Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Urmila looks at Rashi’s photo and says after she went, Jigar married Pari and Radha came back, now she is pregnant. She says she is missing her a lot and says she wants to take care of Tolu/molu and protect them, but she is helpless. Kinjal hears her conversation and says nothing will happen to Tolu/Molu and says Jigar still loves Rashi, but is helpless due to the conditions happening.

Radha brings chakki and asks Kokila to grind wheat flour on this chakki and then prepare food for her. Pari gets annoyed and asks if she has gone made to tell this to Kokila. Radha says they are not fulfulling her wishes, so she will die. She drinks poison. Gopi and Hetal get worried about her. Radha wakes up and says she was testing them. Pari says she was just making drama. Radha says

if they don’t take care of her, she will drink real poison and asks Kokila if she will grind chakki or not. Kokila says for Jigar’s child, she will.

Urmila calls Tolu/molu and asks them what did Radha did since morning. Tolu says Radha brought chakki and is asking Kokila to grind flour on it. Urmila gets happy and says Kokila deserves this punishment. Kokila hears Tolu’s conversation, takes phone from him and asks how can she think like this. Urmila says she really wants to be punished for getting Pari home who got Radha home and says she wants her to be punished even more rigorously. Kokila asks her what she has to do to calm her down. She says she has to take care of Tolu/molu well. Kokila says ok and thinks she can understand Urmila’s state of mind.

Pari’s father ties to kill Radha with chakki. Pari stops her papa and Chakki breaks falling on ground. Radha wakes up hearing that. Pari says her papa has sleep walk problem and says she will get new chakki for her. Radha says good she stopped her papa. Pari frightens her by saying her papa may come back again in sleep with chakki next time.

Pari tells Kokila that her dad broke chakki last night, so she brought new one. Before Kokila could start grinding wheat, Pari’s dad says he likes chakki a lot since childhood. Radha reminisces yesterday night’s incident where he tried to crush her head with chakki and says she was just joking and asks Pari to return back Chakki. Once she leaves, Kokila asks Pari if she frightened her. Pari says yes and says she cannot let her saas grind chakki.

Gopi sees Meera tensed before going to school and asks what happened. She says nothing and leaves for school. Gopi gets a call from school teacher who informs her that Meera was crying in class since morning and asked if something happened at home. She informs about this to Kokila and says she must be worried about something. Radha comes down and Pari sends her to get something. Once Meera comes, Gopi pampers Meera and asks why was she crying in classroom. Meera starts crying and says Radha scolded her yesterday and even slapped her. Gopi and other ladies are shocked to hear that. Gopi says Radha did wrong and this will not happen again. She asks to tell what happened in detail. Meera says when she was passing by Radha’s room, she asked her to massage her legs and then slapped her, asked her not to inform this to anyone. Kokila says if Radha does anything, she should inform her immediately. Gopi says she cannot tolerate anyone misbehaving with her children and thinks of teaching Radha a lesson. Pari says we will be in trouble if we confront her directly, so we should use her own game to defeat her, for that she needs their help and asks if they will help.

Precap: Radha says she will insult Modi’s at Rajkot’s businessman’s daughter’s wedding.

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  1. Idiotic story… did this Radha came out of the jail without completing the period of her punishment. For a murder accuse they must stay atleast seven years in jail n this radha has came out even before 7 months.what the hell this story is….n the modi family why can’t they book a case against radha at least why can’t they threaten her of filing a case against her for child harrasment n how can they simply believe that radha is pregnant n bearing jigars child with out a DNA report or something…writerji think at least some logic how can u simply write this type of stories…..

    1. Logic! Forget it lokeshwari, . As it is the serial is ending in december.,Thank God!

    2. So true! This show is beyond pathetic.

  2. it’s better to complaint about this show to BCCC…

  3. Pari, don’t do anything that hurts Radha. She is a terrific actress. And so r u. I will miss this show so much. Best tv show.

  4. Well I wnt!

  5. Hey……is it true that this serial gonna end in december??????????????

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