2 months I guess on September. He never commented after that Rithika joined the group just 3-4 days back .
    If chanda is not kidnaped and she is blackmailing Meera then hw cm Gaura is behind chanda’s kidnaping .
    Friends still gaura’s track is not revealed .

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