Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila forcefully ties Urmila to a chair, takes live eletric wire near her, and says doc told to give her electric shock to get her mental condition back to normal. Urmila says she is fine and tells her name is Kokila modi and she stays in Modi mansion. She told lie to get her serve and troubled her. Kokila says she has to be punished and frees her from chair. Urmila shivers in fear. Kokila says she has forgiven her and hugs.

Urmila happily asks if she really forgive her. Kokila says she knew it from before that she is fine. She says she stayed withe her 10 years and shared all their sorrows and happiness together, etc. She warns her that she should not trouble her family. Urmila says she got habituated to her goodness in 10 years and realized how much she likes her, she will

never think of troubling her family. She requests her not to inform anyone about her drama. Kokilla assures her that she will not. Urmila says she will plan her bidayi/farewell now.

Kinjal angrily complains gopi that Kinjal wants her to vacate Kokila’s room. Gopi says she is shy away from her responsibilities and should take care of Dhaval and pappu and should go back to her own house. Kinjal says she thought she would take her side, but she is taking Pari’s side and angrily walks.

Urmila gets Kokila ready for her bidayi. Rashi sadly asks if she will leave her. Kokila says she will never leave her. Rashi says even papa does not talk to her. Ahem comes and apologizes her for her misbehavior and says she will stay with him in Modi bhavan from hereon. Rashi gets very happy. Urmila says she is worried as Pari has not accepted Rashi yet. Kokila asks her not to worry as Rashi will cool her anger. She is instead worry about Gopi as Meera acted as apologetic, but don’t know if she really mean it.

Kinjal angrily walks towards her room yelling that she will see how will kick her out from this house. She sees Pari with her suitcase who says she packed her designer sarees in suitcase, but she may not use it in her chawl. Kinjal cotinues fuming while Pari walks out.

Meera sees Kinjal with her bags and says it is injustice for her. Kinjal says this house people always did injustice to her and treated her like piece of furniture. She continues that it is all because of Gopi and Gopi will make whole family dance on her tune. Meera asks if she will help her go against Gopi. Kinjal asks if she has not forgiven Gopi yet. Meera says no.

Precap: Gopi brings Kokila for her graha pravesh. Kinjal and Meera push Gopi and acts as a mistake.

Update Credit to: MA


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    • plzzz don’t talk badly abt yhm
      Its my humble request can u do this 4 me plzzzzzz…..
      U r fan of sns r8
      same way i am fan of yhm

  2. I mean radha live inkinjal and meera heart. kya kinjal kam thi ki meera bhi abhi gop ki kilaf chaal rochegi, bichari gopi first urmila and rashi use to plot against her, then radha , and now this kinjal and meera. gopi is getting much pain from her relatives. this meera and kinjal should get hit by a truck and die.

  3. when kinjal get thrown out I want everyone to slap her and gopi should deny that meera is her daughter and break all relationship with her and throws her out of the house with that blo*dy kinjal and then both of them should do suicide.

  4. they are gone this meera and kinjal just think about themselves not about other kinjal want to stay in modi house and live a lavish life she even for her lavish life sacrifice her son prateek and husband dhaval she is a shameless character .

  5. meera and kinjal gone a regret in the future what they are doing with gopi and when they gone a realize their mistake it,s will be too late they gone a ask for forgiveness and no one gone a forgive them because if u do something bad it,s gone a come back on you.

    • ?

      Gadha saitaan ke aulad kaam se kaam rakho kaash yeh gopi ke jaga tu mar saktha tho achha hotha badtameez ? 😡

    • He hasn’t said anything wrong u should be in gopis place u should keep kam se kaam voh apna kaam hi kar raha tha ok tumhare kya problem the usme

      • Oh so are the stupid gujratis who r illiterate and u mr don’t use abusing language we also know to use that and there was onemore fellow like u whom we forced to leave another pg and if he said anything wrong on another pg then u should say it there not here blo*dy loser

    • ?

      U damn looser blo*dy freak I ll kick ur ass and burn it mind ur business broker y r u after me stupid dump freak asshole witch b*t*h dick holy crow I didn’t talk to u just shut up ?????

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  7. suvida

    Hw can meera hate her own mom……..and were is her “mansi mom”…….no doubt that meera is the radha no.2………

  8. love radha

    hi shera(liya),sweet(riya),,,bittches how are you both,after changing name , very well chatting na u both.what a guts to be such ****titutes ,u perverts.
    where is that athu,haha..drama queen. thought she have some shame and left but now again here.
    all u three – devis.arggghh

    • Shut up and mind ur language who the hell r u to say that that guta wale line suits u the most how much guts people like u have to abuse any1 for nothing i mean how cheap and languages u use have some shame

    • Anurajian(athu)

      U are so cheap.Don’t say abt my friends.And if u love radha,go and marry her.Even i am using 2 names and mails.

  9. Ann(athu)

    Any 1 here.I am coming as 2.In sns and nauc,same image with the name ann(athu)
    In ss and yhm,using diff name anurajian(athu) with anushka and rajat’s image.

    • love radha

      who d f**k are you,are u broker of that two bittches..i have no issue with shut ur asshole,fcuker

  10. love radha

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  11. love radha

    hey friend,atleast u can understand how these b*t*hes spoil this place.thank u.sorry for mistooking u yaar

  12. Ann(athu)

    Poda patti love radha.Naa .Korange,kuthal valatanda nenda vaal njan pizhetheriyum.Mandan patti
    Nene theri vilichu samayam waste cheyyan eniku thalparyamilla da

  13. love radha

    do u know sterday,this drama sl*t athu,cried and said will never come here.and now again came to search for cocks.
    that shera/liya , riya ,padishma, richa too..chee.

    friend hehee,u there yaar

  14. love radha

    thaalparium ellayodi patti athu…modhevi..aa pradishma naar vannallo appozhthekkum…ethra kunna kettiutundu rendu perum ningalde pooril…
    cheen,poori molgalae..moodikki vaai,in rendu chettagal reply cheidhaal..pinne innum naarum ningal..ppppa pattikalae barkng a, yei bittch, y u are raising tail and running asking people to f**k u bittch

      • love radha

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  15. b*t*h athu

    that athu b*t*h is messaging ugly, see her comments ..she is sayng she will trap men.such a sl*t.chee..u both are rite , love radha and hehee.

  16. annah

    @luv radha….plz did iz a public site….stop using those words…….how can u use such words!!! Chiiii!! Stop abusing ppl here…….y r u after prads n athu?? What have they done…??

  17. mal

    Tis page s to comment abt d serial nd nt fa ur cheap fights..hold ur tongue..nd tis s public n nt ur private mind it.

  18. love radha

    @ annah ,@mal,
    before u both support that sl*ts pradshma and athu thendigal, see their bad comments in other serials and come..without knowing dont get into us and prob with u both..better stay away

    • b*t*h athu

      u r exactly rite love radha..pls come to shashtri sisters,that sl*ts are irritating there

      • aley

        U just shut up!! Its enough now. And change ur name… Whats wrong wid u.. Thia is hell ad … U cant do it.. thats just worst. Change urself for good.

    • ?pradishma?

      Which bad comments lemme kno and for ur kind info anu is our sis she will never support u

      • b*t*h athu

        yeah fcuker, i asked love radha and lol to come there to teach u sl*ts a lesson,y sud i call anna..chee,we will never call sl*ts..
        superb @love radha ,@lol..thanks for joing to drive ths bittches

      • ?pradishma?

        Aley we only don’t know y they r after us they even use our fake names for commenting bad and so we have to use different id and it is must for us to have a dp

    • annah

      [email protected] radha……I knw prads n athu……..they r really NYC..but sum ppl force them to speak lyk this…….lyk dat idiot khanikar!!! Plz understand………u r also speaking those bad words only………????

      • love radha

        @annah, please dont say sorry…they are forcing us to use such cheap slangs,because they are truly irritating…better they cud have behaved well..we also watch serials and we are also fans but not over acting and abusing like

    • lol

      Annah hum bi mazbhoor hai coz of der shitty comments we r here. If you ppl tell anything bad in any other page remember I wont lev .dat amirul f**king dog did blo*dy comments

      • love radha

        yeah, we too support lol. wont spare if these sl*ts comment badly someother page and act here

  19. ?pradishma?

    We had not done anything wrong u had doing wrong by using such language u better be quite or else we won’t need a second to call our friends here u b*t*h

    • love radha

      a second , LOL..
      call here u b*t*h, better behave well or thats it u cunt opening shit.
      dirthy b*t*h..go scream on road for ur dirty f**k b*t*h..
      by the way ,call ur bittches here too,will be easy to teach all of u sl*ts a lesson togetehr

    • b*t*h athu

      what,u ll call here and see..dirty dog..we ll gve tight slap if u bittches talk badly in malayalam in other pages..
      i support love radha and lol

      • ?pradishma?

        First of all u r b*t*h without knowing anything abusing us go and abuse ur mother

    • lol

      Oh I’m very scary mey baap hu john ka u freaky b*t*hy call anyone ww don’t care go and get a life did sns giv u food degree im pity on your parents poor they don’t know you freaks are useless for studies

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    • b*t*h athu

      nee pod alavalaathi moodhevi ..nee aadhyam aa chetta vesikalude comments vera page il vaaichittu vaa..

  21. annah

    Prads calm down……@luv radha…..sum ppl r forcing athu n prads to speak such things….u knw there were two ppl who used their names fakely……n had really hurted them very much….u r a girl na….can’t u understand the feelings of another girl? They r very NYC….but some idiots r really disturbing n hurting them….plz at least u stop hurting them….plz????

    • ?pradishma?

      Leave it anu they really hurted me what have i done they or behaving so badly and calling me b*t*h etc

    • love radha

      ok annah, wont say anything unless they talk dirty again..i dont know who u are but respect ur comments..i wont say anything..but please ask them to control .days back it was liya and now these people..ok however will leave it. value ur suggestion

    • love radha

      @anna, see how this pradishma replied , she asking @bathu to go f**k ur mother.what type of comment is dis pradishma u say annah,i told i repct u..pls say to pradishma’s reply

    • ?pradishma?

      I never used that word not even to that khanikar but u forced me without any reason u were abusing me and athu as if we killed some1 annah knows me and she even knows that I have never used that the word but u forced me

  22. annah

    Plz will u all stop hurting them????????? I m telling u na they didn’t do anything………plz understand!!!! pleaseeeeee! @luv radha n lol, tell me wat have they done that u r soo angry on them???? Plz answer me?

    • b*t*h athu

      read what pradishma commented,its just above ..she is saying me to go f**k my mother..oh annah i thought when radha trusted u, u ll support people indfferent of friendship..but u too just supporting people.pls see her comment.if possible..ask her to not say dat.its not just het single message,she always say like in this page itself.

      if we forced her to reply so,she forced us to scold her.understand and support..move cursor above and read her reply

  23. b*t*h athu

    dirty pr*stitute,what f**k mother…bring me ur mom…go girl..bring her..thats what we said..u r such a cheap and ur originality came out..u comment like dis only in other pages sl*t.

    @love radha..dont get faked by these assholes friend.they will never change..come ,u and lol will teach these b*t*hes a lesson and show their aukat

    • ?pradishma?

      Now I used that kind of language but go to beginning and see u started to use that language now I won’t stop u forced me to be so bad u don’t kno but I never used that word but u forced me

  24. Ann(athu)

    Eda nayinte mone enni nee yoraksharam mindiyal.U started saying bad abt us.Poyo chanakam thinnada naari

  25. annah

    Prads…that comment of urs was really wrong….how cud u say this…..f**k ur mother???? Prads…wat type of lang is this…….never say this…I agree they have hurt u….but u shud not say lyk this na…….don’t wanna hurt u…..but plz…never say this ok??

    • ?pradishma?

      I kno anu I really have used wrong word but u saw how bad they were commenting on me and athu but they couldn’t have stoped

  26. annah

    Yes prads never used this @**** can’t tale ur name cuz athus my sis……she never used this word….u ppl plz stop…..prads is really small……u all r big than her……n wat wrds r u using…prositutes n all…

  27. b*t*h athu

    eddi moodhevi mole..poori chettae..poi theetaaam vaari thinnadi athu panni…

    @annah, i too repect u,as radha said i too respect ur comment..we are not abusing for timepass.just replying..again wont say unless they dont use bad words.

    @love radha-as u said, this annah supports truth and so i am joing u to respect annah’s suggestion

  28. b*t*h athu

    @annah, dont get bad on my comment for athu, she just acme in and commented, poi chanakam thinnadi ireplied her like dis..u can see her comment above ..
    agan wont abuse if they too behave well yaar

    • ?pradishma?

      The whole mistake is of urs she and I started using abusing language now but u and ur frnd used it from starting without any reason

    • b*t*h athu

      pod poori mole..nee aanadi paati…aaanungalae thedi nadakkunna thevidichi patti..for u when no one here ur cunt will itch and will go other page searching for cock..

      @annah..sorry.she wont keep quite unless give her medicine in her own language

      • ?pradishma?

        She is using that language cuz u forced her what problem u people have from me and athu

  29. annah

    Ok @luv radha n ***** now neither u vil say anything nor prads……I have told her…she vil never talk to u all….but u also stop it now….hurting each other vil give u nothing……now no one vil say anything to anyone…… Only chat here n talk bout NYC things…..ok??

  30. love radha

    hey dont worry, @b_ath , we will teach them lesson,if again if tey start any bad comments and over action ,but then,as we told annah..pls be calm..let she(athu) bark here as

    • ?pradishma?

      Excuse me u have not taught any lesson and we don’t need any lesson u really need one to stop using abuse without any reason

  31. annah

    N @****** plz can u change ur name…..m really getting hurt by reading ur name athu n I r sisters since many days…..please I request u please?

  32. annah

    @luv radha…plz calm urself…. I said na prads vil not say anything…….now plz stop it pleased?

  33. b*t*h athu

    @ annah.
    we will accept annah,
    @love radha, pls see in shastri sters page ,that pradshma is talkng too much..i told her that u r small so pls mnd ur tongue,but she is not listening..annah said she s small.but pradishma doesnt behaving as small..pls come there love radha

  34. b*t*h athu

    @love radha,..
    it was before annah saying about pradishma,but after annah said i not gave single comment..u can check,if want even annah can check..
    but there, pradishma talking lott and athu challenging to use picture and come..what should i do

  35. Anurajian(athu)

    Please my request don’t scold anyone without reasons.Why are u calling me b*t*h that’s why i replied.I am not any b*t*h

    • lol

      Ok I’m feeling sorry wat u did is right don’t put nose in others business if they scold you den reply if comment is not for u den don’t rply. And don’t do brokerage ok now I’m leaving

  36. ?pradishma?

    I used that language word once but u
    U used that many times see in older comments and what I said a lot in ss pg tell me if u have guts

  37. love radha

    @lol we should not trust annah she is one of that f**king b*t*hes only she is also one barking b*t*h who eats pig haha

    • annah

      Xcuse me @luv radha……now its u who’s abusing me!!! Do u kno how bad word that is…..plz stop it …..I was taking ur both sides….but how cud u say me that??

      • lol

        Y u thought we will respect u my foot we will never respect lesbians like u athi and pradishma. ????

  38. love radha

    whats ur problem..u both..
    annah said u are small , so we kept quite..but why d hell are u saying if u have guts ,if u have guts..
    already me, b_athu stopped,comments..dont make us comment again..better stay away..

    @annah.just see what ur sisters are upto friend pls

  39. Anurajian(athu)

    I don’t kno1 person coming as 3 persons.Whoever don’t say this to anyone.I and prads are small.So mind u all’s words.It hurted us soo much

  40. love radha _official

    thanks u guided,my last comment was in ss page for as reply to annah..its not me..
    some one misusing my name too

  41. Anurajian(athu)

    Whoever said that comment to me and prads,he will be surely punished by the almighty.

    • ?pradishma?

      Athu don’t u think this matter is same like khanikar first he comments very badly and then he says some1 is misusing my name I think people like them have this trick First comment badly then they will say some1 is misusing my name

  42. lol ♡सही♡

    Again misused my name I stopped abusing. May b Dey r using our names to confuse us stop u dicks

  43. annah

    N prads….plz forget it now……dey have stopped it na…..u also stop…plzzzz for my sake forget it na??????

  44. lol ♡♡१२३सहि१२३♡♡

    I’m not lying doggies sum 1 else using my name if you don’t trust then its ur problem

  45. lol ♡♡१२३सहि१२३♡♡

    Ok annah ur good and lovable but only dat two are mischievous pieces. Ok for ur sake I’m leaving

    • annah

      @Lol….they r not mischeivious…..n thanks…… U give them once chance….n see…no one is as gud as they…I kno them…….?

    • pradishma

      What ha what we did that u called us pr*stitute b*t*h and now mischievous pieces look back off u until now u have seen my bad side dont force me to show my worst side cuz I have it and trust me it’s really really worst

  46. Ann(athu)

    The person who called us prtitus will surely go to hells.
    Khanikar is 1oo times better than u.He never hurted us like this

  47. annah

    Athuu Pradishma……plzzzzzzzzzz stopp itt yaaarrrrrrrr end it now…..they have understood it…plzzzz for my sake stop it athu n prads ?

    • lol

      U f**king b*t*h you idiot goto hell we left and talking on our back darpoke I ll burn your ass broker. Annah c dis stupid is forcing us to comment like this. Wat u will say ha ?

  48. annah

    I think athu n prads….u don’t care bout me…..m saying u soo much n u r not listening….ok then I vil not say anything now….?????

    • ?pradishma?

      No anu its not that but they were saying too much so we also have to do that u kno we were never rude and so bad to any1

  49. Madhoshi

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  50. mal

    Such cheap guys.u dnt have manners n u have no rights to stop me.tis s nt ur personal page.mind it.

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