Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th June 2016 Analysis

The episode starts with Pari asking jigar to do something. Jigar blames Pari for this. He leaves. Monica comes and asks Pari to chillax, we have one triumph card left and that is Meera.
Dharam says to Meera that you sound strange. Meera says it’s my duty. Dharam gets up. Meera gets angry and asks what do you want? She gets a call from Pari who tells her everything. Meera says what?

Urmila asks koki what is she thinking? Koki says I am feeling scared. Vidya says because mom will go away from u. Koki says after my death I want someone to take care of gopi. Meera enters along with Pari and sona and says that u r doing this to get rid of gopi. She continues saying that I won’t let you erase Ahem ‘s memories. Koki says what about your marriage with Dharam?

Koki says that krishna loves gopi.Meera says that gopi doesn’t love krishna, I will take mom with me and take care of her. Vidya comes and requests Meera to agree. Meera is unaffected. Koki says where were u from 5 years?Koki says u live in a place where you don’t value relations.She continues that I, Kokila Modi, will get my bahu married tomorrow. Gopi is lost in Ahem memories.

Koki calls Hetal and Baa and informs them about Gopi ‘s remarriage. Hetal says that I am with you, go ahead. Hetal asks how is everyone at home? Koki says all are fine but I miss you all. The call ends. Koki says that I lied that all are fine, but I don’t want u all to take tension. Vidya and Urmi apply mehendi in Gopi’s hand.
Koki and other’s are emotional as tomorrow will be Gopi ‘s Bidaai.


Credit to: Tanvi


  1. Tanvi

    Guys in the second paragraph Pari enters along with Mona plz excuse all my errors… Thank you

  2. Amna

    Great episode hate Monica and the rest of the family for treating kokila bad and don’t want gopi to get married and keep calling her a old lady

  3. su

    Baa is still alive ! And kokila’s acting was great.. Kokila has become bold like old times. I like it.. Hope dr.krishna is a good person and keeps gopi happy..

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