Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ahem consoles Meera and explains that Kokila is teaching her household chores for her goodness and it will help her in the future. He asks her to stop comparing herself to Tolu/molu as they are bought up here by Pari and Kinjal and are taught household chores. He feeds her theplas and asks her to have chaas. she resists and says she will have it later.

Gopi tries to convince Pari to come and have breakfast downstairs, but Pari is adamant and continues that she did not believe her. Gopi apologizes her and asks to have chaas/butter milk at least. Pari says she will not. Jigar asks gopi not to plead and leave arrogant Pari hungry. Tolu/molu insist Pari to have chaas, but she does not.

Kokila tells Hetal that Pari is arrogant and did not come to have breakfast. Hetal says

even Ahem went to bring Meera, but she did not. Both Pari and Meera are arrogant. Ahem comes back.

Dhaval brings clothes for Pappu and Urmila and they like it. Urmila says she will wear he dress tomorrow. Dhaval asks what is special tomorrow. Pappu says his friends are coming for lunch tomorrow. Urmila says we have cook now, pointing at Kinjal. Dhaval says pappu’s friends will run if they have cook’s food. Kinjal shouts that she knows they are taunting her and says will prepare food and pappu’s friends will praise her skills.

Gopi insists Pari to have chaas and signals tolu/molu to hold her. She forcefully feeds chaas to her and she starts choking and asks what did she mix in it. Gopi checks and is shocked to smell phenyl. she asks her to vomit and asks tolu to call doc. She then runs downstairs and asks family not to drink chaas as it has phenyl in it. They are all shocked to hear that.

Doc checks Pari and says she is fine now. Kokila asks Tolu to leave doc till door and then asks family how did phenyl come in chaas. Vidya says she does not know as she brought chaas after preparing it. Kokila says Gopi saved them all. Pari says she saved everyone but tried to kill her with phenyl chaas purposefully as she cannot get a place in this house until she dies. Jigar says bhabi cannot harm anyone. Pari says she is not lying and ask tolu/molu to speak. Tolu says badi maa forced her as she did not have food since yesterday. Pari continues alleging Gopi that she can easily kill anyone as it is her hobby. Kokila asks her to stop alleging Gopi and says she took care of her children selflessly. Pari claps and says they all are taking gopi’s side even when she is not uttering anything, but when she pleaded to trust her, nobody did. Kinjal says they did not seeing Rashi’s condition. She asks what about her condition now. Kinjal says she is thinking wrong. Pari says she gave her 10 years of life and took care of this family selflessly and thought Gopi as her elder sister, but nobody trusted her and it is their partiality. Everyone continue to argue but Pari gets adamant. They all leave silently.

Kokila checks chaas and says someone purposefully added phenyl in it and asks Gopi who must have done it. Gopi says she does not know. Kokila says she knows who the culprit is and will prove it.

Precap: Gopi says Kokila that she trusts Meera and knows she is not a culprit. Kokila asks then who is the culprit.

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  2. This episode was boring and I don’t like Gopi at all and I’m starting to think what if Rhada did not actually die or Mansi is getting revenge.

  3. shabbu

    May be.. But still I’m unable to believe!!!

    Yeh meera kya kam thi…. Ab choti rashi aagayi…

    Sorry choti rashi nahi – choti radha..

  4. But how did rashi find out and I don’t think rhada died because remember when people thought meera died but she did not so it could be the same thing for rhada and mask could be getting revenge on the family

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