Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Urmila tries Jaggis mobile number, but he does not pick. She yells at him and gets into flower shop. She speaks in broken English as foreigner to flower vendor and says she wants to give him a big order and wants to decorate whole house for birthday party. He says he can do it and asks her address.

Pari sends Modi house’s CCTV footage to Gaura. Gaura praises Pari has hit the bull’s eye. She reminisces fixing CCTV camera herself and enjoys footage. Pari insults Gopi that she already got grandchildren now, how can she get pregnant at this age. Mona asks what will Gopi’s grandchildren call her new born, maama or kaaki. Pari says yes.. Urmila enters with flower vendor and shouts at Pari that Gopi is not pregnant and informs all the incident where Jaggi

and Gopi sniffs chloroform sprinkled bouquet. Gopi asks who did all this. Urmila asks vendor to tell who bought bouquet from his shop. He says he will, anyways already Urmila pestered him with fake Engllish accident. It is Pari who bought bouquet and sprayed something, he thought she is spraying to increase flower’s perfume. Kokila fumes and tries to slap Pari, but vendor says she is not Pari and points at Urvashi. Gaura laughs seeing video. Urvashi says she did not do anything. Jaggi enters with doc and tells doc injected Gopi to make her feel pregnancy symptoms and asks who asked you to do this. Doc points at Kokila. Gaua laughs more and enjoys. Kokila shouts she is lying. Gopi says maaji cannot do it, this doc is lying. Jaggi says if her maaji cannot do this, even his mother cannot do this. Gaura starts dancing.

Kokila says she cannot do this heinous act to her daughter. Jaggi says then how can she allege his mother. Pari says why did Urvashi use her name. Jaggi asks shut up. Vendor says he has CCTV footage. Jaggi shouts to get it then. Urmila says she will go along. Urvashi says she had gone to bouquet to for Gopi to thank her, but did not spray medicine. Kokila shouts why did she buy bouquet. Urvashi asks if she cannot buy bouquet for her bahu. Pari asks why is doc lying. Kokila shouts she did not meet this doc at all. Doc says she spoke to her over phone and said she wants to break her daughter’s marraige. Jaggi shouts at doc. Doc says why are they alleging her instead of sorting issue among themselves. Jaggi asks them go. Vendor and doc walk out.

Doc calls Gaura and asks if she saw footage. Gaura says yes and says she will send her reward. She reminisces seeing Urvashi ordering bouquet. She enters in and bribes floweer vendor to do as she says.

Shravan writes guest list for babies’ naming ceremony. Meera and Vidya suggest names. Gaura asks to write her best friend Kokila’s name, she will bring her in palanquin. Meera says if Kokila comes, she will see Chanda’s sindhoor and create a drama. Gaura says she will make sure Chanda does not come out, she will give her sleeping pill.

At Modi bhavan, Gopi tells Kokila that Urvashi cannot do this heinous act. Urvashi tells Jaggi that she did not do it. Jaggi says someone else is doing it. Kokila tells Gopi same.

Precap: Urvashi sees Kokila pampering and hugging Jaggi and confronts that she snatched her husband first and now trying to snatch her son away from her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Will dia aur bati hum season 2 realy come

  2. Another boring episode. Boringggg

  3. iamsofianeak

    Hello guys, how are you guys ?
    I love how Jaggy stands with his mum like Gopi stands with Kokila !
    At the end of the track I feel chanda will get killed by Gaura , after chanda tells Meera and viday about gaura’s evil intentions….

  4. this paridhi don,t have no shame , she just care about her own self. paridhi deserve bunch of slaps.

  5. Another stupid episode. It’s just gets dumber.

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