Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari tells Jigar that he has to stop Kokila from getting Gopi married to Dr. Krishna. He says what can he do. She says she knows what to do then. Meera serves Dharam all his favorite dishes for breakfast. He tries to get up from dining table. She starts emotinoal blackmail that he does not love him now. He sits back. She gets a call from Pari who informs that Kokila is getting Gopi married to Dr. Krishna tomorrow.

Kokila, Vidya, and Urmila sit in Gopi’s room. Urmila says she informed pandit and told that he has to finish marriage in 15 min, else she will not pay him. Vidya smiles. Kokila sits thinking. Urmila asks what happened. Kokila says tomorrow Gopi bahu will go away from her. Meera enters starts shouting that she wants to get rid of Gopi, so she is getting married to Dr. Krishna, but she will not let her erase Ahem’s memories so easily. Kokila in her usual style shouts bassssssssssssssss, looking at Gopi’s condition, she knows she is taking the right desion and asks why did she marry Dharam then. Meera says her situation is different and now she will take Gopi to her house. Kokila starts again with her confrontation…Meera walks out fuming.

Vidya and sona apply mehandi on Gopi’s hands. Kokila says today she wants to spend quality time with Gopi. She then calls Baa and Hetal who are in some other country and says Gopi’s life has stalled and she has become a lifeless furniture, so she has decided to get her married to Dr. Raheja who will fill happiness in Gopi’s life. Baa and Hetal say she took a right decision and they know she takes right decision.

Precap: Kokila addresses Ahem’s photo that she is sure even he agrees to her decision, Gopi’s life has stopped and she is sure Dr. Krishna will get it back to normal.

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  1. Please admin post my episode Summary also, m waiting

  2. Baa’s still alive!!!!!!!

  3. awsome eposide felt like crying
    at last baa n hetal r seen but were is rashi is she wit dem is rashi grown up n is the character is played as giaa manek ???????

    but luved today’s eposide
    tnkx for the speed update

    guys it is the best episode
    sns long live???????

  4. this show can’t run for a week without a villain so i think after gopi’s marriage krishna will trun negative.

    1. Apparently Gopi will wake up during the marriage ritual so the marriage won’t happen- so I also think Krishna is a villain. The story will be over if Gopi leaves the Modis- that won’t happen.

    2. So True Dr Raheja will be Villain and wants to kill Gopi as he has some Raaz to share and it will come as soon as he marries her, he will tell for past 25 years I was waiting for this revenge and will reveal he killed Ahem. Kokila will be in shock will again cry infront of Krishna bhagwan. I can’t understand why there is no killer in this series yet who kills own family members. I think even there is Raaz between Vidya and Meera, most probably related to Dharam.

      1. I wonder why he wants revenge?

      2. I hope Gopi takes a new powerful avatar to punish Krishna, like when Parvati became Janki Devi to punish Trishna. Gopi should do the same.

  5. Its so unbelievable….baa is still alive…i m happy that hetal is still in the show….

  6. Jhumkarani????

    OMG….Meera is a b*tch….kokila is an old buddhi….baa toh sayyad 200 saal ki hoyagi….characterles gopi ki bacchi…

    1. Pls. Dont say lyk dis

  7. Stop dragging this show.

    1. it’s Star plus with sauch nayi so character can stay alive more than 100 years, with all Raaz.

  8. Waiting 4 tmrw epi…

  9. Wat meera think kokila will let her take her mother

  10. When will they show the story that happened 5 yrs back… why Jigar n family changed.. wht happened btwn meera-vidya-dharam… why sahir n family was thrown out

  11. selfish meera….

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  13. prathyusha prabhala

    my god too many suspenses….. cant tolerate. kindly reveal about krishna. is he really a villain

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