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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ahem senses someone near window and asks who is it. Gopi looks around. Ahem scolds her and leaves. Kokila tells Gopi that she knows why Ahem is angry and knows how to calm his anger. Ahem walks down. Jigars asks what gift he needs for his 25th marriage anniversary. Ahem says thanks for reminding, says he is very busy with his wife and acts as walking with Gopi. Pari and Hetal laugh seeing from a distance. Kokila asks Gopi to spend some time with Ahem. Gopi excitedly asks really….

Dharam calls all his relatives and asks if Baa/Gaura came to their house and everyone say no…

Kokila tells Gopi that they have to unite Dharam and Gaura as Gaura cannot live without her son in this age. Gopi says if she thinks Meera and Vidya’s life will change with this.

Kokila says yes and says today is her Ahem dikra and Gop bahu’s 25th marriage anniversary and she wants to celebrate it lavishly. Gopi senses someone near window.

Shravan speaks to Dharam and says he did not find Baaji/Gaura yet. Kokila calls him and he gets worried about Vidya and asks if Vidya is fine. Kokila says Vidya is fine and invites him to come with family for Gopi and Ahem’s 25th marriage anniversary. Shravan thinks he should not inform about Gaura and says it is not right for them to come there. Kokila says he is damad and has to attend party with his family. Shravan says okay.

Vidya eats choc and thinks why is she eating so much, talks to her child that he/she likes choc too much. Kokila with Gopi enters. Gopi gives her dress and asks her to wear it for today’s party. Vidya asks Kokila why did she tell about surprise party to maa. Kokila says she has invited Shravan and family for party. Vidya angrily asks why shravan. Kokila says Gaura even lied Shravan and he believed his daadi. Gopi hears shower sound and goes to bathroom to check. Kokila says Vidya that Shravan is not wrong and she should forgive him. Vidya says she is right, but her mind is not accepting to forgive Shravan. Gopi says Shravan is a good man and she should give him a chance. Kokila says whatever decision she takes, they will be with her.

Gopi tells Kokila that she is worried about Meera. Kokila says Meera’s life is entangeled and she does not know how to solve the problem. Gopi says we know Meera and Dharam love each other, but…Kokila says only Durga has right on Dharam. Gopi asks what about Meera. Kokila says Krishna will decide it and asks her to go and console Ahem now, grinning…Gopi shyingly leaves.

Ahem fumes in his room and Jigar tries to calm him saying bhabhi tried to convince him a lot, but he did not. Ahem says he is bhabhi ka chamcha and asks if he would do same with Pari on his marriage anniversary. Jigar sadly says if Rashi would have been alive, they all 4 would have celebrated 25th anniversary together. Ahem asks if he is fine and says he is right. Jigar says it is good Pari makes him feel young and he has a lot of time left for his 25th anniversary, he will take her to Amsterdam. Ahem says he wants to take Pari to Amsterdam, but he cannot take Gopi even to next locality. Gopi comes wearing bridal dress. Ahem drops his jaw seeing her beauty. Jigar shuts his mouth and asks if he is fine. Ahem asks him to go out and pushes him. Jigar runs laughing. Gopi comes near Ahem and Ahem gets nervous. She kisses his cheek and says he wanted to do something special, holds his hand and takes him towards hall. He sees whole family standing in hall and wishing him happy marriage anniversary. Tolu/molu say Ahem let us go down the memory lane and start projector. Whole family sees Ahem and Gopi’s journey of life from marriage till now.

Precap: Vidya reads Shravan’s letter to meet him out for 5 min. She goes to lawn and someone kidnaps her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Here I was thinking we were thru with this whole drama

  2. very sad but confirmed news that ahem uncle, jiger uncle, gopi sasuri n vidya all r quitting sns.
    new face will be part of this show after 6 month leap. when will molu-naiyya track start???

    1. Not 6 month leap but 5 yrs leap vll happn

      1. akshay 6 years not 6 months.

    2. No I ready that there were speculations about Sonam(Vidya) but she has not confirmed it so…. I REALLY LIKE THE AHEM AND GOPI COUPLE(Nazim and Devo) but when I heard that deco is quitting i couldn’t bear anyone else with Nazim. But now even Nazim is quitting! And I don’t want Sonam to quit as I like VIVAN/SHRAYA!

  3. lead actors who has strong role want to quit this show but parag uncle,chirag uncle, meethi, savitri aunty, dhaval uncle, pappu choti rashi etc who have negligent role want to continue with it

  4. hi nisha did u celebrate mother’s day??

  5. Lovely & nice episode

  6. Man. How goos will this serial get? Just amazing acting by all of the characters.

  7. wow i like this show

  8. Wait molu-naiyya ka bhi track hone wala hai???

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