Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th March 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th March 2014 Written Update

Rashi tells Jigar to go get the kids. Kokila is willing to come into the temple as Ahem is getting married today. Jigar leaves. Pappu is crying and goes to Gopi and tells her that his crown broke. Gopi says this cant be fixed. Vidya, Tolu-Molu pinch Pappu to make him cry even more. Vidya suggests to to go the temple to get a new one. Gopi says she will go and get it. Kids make a fuss and say they will come too. Gopi goes to get money. Kids are happy. Peon comes and tells the kids that Jigar has come to pick up and leaves. The kids make a plan that they will leave with Jigar and that Vidya will come with Gopi. Gopi overhears the word plan and asks them? The kids say nothing. Gopi asks them to come. kids say we need to practice. Vidya will come with you. Vidya goes with Gopi.

Kids are worried that Jigar might see Gopi.
Madhu is praying to god. Jigar is at the front desk. Gopi-Vidya are walking in the same direction as Jigar. Vidya some how takes Gopi via a different route. Kids meet Jigar. They get into the car. Vidya says shaadi. Gopi asks whose? Vidya covers it up. Vidya-Gopi catch an auto. The kids asking Jigar to speed. They are driving parallel to the auto. Jigar sees the auto and thinks Gopi Bhabi? Gopi sees the car and thinks Devarji? The kids notice this and asks Jigar to go faster. They are happy. The wedding prep is going on at the temple. Kokila asks Ahem if he is ready. Ahem says yes.

Gopi’s auto has a puncture in it. Gopi asks how long. The auto guy says a little bit longer. Vidya is worried. Hetal asks Radha to go get ready. The kids come to the temple. Rashi-Kinjal are boggled by the kids dresses. They want to change it but the kids are adamant about not changing. Urmila asks they to let it go. Radha goes to get ready. The kids follow her. Rashi and Urmila are annoyed that their chaals are not working. Gopi-Vidya reach the mandir. Gopi buys the crown. Vidya is excited. They go to pray in the mandir. Radha is in the room changing and gloats that she will be the queen of the modi house. The kids are planning on their next move and wonder about Vidya. The kids go inside and steal Radha’s clothes, but when they are about to leave Hetal comes in. Kinijal is worried about her brother. Hetal takes the clothes from them and Rashi comes in. Hetal asks Rashi to take acre of the kids. Rashi is annoyed and takes the kids back. She cribs about them to Urmila. The kids are looking for Gopi-Vidya. They see them. The three of them make excuses and leave separately. The meet Vidya and plan how to get Ahem-Gopi together.

Precap : Rashi-Gopi are screaming for their kids. Rashi says Gopi?

Update Credit to: DancingDiva

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  1. please give in detail along with the pictures coz i want to see how is radha looking in bridal dress.

  2. making this serial boaring now

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