Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gaura hugs Gopi and says savior herself is in trouble now. Vidya says daadi did not come yet. Gopi says she is parking car. Urmila says it has been late. gopi says even she thinks same. Shravan comes Durga and greets jai sri krishna to Gopi. Gopi greets him back and then greets Durga. Durga replies. Gaura says if their drama is over, they can start visarjan.

Gaura’s goons bring idol and big suitcase in which Kokila is. Vidya asks why are these idol and suitcase. Gaura yells at her. Gopi gets worried for Kokila and says Urmila let us go and bring Kokila. Her pallu stucks in suitcase. Tere charnon me…religious song.. plays in the background..Gopi freels her sari and goes to search Kokila. She reaches parking area and sees car doors locked. She then sees Kokila’s

earring on floor and tells Urmila maaji is in trouble. She calls Ahem who is driving car with Jigar and says maaji is missing. Ahem asks what does she mean. She says maaji did not return after car parking and her ear ring is found on floor. Jigar says she must be somewhere around. Gopi says she searched and called her everywhere and asks them both to reach visarjan venue soon.

Gaura orders Vidya and Shravan to perform pooja and Vidya performs pooja looking around for Kokila. Gaura scolds her and asks to contine pooja. Gaura and Urmila enquire people about Kokila. Vidya tells Shravan she needs to talk to him. Gaura hears that and says Dharam they have to send Dharam from here and starts coughing. Shravan goes to bring her water. Gaura then becomes normal and starts chanting mantras. Kokila is seen unconscious in suticase. Pandit says Gaura let us do visarjan. Dharam says Gaura after a few minutes, her revenge will be complete. Gaura says Kokila should wake up to see her death herself.

Kokila wakes up and frees her hand and mouth. She hears people chanting jai bhavani, sees Gopi from holes and shouts she is here, but Gopi cannot hear her voice due to loud music.

Gopi tells Gaura that she knows she must have done something to maaji, where is her maaji. Gaura says she does not know and asks her to move away from her way. Gopi prays god to get back her maaji soon. Kokila knocks suitcase and calls Gopi, but to no avail. Gaura’s goons immerse suitcase into water. Gaura smirks and tells Dharam she wanted to see Kokila’s death. Gopi prays god again to show her maaji. She sees Kokila’s hand from suticase and runs towards suitcase shouting maaji. Gaura gets tensed seeing that. Vidya thinks why is maa running, where did she daadi. Gopi clashes with kumkum thali while running and kumkum falls on her body. She then jumps into lake.

Vidya asks Urmila why did maa jump into lake. Urmila says to save Kokila and shows Kokila’s hand. Meera and Vidya see Kokila’s hand and try to run towards lake, but Gaura holds their hands and says they cannot go. Vidya signals Meera and they both push Gaura and jump into lake. Dharam says Gaura these 2 champas also jumped into lake. Gaura says water is very deep and this time matarani will get 4 sacrifices.

Urmila ties rope to truck and runs towards lake. Gaura holds her and says pagli samdhan cannot go and she should let whatever is happening.

Precap: Gopi tries to wake up Kokila and says she cannot leave them like this. Meera and Vidya shout daadi….

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. How good and creative will this serial get

  2. Worst serial ever! Please end this torture and let people live there lives in peace!

  3. This episode was great though! The revenge thing will finally be over. I guess the next track will show madhuben trying to harm the modi family, and some cute moments between Vidya and Shravan

  4. I hope Kokila will not die…

  5. Gopi should throw gaura n dharam in water…hahaha..

    1. and again go to jail…

  6. worst serial. when one story ends the other starts. i hope the seial will continue next generation

  7. I don’t get how no police is ever involved int these people sadistic actions, only when someone (Gopi) decides to end evil then they show up to punish the good.. Is the law lacking in India. I know it’s a show but for god’s sake credit the viewers with some sensibility…this is such total BS it beyond ridiculous!!!!!

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