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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Urmila scolds Sona for kidnapping Sahir and marrying Sahir and tries to hit with vase. Sona twists her hand and warns not to touch her, else she will hit her head. Kokila shouts how dare she is to misbehave with Urmila and raises hand to slap. Sona holds her hand and warns dare not to touch her, else she will break her hand and says she is already married to her grandson and she cannot do anything to her now.

Gaura goes to Dharam’s room, shows her fake concern, wakes him up and asks what happened to him, who hit him, why did not he return back to bus stop. He asks where is Meera. She says she is not at home.

Samar asks Sona how dare she is to misbehave with his daadi and orders to apologize. Sona leans on Kokila’s feet and apologizes Kokila and Urmila and

says if someone shouts at her, she gets out of control. Kokila shouts enough of her drama and alleges Madhuben for giving wrong teachings to Sona. Madhuben says she did not. Tolu/Samar says Kokila she is mistaken. Kokila says she is right and even he did wrong by marrying Sona without informing family. Tolu apologizes all family members and says he married Sona with his wish. Kokila asks then why did Sona kidnap Molu. Sona says she wanted to kidnap Tolu and marry him, but Molu got kidnapped by mistake.

Gopi brings inebriated Meera home. Kokila and Jigar ask what happened to Meera. Ahem returns from office and is shocked to see Meera inebraited. Gopi corrects Meera’s shawl. Ahem asks Gopi what happened to Meera. Gopi starts crying. Kokila asks who did this. Gopi takes Meera to her room. Madhuben taunts Kokila that because of her enemity, her daughter and granddaughters are being punished. Kokila shatters hearing this and cries vigorously. Jigar and Ahem scold Madhuben to shut her mouth and console Kokila.

Dharam searches Meera and calls Gaura. Gaura comes crying and says Meera is not at home, what happened to her. Shravan returns home with Vidya and Durga and asks Gaura if she is alright. Gaura says she left her house with Meera and Urmila, but they both are missing. Vidya says she will call Modi mansion. Gaura gets nervous and shouts not to as Modis will get tensed. Vidya calls Meera, but she does not pick call. Gaura continues her drama.

Gopi consoles Kokila. Kokila asks from where she brought Meera and what happened to her. Gopi says she brought her from Gaura’s house and describes whole incident and says one who should protect her tried to molest her. Ahem angrily says that means Dharam is a culprit, he will kill him. Gopi says she reached on time and Meera is safe. Kokila says what is happening with her family, Tolu married Sona and now Meera is harmed. She asks god why is her family being examined. She gets into her room and locks herself. Whole family knocks door and pleads to open. Sona comments to let her be alone tonight, she will be alright by morning. They all should go and sleep and let her and Tolu enjoy their suhagrat. Hetal shouts that they will never accept her as bahu.

Precap: Inspector tells Gaura and Dharam that he came to arrest Dharam on Ahem and Gopi’s complaint for molesting their daughter Meera.

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  1. Thanx foe uploading

  2. Gud n interesting episode

  3. The dialogues are amazing. Good job director’s and produces

  4. Very good episode withGaura acting like an plain idiot Idiotic things are happening.End this serial for good.Hate it.

    1. why do you keep watching it and reading updates about it if you want it to end? If you hate it so much then stop watching!!

      1. Right

  5. Great episode!! I know the plot a lot ahead!! It’s gonna be real fun now!

  6. Shivanya Beriwale

    One son gets kidnapped, other son goes and gets randomly married to illiterate. Both come home and make a scene. What does dad do? Says absolutely nothing and stands in corner making awful expressions. Is he the dad or neighbours cousin that he just stands and doesnt do anything? Like seriously they need to give jigar more lines and show the relatiinship beween jigar and tolu molu.

  7. Even tolu’s real mom rashi and pari looks better than sona….

  8. Today’s ep. was awsome….waiting for that ep. when kokila will be kidnapped n fake kokila will enter in modi house…??????

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