Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shravan seeing tantric doing Pooja on Vidya says this is ridiculous. Gaura yells to stop his drama, Chanda’s black magic has to be removed from Vidya. Tantrik asks Vidya to hold lamp and continues Pooja. Vidya collapses. Shravan gets concerned. Dharam warns tantric to get out from here. Tantrik says evil spirit will haunt Vidya if he does not do Pooja. Gauura says it is necessary. Dharam says he does not need all this in his house and if Vidya is having any mental illness, he will consult doc. Gaura smirks and sends tantric out

Gopi bus stop points at a girl and loudly says Jaggi that she found Seeta. Goon walks towards girl and touches her. Girl thinks he is eve teasing and with public beats all goons.

Shravan takes Vidya to room and applies cold compresses on

her forehead to lessen her fever. Gaura enters and tells him that evil magic has to be removed from Vidya.

Seeta with Urma walks out of Modi bhavan and gets tensed seeing Bhavani. Bhavani warns her to come along, else she will crush him like her father crushes medicines. Urmila tries to stop her, but she hits Urmila with her lathi. Gopi enters and picks another stick near by and stops her lathi blow. Bhavani yells how dare she is and pushes her. Jaggi comes and holds lathi and warns her to get out, else she will not go safely now. Bhavani leaves warning Seeta that she will come back. She gets into her jeep and sees all tyres punctured. She sees Jai and Veeru and Jaggi in front of her. Jaggi taunts that enemy comes on vehicle and walks on feet.

Priyal asks Shravan what happened to mama. He says nothing and feeds her milk and takes her out. Vidya starts crying. Gaura enters and asks her to calm down. Vidya cries that she killed Chanda and is feeling very guilty Gaura says it was not her mistake. Dharam tells Shravan that he can stay at home and take care of Vidya. Shravan says he is also looking weak and should take care of himself for Medha and Ahem’s sake.

Jaggi scolds Urmila for acting foolish and not informing him about their plan. He even scolds Gopi for thinking herself as too brave. Seeta starts crying. Jaggi asks who is crying. Jai and Veeru point at Seeta. Jaggi asks her why is she crying. Seeta says she gets afraid when someone shouts. He asks if he is shouting. Family drama continues.

Kokila refuses to have food. Constable scolds her why did she reject food. Kokila is seen not reacting.

Precap: Modi family arranges shanti pooja for Seeta’s mother. Bhavani enters as maid and lights on sleeping smoke agarbati and leaves. Whole Modi family falls unconscious.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Hi all Sunshine friends.Sowmy Baby aaj afternoon comment kiya hai.Kya Sowmya timhari practicalexams ho gaya?

    1. thumka laga k to dikha de rose rose nima rose nima rose

      1. Riana


  2. sowmya ( huge fan of dipika kakar )

    hi all sunshiners!!! hope u all had good day
    had some urgent work so i couldn’t watch today’s epi and i don’t have time to read the update
    will catch u all on saturday

    next 2 days i have my physics and chemistry practical exams
    good night

    1. Isaaq

      Omg physics and chemistry are so hard. Physics and biology were my favourite. Good luck!

      1. Riana

        My favourite is Biology?

    2. Nandhini

      Study well sowmya…all the best for ur exams?

    3. All the best Sowmy.

    4. Boss(Siddarth)

      Best of luck Soumya ?.

    5. All the best Sowmya!

    6. All d best sowmya

    7. Chithu

      Do well dear. Best of luck

    8. Riana

      All the best Sowmy

    9. Riana

      All the best Sowmya??

    10. Sowmy all d bst baby I am missing u badly

  3. Isaaq

    I read Isaaq’s mom comment and I start laughing again. Let me copy and paste it on here to remind everyone:

    Hello all,I am isaaq’s mom.
    I want to say you all about my daughter
    My isaaq loved a man called Adam 12 yrs back.Adam also pretended that he loved my daughter very much
    My daughter loved him selflessly,she gave him everything
    She gave him money she gave him so much love
    She gave him her soul and also her body
    But that bastard Adam was a cheater he never loved my daughter,he just used her.
    He aborted my daughter
    He married a girl,amba who was his childhood friend.He cheated my daughter.
    My baby cannot digest all that
    She was unable to digest the fact that man whom he loved a lot cheated her so much
    She tried to commit suicide two tiimes
    But luckily I saved her
    She cried for so many days
    She didn’t accept the fact that Adam was cheated her and married another girl
    She imagined herself that Adam was with her and became mad
    We put her in mental asylum.
    She was in mental asylum for almost 10 yrs
    A few months later we brought her back to home thinking that she was recovered
    But she was not recovered
    She was still in imagination
    She don’t talked to anyone
    She always talked about Adam and imagining
    She started watching TV
    She watched it for so many hours in aday
    She cooked up a story in her mind that Adam was angry with her and that’s y staying away from her
    What she was saying u all from last 4 to 5 months was not was just her imagination
    That bastard Adam was living a great life
    He has wife he has son
    But my daughter was still suffering because of him
    My daughter was now 33 year world but still she was single and behaving like a child
    That bastard Adam gave my daughter this state
    10 years back my daughter was very happy person,there was always smile in her face she loved to study
    Yes she was a law student then.but she resumed her studies for that coward Adam.
    My daughter lost everything her happiness her career her baby she lost everything
    Me and her father are crying daily seeing her situation.she was ours only child
    God has written so much pain in our lives
    Daily she was sitting lonely in her room and watching TV.
    She was not talking to any one she was not coming to outside and relatives houses
    She was talking to me and her father only
    She wakes up in nights and crying loudly that I want my Adam,mom plz I want my Adam.
    From last few months she started friendship with u all guys.she was talking about all of u in home.she was very happy by u all.she was telling the story to u all
    which was
    cooked up in her mind
    She don’t notice that ten years have been passed and Adam was married and has a son.she was believing that she was a student and studying law now and she has a fight with Adam and that s why he was staying away from her
    U r all her friends u r all supporting her so much
    I was very happy for that
    Lastly I want all u to pray for my girls recovery
    I want my old isaaq back
    I want to marry her to a good guy
    I want to see her happy
    My daughter cried a lot all these days
    I don’t want any suffering for my girl I want to see her happy
    I was praying daily god for this
    Don’t know when he will hear my prayers and give me my daughter back.
    One more thing my daughter said to u all that we were a extended family but we r not
    Ours is a nuclear my husband and my isaaq and also ours is a middle class family.
    What she said to u all was her Hindi serials they show big houses lavish life by watching serials daily she was imagining that she is also from rich family and leading lavish life but it was not true in real life
    Once again I’m asking u plz pray for my daughter recovery
    May be god will.hear urs prayers and give my daughter back


    1. Nandhini

      Isaaq,,Riana,,shakaib beware you have a big threat to ur writing career in the form of Isaaq’s mom??

      1. Riana

        Lol Isaaq n Nandini???

    2. Boss(Siddarth)

      Lol Issaq ??.

    3. Its so funny I start to smile!!!!

    4. Chithu

      I think Issaq mom ran out of idea. He/she must be busy creating another

    5. This is a hilarious thing that ever happened to our forum lol

  4. This show is so bad that even the cast and crew are fighting among themselves??.

  5. Isaaq

    Guys I made another friend today. Don’t worry I don’t like him?? I forgot ask for his number?

  6. Worst thing of this serial is they show their super human heroin ko har baar koi na koi galati karte huve dikha rahe hai.Ya dumb dikha rahe hai.Gopi jo ek do din pehle jaani ladki ke liye itna soch kar sab ka jaan khatre mein daal rahi hai usko apni sagi betion ke liye jara as bhi parva nahi hai.Meera ka kya huva pata nahi.Vidya ka haal theek nahi hai.I know ki SVs unko khabar nahi diya hai but vo atleast phone karke vidya se baath karni chahiye tha.pehle choti choti bathon pe call karti thi,she knows all chandalini drama.phir bhi happily ghar mein bithi hai.Bathe tho karti hai.betiya kabhi paraya nahi hote hai,usko chota as aanch bhi aaye tho iski dil ghanti bhaj jaati hai etc.Apni pyaari maaji ke liye bhi vahi kar rahi hai .vo tho alag hi story hai.Ghar ka koi bina vajah jail mein sad raha hai but ghar ki logon ko bahar valon ki chinta jyada hai.itnaki ghar ki asli members ke bhuljaane jitna.I know ye serial hai.Vo bhi is serial mein logic ka expectation nahi kar sakte hai hum phir bhi had hoti hai jab uske pass talented actors hai ye log uska sahi tareeke se use nahi kar rahi hai.Aur Gopi ka character ko worst dikha rahe hai.Kyunki jitne bhi acha insaan kyun na ho pehle apni ghar ko sambhal kar phir duniya ko sambhalna chahiye.Nahi tho vo samaaj ka jitni bhi seva karle vo imperfect and incomplete hi rahega.Makers ye baath soch kar dhyaan rakhe tho acha hai.Nahi tho iska TRP already gir chuki hai aur girjaayega.

    1. One more worst thing is why don’t they give equal importance to male actors also?All main serials of StarPluS apni title ke sath Donon Heroand Heroin ka photo rakhe hai.But this serial mein tho only Gopi.Why?They have sach a talented male actors.These makers are wasting that actors time,energy and talent.

  7. Riana

    Hello Sunshiners…Today’s episode was really Superb!!…First time jaggi shouted on her gopika??…but in a funny style??…

    1. Nandhini

      Isnt that weird whenever the episodes are getting interesting at the same time the actors are getting into fight with the producers??

      1. Riana

        Yah…i saw that the latest news…that Uppekha n Lovey too had walk out of the show…its so funny…first Tanya n Nazim n now momji n Mona darling?????

  8. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi SUNSHINE Friends
    Savy.hw r u all .
    Gopi holding bhavani’s stick was good and Funny scene is Jaggi jai&Veeru punctured Bhavani’s jeep .
    Friends i think now even makers has forgot Ahem/Jaggi’s mystery lol?.

    1. Nandhini

      Yeah sid… because the audience like jaggi more than ahem. So the makers may have cancelled that track…

    2. Chithu

      Yes Sid makers completely forgot Ahem’s mystery.

  9. Hi.Akshay,Sid ,Chithu,Nandini,Priyanka akka,Namratha,Mahi,Chanu,Nehanivruthi,Riana,Rani,Shakaib,Isaaq,Sharad,Sabadi. How are you people?Episode is OK.Atleast Dharam stops Gaura doing all these.He says Shravan to take care of Vidya.

    1. Hi Shakaib,Sabadi,Rani,Isaaq.How are you people?Maine aap logon ka names bhi type kiya above comment mein.But don’t know why those are not printed.Sorry Yaar.

      1. I had a really bad day in science!

    2. Nandhini

      Hii Rose! The only sensible character here is Dharam…but sometimes he also behaves like a fool…for example, he believed his mom can walk is a miracle thing…

    3. Riana

      Hi rose…Gaura scene was very funny…When shravan said This is Ridiculous…Gaura said Oh Angrej???….Atleast Dharam stopped that Tantrik??

  10. Aaj episode mein jab Urmi ko chot lagi pura Modi family khade hoke drama dekh rahe hai koi us aurat ko madad karne nahi aayi ooper se drama dekh rahe hai.

  11. Boss(Siddarth)

    And,Sunshine friends today frm 8.30to 10.20pm todays episode page Ws not opening why i dnt knw . Did u ppl also experience same .

  12. Chithu Dharam searching for Meera.But he is confused .Meera khud ghar chodkar chali ya chandalini usko kidnap kiya hai.Vo bechara bahut dard seh raha hai.He prays God for Meera.He reminsces Meera.Ek din he cries alone in his room.He complaints police about all these especially inform to Police Commissioner to search Meera.Mujhe bilkul bhi acha nahi lagta hai Dharam ko aisa dekhke.

  13. Isaaq

    ???? Not on my watch. You have to defeat me before you destroy our group. I’ve never met you but I know your history. I know you are behind everything and it’s a matter of time i show you what I’m capable of.

    Back then I was a silent reader but now I’m here to protect the sunshine group

  14. Sunshiners today in my second lesson we have a diffrent science teacher and she said everyone had to sit forward.There was this really annoying boy who said I was wearing my grandmother glasses I wanted to cry and the two that were sat next to me kept annoying me as well.It made me think of my Amma who died in 2013 on the 1st of september.They both had cheap minds the ones that were sat on my row.

    1. Shakaib

      Don’t care them for rani…. You should have confidence to face them… Our goodness is our confidence…. I’m sad to hear about your grand mother. Five fingers are exactly same/alike. All have different minds. You will be successful… You answer them by struggle..okay..??

    2. Isaaq

      Don’t worry Rani. I know the feeling. I remember when I told some people at school that my grandma passed away and one boy start laughing. I start crying so much because it was the first loss I experienced and someone was mocking me. I’m sorry for your mothers loss, I hope Allah grants her a place in heaven

      But as I grew older, I became much more stronger and brave. No matter how annoying or bad a person is, you must never bow down to them. You always show courage and power. Years ago, I used to be afraid of my bullies. I was always scared to go school but eventually I grew bold.

      Focus on your studies because it is the only thing that will get you far in life. Education made me the most powerful person in my year. I came from the bottom and went to the top. Those who mocked me, years later they respect me and fear me. They regret everything.

      So please next time stick up for yourself. Once my Adam explained this to me about having courage. Today I am explaining this to you

    3. Nandhini

      Ohh thats too bad Rani…those guys are brainless idiots who enjoy in teasing others…you ignore those idiots sayings and be cool…next time if they annoy you, dont give an ear to them..if possible you complain to the teacher about this…or if this is not possible, you try to avoid sitting near those guys.

    4. Chithu

      Some persons are born to mean to others. Just ignore those idiots never let their negativity affect u. Ur grandma blessing will be always thr with u. Tell them to mind their own business. Beauty should be in heart. Just ignore them Rani

    5. Boss(Siddarth)

      Rani dnt care for this ppl. Just answer them back or ignore them.

  15. Shakaib

    Hi sunshine are you all.?? Sorry for not commenting on previous one due to studies…!! Nandi di…we’re always beware of the threat lol…!!!! Guys…I think “isaaq’s mom” is cookingup a next story…. IIt will be 4 hours…oops…24 hours unlimited entertainment episode….looolll.. Guys…I’ve doubt on adi that he is doing all this. What you say..?? Best of luck for exams sowmya di and akshay bhai..!! Saba are you..?? Yeah guys…I heard also that lovey and Mona Darling walk out of sets..!! Guys…. Where are motilal….John’s mom…his children….. Are left…?? Come soon…you kids..oops sport….uncle party to entertain us…loooll.. Isaaq di….I’m laughing still on isaaq’s mom comment. Don’t forget to use it in your fan fiction.good night guys…. Take care.

    1. Isaaq

      I just don’t understand. We have adults on this forum. We should all act mature and good. Why are people like john and adi trying to cause trouble on a forum??? It’s not like they’re going to ruin our lives are they now? It’s so immature of them.

      Besides these negative people don’t even know how to plot evil schemes properly. They call themselves villains but they can’t even make a brilliant plan?

      If I was John or Adi, I would of succeeded long ago (which I would never dare to do as you all are my friends). I love a challenge and you villains are disappointing. You need to try harder than this.

      One thing John and Adi need to know that I’ll never join hands with them. I’m very sure they’ll beg me for help. Seriously, they don’t deserve to be called villains. I’m just disappointed? I just want to clash swords at a capable enemy but you villains are too weak

    2. Nandhini

      Hi shakaib! Your doubt maybe possible because Adi must be having many email ids…

    3. Chithu

      Hi ShakaibShakaib
      No problem bro u study well and whenever u take a break comment here.

  16. Hello All, how is everyone today? this show is getting worst. I was hoping Jaggie will be Ahem, but NO… any one here watching Dil hain hindustanie on weekends? I love that show

    1. Nandhini

      Hii savvy! I am are you? Show is getting worst?? But now only its starts to getting interesting…

    2. Im watching dil hai hindustani at the weekend.i think haitham voice is beautiful!

  17. Isaaq

    Adam thinks he knows so much about fashion?? he knows I’m the best at fashion. I won the award for the best dressed and most stylish.

    One day at school, he wore a leather jacket just because I was wearing a leather jacket as well.

    Do you know in his yearbook, I never wrote in it because I always knew I’d be with him in the future anyway and there was no point for him keeping me as memory. I remember when he said he wanted a picture with me but he never got a picture with me.

    I was going prom with him but fate and destiny played it’s own game and we separated since then. He’s probably still waiting for that picture?

    I just thought to myself that it’s been 3 years since he’s gone from my life. So much has changed. I learnt be independent and stronger. I’ve gone through so many challenges without Adam. I wonder if he’s changed in 3 years. It feels like I’ve been away from him for 30 years. His Isaaq has changed so much since then. I’m happy with great friends like the sunshine group and my other friends at university.

    The Isaaq he met was defeated and miserable. I didn’t know how to control my own life. I want him to see his Isaaq now. I want him to see me in my new life. I’m more joyous and cheerful. I love my life so much. I’ve got a great family and friends. You can say that I’ve got my happy ending after all. I just want to study now, that’s it… I hope you all remain happy like this as well?

    1. Nandhini

      When talking of fashion,, Isaaq you remind me of Natasha from BALH serial??
      Even i want Adam to see ur new version…everyone has seen you(including ur enemies) changed except him…how ironic…

  18. today episode was good like the scene when jaggi save gopi when bhavini tries to hit her with the stick and what is this gaura trying to do, she,s trying to prove vidya mental, gaura will never change she,s the worst villian.

  19. Isaaq

    I still cant believe that Isaaq mom had the courage to speak ill about my Adam like that. I feel like being Gopi and getting a trishul

    1. Chithu

      Some persons will always try to provoke u. U urself said ignore those kind of persons they are attention seekers.

  20. can you please please stop writing about Adam? oh my god no one is stopping you and you go on and on keep your personal life to yourself i do not mean to disrespect you but it is overbearing now you keep changing your story each and every time stick to commenting on SNS and for heaven’s sake sunshine group do not encourage her i know you may not want to hurt her feelings but at the end of the day she is only making a fool of herself look at how some of these persons are disrespecting her already i feel sorry for her i am not your enemy i am just trying to show you the right way sweetheart if you feel that i should mind my own business and you want to ridicule me feel free to do so i do not mind i will think it is someone dear to me who is rebuking me please stop writing about Adam it is a humble request PLEASE i cannot see you being humiliated by these persons anymore you are an intelligent individual you should feel proud that you are a law student as you know i am also into that field sorry if i have offended you i did not mean to please forgive me if i have hurt your feelings by my remarks it is only for your own good bye

    1. Nandhini

      Its ok sia…Isaaq is treating us all like her best friends so she is sharing her mind with us totally…and secondly if she stops writing her personal stuffs from hereon then the negative commenters will take it as they have won in humiliating her,, so they think thats why she has stopped writing about Adam just because of the critisizers..and we sunshiners are neither encouraging nor stopping her from sharing,, as her friends we are responding to her thoughts(comments) and giving our views on it…

    2. Isaaq

      Why do you feel sorry for me? You didn’t offend me by saying I should stop commenting about Adam. You offended me by assuming I’m weak and scared of people. You should know that I’m not neither weak or scared of anyone. Nobody is humiliating me. I’m not scared at all of anyone. So next time, please don’t think I’m very weak. I hate when people view me like this. I don’t care what anyone says about my personal life. I’m not scared of them.

      It’s nice that you are caring for me and helping me but sorry I can handle things myself. I even tell my parents to stop helping me during hard times because I’m not weak and I can do everything myself.

    3. Boss(Siddarth)

      Sia why are u so worried abt these ppl they cant to anything. They cant fight against us bcoz they are weak lol? so dnt worry.

  21. Boss(Siddarth)

    Yes Nandini &Shakaib b4 1or2 month Adithya was threatening us that he wl break sunshine group if we dint tke him to the group.Umeir and Fake mom might be him.

    1. Chithu

      Yes Sid it might be Aditya. In 7th feb forum he have commented he wants to join hands with John and wsnt to break our group. I am sure its him using different ids

    2. Nandhini

      Yes chithu i also saw that comment from Adithya…but it has been deleted..he said sunshiners cheated him so he wants to take revenge…how filmy!

      1. Boss(Siddarth)

        Hi chithu&Nandini i dint see the comment of Adithya i think it got deleted. I am sure Umeir is Adithya only.

  22. Siddarth ur super yaar u have all d qualities that a leader should have and ur also 1 of d reason for groups unity and bonding ur way of leading d group is fantastic GOD BLESS

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Thanks Namratha?.

  23. Isaaq

    Guys I got my university results back and I got really high marks. I got a 2:1???

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Oh that’s great congrats Issaq??.

      1. Isaaq

        Thank you? I straight away called all my friends and my family. It’s Law so I was so happy that I managed to score high marks. Now I’ve got more confidence in myself

  24. Isaaq i know you are not weak persons in my kind of profession is never weak and you are going to be a lawyer soon but man are you good with words lmao i see no one can mess with you that is the spirit and see how well your friends nandu and sid are there for you that is what i call friendship no one can come between you i did not mean to hurt anybody’s feelings i am glad you understood me Isaaq friends right?

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