Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th July 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th July 2013 Written Update

Urmi gets the latest update on Koki’s almost fall from Rashi (she is in the kitchen). Rashi expresses regret that Koki did not fall; she would have surely shut down the school then. But Urmi does not want this as she is greedy for money. Rashi is angry that she does not care for her and is just greedy for money. She cuts the call irritated. The dwarf is looking at her and hiding and he whistles at her. Rashi is scared and wondering why she is hearing whistles.

Kids are crying and Kinjal is yelling at them to stay quiet. She thinks of calling Dhawal. She calls him and asks if he has eaten his food. He says that he has ordered for food. Kinjal is irritated that Urmi did not pack food for him but Dhawal says that there was no gas at home. Kinjal thinks of taking a break

and thinks Gopi will take care of everything. She tells Gopi that there is no gas at home and food is not cooked. She says she will take a cylinder from here to RN. She tells Kamala to get the cylinder. She tells Gopi not to tell anything to Koki and anyways the kids will go home soon. Gopi is worried and the dwarf overhears the conversation. Kinjal sneaks out.

The other Modis are eating and Rashi notices the dwarf is staring at her and feels uncomfortable. Dwarf imagines her smiling at him. He suddenly sees Ahem coming down the stairs with the file. Ahem is getting annoyed listening to all the kids screaming and glares at Gopi who is trying to pacify them. He leaves the file on the sofa and goes to have his food. Rashi serves dal to Koki. Koki scolds her for giving very little vegetable and dal to her. She shows a bigger bowl for serving dal. Rashi is irritated.

Kinjal knocks on the door and Urmi opens the door. She is surprised Kinjal is back home early and asks if Koki shut down the school. Kinjal replies that she got the cylinder. Urmi tells her sweetly that she should have told her and she would have got it. She adds that she should concentrate on her responsibility of running the school. Kinjal tells her not to bother about her school. Urmi says she just worries for her and her responsibility. Kinjal taunts her that all she cares for is money. Kinjal leaves and Urmi is irritated but then she agrees and prays that the school continues.

One of the kids calls Gopi and she leaves with him telling the other kids to remain quiet. The dwarf is happy and moves towards the file. He removes the papers and flings them in the air. The other kids get excited and come running. They jump on the sofa and tear the cushion covers. Modis turn around shocked and Gopi too comes there. Gopi comes running and tells them to stop tearing the papers. Ahem comes running and sees that his file is empty without papers. He is shocked and the others look worried. He thinks that his presentation is ruined. He shouts at Gopi that she should not have taken the school responsibility if she is unable to handle it. Gopi has tears in her eyes and Meera starts crying too. Gopi tells her to stop crying. Kinjal comes back home and sees that Ahem is shouting about the state of the house. He yells at Gopi that he had warned her that the school should not disturb anything at home. The kids are crying. Ahem leaves the house in anger and Jigar leaves behind him. Rashi also tells that the idea of opening a school at home was wrong. Kinjal tells her to stop her comments and every new work takes a little time to get settled. Koki asks Kinjal where she was. Kinjal is silent and Koki repeats her question. Kinjal tells her that Urmi was hungry and there was no gas at home. Koki taunts her that she keeps complaining about Urmi and now she left her responsibility and went running to her. How much work will Gopi handle? Kinjal argues back that she has lot of work at home too and Koki always finds fault in her. Koki tells her that Gopi is doing Ahem and Meera’s work along with handling this school. First they faced problems with the other school saas bahu and now this. She tells Kinjal that she took the challenge but Gopi is getting all the burden. She declares that the school will shut down today. Dwarf is happy.

Koki tells her that she cannot take this anymore. Ahem was not in favour of opening a school at home and now even she has decided that the school will shut down. Kinjal pleads with her and tells her that she has already taken the fees and the parents have given her this responsibility. Koki tells her that she cannot tolerate nuisance at home every day for this. She tells her to return everyone’s money. Rashi is happy and prays that they shut down the school. Gopi tells her that their work is new and asks for one more chance She promises Koki that there will be no mistake in future. Koki tells Kinjal that she should learn something from Gopi. She taunts her that she only knows to fight and argue. Koki tells Gopi that because of her she is giving one more chance to Kinjal. Rashi is sad and Koki warns Kinjal that this is her last chance, one more mistake and her school will shut down. Kinjal tells the kids to pack their bags. The dwarf sneaks away to a corner and checks his phone as he receives a call from saas bahu. He gives them the latest update and they are happy. Rashi is wandering thinking that she will have to work so much till the school shuts down. She sees the dwarf but walks away. The dwarf realizes that he needs to be careful around Rashi but whistles at her. Rashi turns around and sees him but thinks that she is just imagining.

SB comes to pick up her grand daughter. She asks her if she studied anything. The girl tells her that they tore Ahem uncle’s file and he yelled at Gopi. SB taunts Gopi and Kinjal taunts back the kids along with her grand daughter tore their cushion covers along with Ahem’s important papers. She asks her if she should claim compensation from the parents for this. SB leaves in a huff. Kinjal wonders why are Pintu’s(dwarf) parents not here to pick him up. Gopi gets a call from his parents and she tells Kinjal that they are trapped in highway as it is raining heavily. Kinjal irritatedly tells her to tell them to send someone. Gopi tells her that they cannot do that and they have to take care of him till his parents come. Kinjal complains but Koki scolds her that she is just not understanding anything. They have to take care of the kids till their parents come to pick them up. She agrees with Gopi and reminds Kinjal that it is their last chance. She goes to the dwarf and tells him not to worry. She tells him sweetly that he can stay here and Kinjal is irritated. The dwarf thinks that they need to worry and he is not worried at all. Gopi looks worried.

Koki goes to the kitchen and tells Rashi to make snacks. She tells her to make something for Pintu. Rashi is thinking why his parents are not here yet. Koki asks and Rashi reminds her that his parents were so worried for him but Koki interrupts and tells her to make snacks. She leaves and Rashi starts cribbing. The dwarf comes there and whistles again. Rashi is wondering.

The dwarf’s phone starts ringing while he is eating snacks along with Modis at the dining table and they all check their phones. Koki checks her phone and tells Rashi to check her phone. Rashi confirms that her phone is not ringing. The dwarf gets scared and looks at his bag where his phone is.

Update Credit to: dipsy80

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