Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi helps Jaggi. He asks her to go out. Gopi goes out and cries reminiscing Jaggi scolding that he does not need her charity and help and stay away from him.

At Urmila’s chawl, Kokila drags Ricky out to road and shouts both Modi bhavan and this chawl are her properties and how dare he is to stay at her chawl without her permission. Gopi already give his property papers, then why he did not go back to Singapore. She knows he has arrest warrant against him and cannot go back there. She continues yelling.

Meera is busy scolding her accountant when Vidya enters clapping. Meera gets happy seeing her. Vidya says when she is good at correcting people, why she left her family for Bhavani, she wants to marry Dharam. Meera says Bhavani maa cannot do that, she can believe that

Dharam wants a third marriage, but Bhavani will betray her. Vidya tells her whole story about Gaura, Bhavani killing her husband and dreaming of marrying Dharam, etc. Meera is shocked.

Gopi is in home temple praying when Kokila and Seeta enter. Lamp flickers, and Gopi holds it. Ricky enters calling her mother India. Gopi gets angry how dare he is to come back. Ricky laughs that Kokila herself brought him here. Kokila says Seeta found him inebriated in drain, so she kept him in chawl. She brought him here as Modi family’s name is linked with him. Gopi says he betrayed Seeta and left her in mantap, he cannot stay here. Kokila says Seeta forgave him, so she picked him from gutter/drain and let him stay in chawl. Gopi says Kokila’s decision is wrong and angrily walks away. Ricky taunts Kokila that her bahu got angry on her. Kokila says dear oones get angry and not strangers.

Bhavani munches samosas. Dharam passes by and she hides food and acts as sad. Dharam consoles her and says she tried to cheer him up, but now herself if sad. He feeds her samosa when Vidya and Shravan enter followed by Meera. Bhavani gets angry seeing Meera.

Kokila goes to Gopi’s room and says if they had let Ricky out, he would have been same and fallen in gutter again after inebriation, he cannot take care of himself, so she brought him here. Ricky does not know mother’s concern even in her anger. Gopi says he betrayed Seeta. Kokila says Seeta forgave him and is giving him second chance, so even she should let Ricky change. Gopi praises Kokila that she is always a motehr and mother-in-law for her. Their chatting continues.

Precap: Ricky calls Seeta as illiterate babe and orders to bring food for him. Jaggi scolds he will slap him if he misbehaves with Seeta. Ricky laughs that he has to walk on his feet for that. Jaagi asks Ricky to bend and gives him a tight slap. Gopi shouts at Ricky how dare he is to misbehave with Jaggi, he should apologize Jaggi right now.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. What happened to all the sun shine group. Where r u people?

    1. We are Sitll here!!

      1. Riana


    2. Nandhini

      Cant you see we are still commenting?????

      1. Yeas some of u are still here but where r the others. I guess they got bored and left?.

    3. Chithu

      We never left

  2. The upcoming episodes of Saath Nibhana Saathiya will show that Bhavni traps Dharam in her mayajaal and gets married to him

    However Meera returns to Dharam’s life and is shocked seeing Dharam and Bhavni’s marriage but she refuses to believe this marriage as Dharam is still Meera’s husband

    Bhavni challenges Meera that she will get Dharam’s love and throw her out of the house.

    Bhanvi sets the fire on her sari and pretends of being faint so Dharam lifts her in her arms in front of Meera

    Meera gets angry seeing Bhavni’s drama and stops her to stay in her room but Dharam makes Meera out by telling telling Bhavni that she is his wife so this room is hers

    Meera is broken down but she comforts Bhavni over her evil drama because Dharam is unsure of Bhavni’s reality

    Further Bhavni holds Meera’s hands forcibly and shouts as Meera tries to push her from stairs

    Dharam is furious on Meera for doing this and Meera tries to explain Dharam but he slaps her infront of Bhanvi which makes Meera shattered

    Dharam is completely in Bhavni’s control becuase Meera herself let Dharam went away from him

    How will Meera save Dharam?

    1. Sayyeda

      Tanks Jonh to upcoming.Iam happy to see Peoplese change to negative to have sad tinks but also good tink and heart always good tink.

  3. At least Meera back

    1. Sayyeda

      Hi Rani,now iam sure Meera is back and all sunshines came back , principal Raven because she is sunshines heart.

  4. Isaaq

    ?? Meera is back???

    1. Nandhini

      Lol yess??

    2. Riana

      Do u saw how’s the entry of meera…As i said Gopi’s kids loves throwing things….l???l

      1. Isaaq

        That’s me whenever I enter the house. I shout at the kids and be so loud???

        I was at university yesterday and when I came back I was shouting so much and my mum said “the house were so quiet when you were gone.”??

    3. Sayyeda

      Hi isaaq, Meera is the one to look after her family. I glad to see Bhavani kik out from Dharam life.

  5. how are you Rishi you asked a very good question where is everybody from the sunshine group they probably got wings and flew away i read one by one the sunshine friends are leaving the group one left just a couple of weeks ago RAVEN apparently they were so engrossed in themselves that they had no time for him it is good that he left so sad

    1. Leila thank god u r back. I missed your comments. I remember sun shine group saying they will always be together but they r gone?

      1. Sayyeda

        Hi Rishi, sunshines is busy to studies. Raven is coming back because u no sunshines is good heart and dont be sad to long. GOD bless u always.

      2. Isaaq

        Yes we are busy with our studies.

    2. Nandhini

      First…Raven is not a ‘He’…its a ‘She’…and yeah she left because we couldnt reply her…but she didnt cut our group friendship and she is not our enemy…still everyone are friends.

    3. Riana

      Btw leila…i too was missing your comments…???….sorry annoying n funny comments…???

    4. Chithu

      No one going to leave the group ppl get caught in some things at home, studies work etc. We r definetly together

  6. Nandhini

    I want meera to suffer more by dharam!

    1. Riana

      Nandi….meera have to realize that she was wrong….she should help vidya in household works…she have to become a good mom…she have to become a good wife… (I cant believe that only bcoz of one incident meera LEFT R KIDS….For whom she was gone mad??)….Cvs made it so worse…???

    2. Sayyeda

      Hi nandhini, Meera need realise how she missing i hop she be more claver.

  7. iamsofianeak

    I loved when Dharam was about to make Bhavini eat and Meera entered with the amzing song in the background !!

    1. Sayyeda

      Iamsofianeak, i love this song to.
      Meera is so beautful.

  8. Meera ne bahut tension diya hai dharam bai ko is meera ki band bajao dharam bai

  9. Riana

    Episode was Really awsome…One hand ricky other hand Meera….???…Now see what happens nxt…. (Btw kokila’s lecture was so heavy n loud that my nrighbours were shouting from nearby houses….looool….?????

    1. Sayyeda

      Hi Riana, u are right Ricky and Meera back now some tink special be happen indo SNS. Iam wait to see.

      1. Riana

        Hey Saba di…Gopi’s Disaster Son n Daughter…???

  10. Riana

    Episode was Really awsome…One hand ricky other hand Meera….???…Now see what happens nxt…. (Btw kokila’s lecture was so heavy n loud that my nrighbours were shouting from nearby houses….looool….?????)

    1. Riana

      Episode was Really awsome…One hand ricky other hand Meera….???…Now see what happens nxt…. (Btw kokila’s lecture was so heavy n loud that my neighbours were shouting from nearby houses….looool….?????)

  11. Sayyeda

    Hi sunshines, how u all? Iam sorry this days isso didnt comment because my Kids start exams and i help them. I love see Meera back now is be more fun.

  12. hey rishi thanks bro i did not know i had a good friend here and i thought Raven was a he sorry Raven no hard feelings but just want to see how good a friend is your so called friend raven i read all comments and for the longest while most of your sunshine friends are missing where is akshay?huh let us see who will comment if they are really ‘your family’ as you people say where are you umeir miss your comments and how are you freno isaaq going good i hope lmao

    1. Isaaq

      Yh I’m good? How are you? Yh I never pay attention to whose still left in the group.

      I hope you’re well and happy. How are you finding the show currently

  13. Hi evryone….my name is manisha…i do wstch d serials..plz join me in ur grups guys

    1. Riana

      Hey Manisha Welcome to our grp ☺…

  14. Nice to see vidya telling everything to meera whatever has happen , meera should return home now.

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