Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila forcefully ties Urmila to a chair, takes live eletric wire near her, and says doc told to give her electric shock to get her mental condition back to normal. Urmila says she is fine and tells her name is Kokila modi and she stays in Modi mansion. She told lie to get her serve and troubled her. Kokila says she has to be punished and frees her from chair. Urmila shivers in fear. Kokila says she has forgiven her and hugs.

Urmila happily asks if she really forgive her. Kokila says she knew it from before that she is fine. She says she stayed withe her 10 years and shared all their sorrows and happiness together, etc. She warns her that she should not trouble her family. Urmila says she got habituated to her goodness in 10 years and realized how much she likes her, she will

never think of troubling her family. She requests her not to inform anyone about her drama. Kokilla assures her that she will not. Urmila says she will plan her bidayi/farewell now.

Kinjal angrily complains gopi that Kinjal wants her to vacate Kokila’s room. Gopi says she is shy away from her responsibilities and should take care of Dhaval and pappu and should go back to her own house. Kinjal says she thought she would take her side, but she is taking Pari’s side and angrily walks.

Urmila gets Kokila ready for her bidayi. Rashi sadly asks if she will leave her. Kokila says she will never leave her. Rashi says even papa does not talk to her. Ahem comes and apologizes her for her misbehavior and says she will stay with him in Modi bhavan from hereon. Rashi gets very happy. Urmila says she is worried as Pari has not accepted Rashi yet. Kokila asks her not to worry as Rashi will cool her anger. She is instead worry about Gopi as Meera acted as apologetic, but don’t know if she really mean it.

Kinjal angrily walks towards her room yelling that she will see how will kick her out from this house. She sees Pari with her suitcase who says she packed her designer sarees in suitcase, but she may not use it in her chawl. Kinjal cotinues fuming while Pari walks out.

Meera sees Kinjal with her bags and says it is injustice for her. Kinjal says this house people always did injustice to her and treated her like piece of furniture. She continues that it is all because of Gopi and Gopi will make whole family dance on her tune. Meera asks if she will help her go against Gopi. Kinjal asks if she has not forgiven Gopi yet. Meera says no.

Precap: Gopi brings Kokila for her graha pravesh. Kinjal and Meera push Gopi and acts as a mistake.

Update Credit to: MA


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