Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Seeta/Sita tells family that Sameera is very afraid seeing Ricky’s ghost and is hiding in her room. Urmila cries that means their son Ricky did not get mukti yet. Sona consoles her.

Kokila prays god that she should be with Gopi, but is here in jail instead. She prays to cure Gopi soon. Jaggi looks at Gopi’s bangles and cries reminiscing time spent with her. Kokila she has to be careful from Bhavani than Sameera. Bhavani sees Kokila sleeping and signals warden to come. Warden opens cell lock and Bhavani silently walks into washroom. Kokila thinks she is up to something, so she has to stop her. She calls warden and says she has to go to washroom. Warden asks not to take much time. Kokila asks if she will come along. Warden says no, after so many years of experience, she

knows who will elope. Bhavani removes washroom window grill and escapes. Kokila enters washroom and is shocked that Bhavani has escaped.

Sameera tells Pinku darling that she saw Ricky’s ghost with burnt face and he was in waiter’s dress. Pinku darling says she is stressed out and is imaging Ricky who is already dead. He goes to get her sleeping pill. She imagines bursting Ricky’s car. She opens cupboard and is shocked to see Ricky inside. She panics. Pinku darling comes and calms her down, gives her sleeping pill and makes her sleep. He thinks if people hear Sameera panicking, they will get a doubt.

Kokila informs jailer that Bhavani has escaped via washroom. Warden says she is lying and creates drama always. Kokila insists jailer to check washroom. He opens washroom and sees window intact. Guard says he searched Bhavani and she is nowhere. Warden says she must be in her jail cell. They all walk to jail cell and see Bhavani sleeping wearing blanket. Kokila says this is not Bhavani as she is not having Bhavani’s anklets. Warden says Kokila always creates drama. Kokila insists and removes Bhavani’s blanket and is shocked to see Bhavani. Bhavani wakes up and yells at Kokila why she is creating problem here. Kokila asks to show her anklet. She shows one leg and says she removed another anklet as she got injured. Jailer warns Kokila to stops he dram and dismisses everyone. Bhavani reminisces trying to escape, but hearing Kokila shouting returning back wearing blanket with the help of warden. She taunts Kokila that she will escape and kill Meera

After some time, Kokila does not see Bhavani and informs warden. Warden warns her to stop her drama. Jailer comes and Kokila insists that Bhavani challenged that she will kill Meera, so if he can check. Warden says Bhavani has gone to washroom. Kokila takes jailer and shows broken window and says she told Bhavani has escaped and requests to catch her. Jailer orders to seal all doors and catch Bhavani. Bhavani’s puppet warden gets tensed.

Precap: Sameera holds Ricky’s hand and warns to stop his drama, he is not yet dead and just wants to frighten her, his game is finished.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Riana

    I am sooo frustated by today’s episode…how many times bhavani will try escape n again will be saved…this is so so unreal…and how bhavani got permission to keep money with herself …stupid episode…Precap is also boring…???????????????

    1. Yeah Raina it seems warden has so trust in Bhavani that she won’t run away n will spend her life in jail happily. After looking blaming Bhavani so many times it’s duty of warden to keep an eye on them.

    2. Sayyeda

      Hi Riana, are u right only Bhavani take money in jail how is possible?

  2. Pranav

    I hope sameera reveals her motive.Also, sunshine friends how bout we comment on a show we all watch after sns ends?

    1. Riana

      Ur idea isnt bad

    2. Sayyeda

      Hi pranav o and boss always tell tô sunshines friends to be registered member and we talk evry time.

  3. Sameera getting scared by Ricky’s ghost was good but the precap doesn’t look good. Will Ricky’s truth be revealed?

  4. Fun to see ricky scaring sameera.

  5. The upcoming episode of family drama Saath Nibhana Saathiya on Star Plus will witness a lot of twist and turns.

    Ricky was doing ghost drama so that he can make Sameera confess her crime that she killed him.

    Finally Ricky’s plan has got successful as Sameera get scared and she confesses her crime, she tells infront of everyone that she killed Ricky.

    Ricky gets happy; he ends his ghost drama and comes infront of Sameera.

    Ricky lashes out at Sameera post she confesses her crime

    Sameera gets shocked seeing Ricky alive, Ricky accuses Sameera for attempting to kill him and doing wrong with his family.

    Ricky decides to throw Pinku and Sameera out from house; Sameera apologizes to him for his mistake.

    But Ricky does not hear anything and he throws Sameera out from Modi mansion.

    Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.

  6. Riana

    I feel like star plus should be give a new slot to TSMSP…It is really a boring show…like in 3 pm or 5 pm not 7 pm…In 7 pm…there should a fresh new show…

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