Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th July 2014 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts wtih Dhaval giving gift to pappu. Pooja comes there and says even she got a gift for pappu. Dhaval asks why did she come at this time. Pooja says she was getting bored at house, so she came. Kinjal says it is good she came and takes her to home. Urmila thinks what is she doing at this time.

Baa asks Rashi to get her listed items. Rashi says okay. Hetal tells her some other work. Rashi looks at keys and says she hates it. Kokila sees her from the balcony and thinks she wants Rashi to accept it in front of everyone.

Kinjal says Pooja she will bring tea for her. Pooja says it is okay. Kinjal says she will bring it as she likes her tea. Urmila says at least someone likes her tea. Kinjal hears that, gets angry but goes from there. Pooja asks Dhaval about

the party. He says it was good. Urmila comes to her room and thinks why this Pooja comes back repeatedly here, anyways Kinjal should think about it, she should just think about Rashi and her children. She imagines Tolu/Molu in vests requesting Gopi to give them icecream, but Gopi is busy feeding her children icecream and shoos them away. She thinks she should stop Rashi from giving back keys, else she will burn her own golden opportunity.

Prateek likes his gift and says Pooja that he loves it. Kinjal praises Pooja that kids easily mingle with her well. Pooja praises Kinjal instead saying she has a nice husband and child, a complete family. Kinjal says she wanted to be like her with car, luxuries, etc., but destiny wanted her to stay in this chawl. Urmila calls Kinjal and asks her to send Pooja from there.

Vidya asks Meera about Tolu/Molu. Meera says Rashi took them to brush their teeth. Vidya sees Meera’s pillow and bed and says she likes it. Meera asks her to take it and says she can sleep with her as bed is very big. Ahem and Gopi see their children peacefully sleeping together and get happy. Ahem says both children resemble you. He tries to be intimate with her, but Gopi sees Rashi there and pushes Ahem. Rashi says she wanted to calculate milk man’s dues, but will take Jigar’s help. She comes to her room and sees Jigar sleep and thinks she is not enjoying life because of these keys, so she will give it back to Kokila in the morning.

Kokila is busy performing tulsi pooja when she sees Urmila coming there and thinks she must haave come in the early morning to help Rashi, thinks to teach her a lesson.

She asks Urmila why did she come in the early morning. Urmila says she just came to meet her as a lot of things happened during these days. She then sees Tolu/Molu leaving for school and hugs them. Gopi asks why did she come at this time. Urmila says she came to meet tolu/molu. Kokila asks why did she tell she came to meet her then. Urmila does not reply anything. Ahem says he and Gopi are going to admit Meera to a school today. Hetal blesses Meera and prays that she study like her papa and get successful like him.

Rashi pours oil on a cloth and thinks if she lits it and if Kokila sees that, she will think Rashi is irresponsible and will take back keys and reponsibilities from her. Urmila comes there and sees Rashi trying to burn cloth and murmuring that she will give back keys to Kokila, thinks what foolishness she is trying to do.

She thinks she will not let Rashi doo this foolishness and give back keys to Kokila. She sees cooler over there and turns it towards Rashi stopping the cloth from burning. Rashi sees that and gets angry on Urmila, asks what is she doing here. Kokila comes there and says Urmila wanted to meet me and tolu/molu, since tolu/molu went school and she already met me, she must have come to meet you then. Rashi asks Urmila what is she trying to do. Kokila sees burnt cloth on temple’s floor and asks if she was trying to burn temple. Rashi says she was trying to lit lamps. Urmila says my daughter will not do that. Kokila asks her to stop and asks Rashi what is the reason. Urmila says it is her mistake and not her daughter’s. Kokila thinks Urmila does not know her daughter is too egoistic and will do whatever she thinks, but she will show Rashi’s true colours in front of everyone.

Precap: School principal says Ahem and Gopi that she cannot admit Meera as she does not have basic/initial education at all.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. The story is back to step one am sure even after 10 years the story will be keep on going like this only…….in previous episodes they should that meera is going to school and now they are showing that now they are joining her in school what is this……..weak script……….at first rashi is trying to get the power over modi parivar n now she z away from it…..some of the situations are looking similar to the previous epis like pooja n dawal epi resembles that of dawal n falgunis epi……same story line but different characters names

  2. Such a weak script.. Its better this serial to go off air..

  3. They should stop this serial now with happy ending no need to show rashi in bad character she is only one who always solve their problems

  4. it is just a repeat situation, no new situation or plot.
    Rashi And Urmi and there kalakari
    Daval, kinjal and a third person same story,
    Gopis late education now it is meera.
    If you dont have anything new then why are u dragging this serial, it is better to shut it down on a positive note now

  5. The only character that I love in this serial is Rashi’s. poor Rashi and her kids even after bringing back gopi and doing all well to home she have to listen taunts from Kagdi. Kagdi as usual speaks Urmila in an irrespective manner. Doesnt a mother(Urmila) have right to speak to her child(rashi). But if the same thing is done by gopi and her mother then it is right. hell with kagdi’s character.Hate the story line of Kagdi. so much partiality she does with her with vahu gopi and hetal bens bahu Rashi..

    1. You are absolutely right I too don’t like this kokilas behavior towards rashi

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