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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari comes to take Sona and family to Modi bhavan. Sona asks how come her behavor changed so suddenly. Pari says Modi bhavan is her house and she will deliver her babies there now. Sona says she will not come. Gopi says Pari is Sona’s saas and has right to take her beta bahu back home. Urmila warns Pari that she will not spare her if she troubles Sona. Pari promises she will not. Sona agrees to go with Pari. Gopi thinks she knows Pari is taking Sona with bad intentions, but at least her family is reuniting in leu of this. Pari then pampers Jai and Veeru and says they are going back to their home.

Sona and Tolu with chldren, Gopi, Urmila, and Kokila reach Modi bhavan. Sona stands near door and reminisces Pari insulting her and kicking her out of house. Tolu says

let us go in. Gopi stops Sona and asks Pari to greet her bahu as per rituals with aarti. Jigar comes and stands in surprise. Pari says it is surprise for Jigar. Gopi taunts Jigar he must be happy seeing his badi bahu and beta back home. Pari says now Tolu and Molu will help Jigar in family business. Pari asks Mona to bring aarti thali. Mona says she does not know ritual. Pari says same rituals which she performed when she came after marriage. Mona brings thali. Sona reminisces again how Pari insulted and kicked her out of house while aarit and graha pravesh is performed.

Meera brings pizza for Priyal. Priyal says today is Sunday and she eats Vidya mom’s special aaloo poori. Meera fumes and tells Naiya that Priyal will eat pizza at any cost today and asks her to go to kitchen and add salt in Vidya’s aaloo sabji.

Pari shows Sona’s goad bharai items and asks if anything is missing, she will bring them. Onc she leaves, Gopi says she had to lie unncessarily. Kokila says if someone is betting with lie, it is good, Sona is getting back her rights with this. She says they will invite Vidya and Meera also for goad bharai rituals. Urmila says it is very exciting and she personally will go and invite them. Gopi says at least with this, Sona is getting back her rights.

Meera gets busy on phone. Vidya asks servant to take care of sabji and goes out. Servant gets busy filling sugar bottle and keeps it next to salt bottle. Naiya notices none around and mixes salt in sabji and smirks.

Decorator asks Pari which flowers to use for decoration. Pari angrily says cheapest ones, but changes tone seeing Kokila and Gopi and says best ones.

Precap: Gopi asks Mona to give her room keys as Sona will sleep in ground floor and she will sleep upstairs. Sona says it is okay, she will get some exercise, climbs stairs, slips and falls writhing in pain. Gopi runs for help. Priyal eats aloo poori and falls unconscious. Vidya gets worried while Meera smirks.

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  1. Meera has turned into Radha now! Look what she has done to a small child. I.hate Meera and I wish she meets the same fate Radha faced.

  2. I have a feeling Cvs will bring the Gopi Radha story again through Vidya and Meera.
    Radha used to be nice until she blamed Gopi for Umangs death. Meera used to be nice until she blamed Vidya for child’s death.
    Tripti killed Umangs. Naiya is responsible for Meera losing her child.
    They’ve started the story again.

  3. Hmm m agree with you ishaq

  4. But if the story is repeating then will meera have to be very bad that vidya will have to kill her

    1. Well it’s not the first time the main characters child was bad. Tulsi son Ansh was bad and she killed him.
      Besides Vidya has always been Gopis favourite so Meera will always be the bad child.
      Meera has no life to look forward too- Dharam has refused another child- will Meera really move on with her life?
      When Priyal refuses to accept Meera as her mother, I reckon Meera will kidnap her the same way Radha kidnapped Rashi.

      1. Mansi will return as well and poison Meera against Gopi. We will see Gopi vs Meera again… but this time, Gopi is smarter.

  5. But I don’t think Meera will always be bad. She will turn good, but this will happen after a long time. Right now, I reckon whatever Radha did to Gopi, Meera will do the same to Vidya.

    1. You realised it only now issaq!!!!!!!!!!!!????

  6. Meera will have all negative in one Radha, Gaura, and Madhu. I am missing their favorite villain music. Meera or Ms Tanya has to understand one thing if she does similar vamp role she will be getting same role in other TV once this child abuser serial stops.

    1. Lol that’s not true. The woman who played Komilka in Kausati Zindagi Ki played a big vamp role and she played a positive role afterwards in another show.

  7. How more low meera be to this child i hope dharam throw her ass out the house n life

    1. Meera has a good role n vidya deserves that that cow she deserves to be hanged

      N u have no right to insult meera
      Understand…..u better understand

  8. I am waiting for ahem’ entering to m0di house
    When ahem wil b back to m0di bhavan i hope he wil support gopi.
    And hope that everything wil b oky in m0di house , in b/w paridi, and sona, and gopi, and out in gaura house b/w meEra and VidÝA.

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