Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th January 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th January 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Jigar asking Rashi why she left the saree in washroom and rashi takes the saree from jigar and also takes jigar’s shirt and goes out from there . Jigar tells he didnt mean it in that way . Jigar says to listen but Rashi is gone from there . Rashi goes and switch on the washing machine and puts the clothes in it.Rashi on a wrong switch and mutters about how day starts and all work are given to do by her only. Suddenly something starts happening with the switch there and then the electricity goes off . Rashi thinks electricity went because she added more clothes in it . Kokila starts screaming . Scene shifts to where Hetal was bandaging Kokila’s leg , meera is crying . Ahem asks Kokila if she’s fine and Kokila says its a small one . Parag denies saying she fell on the bathroom floor and so he brough spray after applying it she would be fine. Raji comes there and jigar tells that only from MM the electricity is gone . And he thinks if a short circuit happened . Ahem tells it does happen due to overload.Meethi brings candles and tells that she would dry the clothes in washing machine tomorrow and everyone asks about the clothes and she tells the clothes by rashi. Rashi agrees . Kokila tells in that society the voltage is low at night . Kokila taunts Rashi.

Ahem tells that they would get electricty by tomorrow . Kokila tells everyone to stay there only . Rashi calls Urmi and urmi says what can she do in this matter . Rashi tells her to speak lovingly not like other MMians and she keeps on talking . Rashi hears the sound of Urmi sleeping .Rashi screams at her and urmi says kokila was right . Kokila calls out Rashi as meera started crying . Gopi is trying to stop meera from crying . Kokila takes meera and she started crying more loudly.Rashi is coming and he bangs on the cupboard and gets hurt . Hetal says now only rashi can stop meera. Rashi comes and dances still meera doesn’t stop.Kokila comes with a candle for rashi and meera stops after seeing rashi . Gopi then takes her from baa and sings a lori for meera .Everyone starts feeling sleepy . Ahem takes Meera from Gopi . Gopi rests her head of ahem’s shoulders and sleeps , All others also sleep . Its morning and MM bell rings . Rashi on sleep tells to go and kokila who was in sleep tells rashi to go . Kokila calls out Rashi and rashi and all others wake up.And tells her to open the door

Falguni greets Dhawal and asks him to come inside . Dhawal feels someone is outside and goes in later . UrmInjal comes there but Falguni closes the door. UrmInjal sneek peek from the window. Dhawal takes up the suit case up in the cupboard . Kinjal says there was no suit case then . Both goes from there pissed off . There the electrician asks if all the switches are off and rashi says yes .Elecrtician goes out to take another fuze . A cockraoch passes rashi and slips her leg and bangs on an unknown door . Rashi is all curious about the door .Electricians fixes it and goes . Rashi asks Kokila about the door and she ignores it and goes from there reminding her of all the work.

Rashi calls Urmi and says about the unknown door at MM . Urmi thinks it may have some valuable things . Rashi says till now no one ever talked about that store room.Urmi asks why she hasnt check it . Rashi tells there was a lock so she couldn’t check it . Urmi is having dreams about the valuable things at the store room . Urmi tells rashi to check without asking

precap:rashi see koki locking the door of the unused store-room which is connected to that close door…rashi shock n curious..and think what urmi was telling about the secret valuables might be true .

Update Credit to: Muskaan

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