Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th February 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th February 2014 Written Update

Vidya comes into her mom’s room and seeing this Gopi hastily puts away the book. Vidya stares at the place where Gopi hides it. Vidya says the work is done. Gopi says lets go. Vidya goes along with Gopi till the the garden and once she sees the kids, she asks Gopi to go alone. Gopi looks at all the stuff that the kids made. Vidya goes back to the room and treis to get the book, but due to being short she cant, she gets a stool and ges the book, when she flips through the pages she doesnt find anything. She again touches the top of the cupboard and Kokila’s photo comes, she takes and sits on the bed and says you are the one who mom made a cake for.

Baa tells Hetal that today she misses her alot. Everyone is sad. Rashi’s friends come and they

praise each other on their looks. Baa asks Hetal whether it’s Rashi’s or Kokila’s birthday. Just then Urmila and her husband. Kinjal-Dhawal-Pappu enter. Urmila goes and hugs Rashi and wishes Kokila in English. Pappu is scared to enter. Dhawal takes him in.

Tolu-Molu come down and search for their bags. But Pappu stand next to it unknowingly. 2 other ladies enter, Rashi takes them to Kokila and says this girl Prachi is the one for Ahem Jiju. Slowly a kitten comes out to Tolu-Molu’s bag. Kokila is still dull. Rashi says we’ll cut the cake. Kokila says I’m not interested in this. But Rashi convinces, and just then Ahem-Jigar also enter. Meethi gets the cake. Kil=tten is about jump on the floor. Tolu-Molu watch it and run after it. Pappu goes to tell Urmila about it, but she asks him to go. Rashi lights the cake. Tolu-Molu are still trying to get the kitten, when it suddenly jumps on the cake and meows. Everyone is surprised. Rashi starts running around Tolu-Molu. Everyone looks as if it happens everyday. Urmila is muttering.

Vidya says now I will have to find out who you are. Gopi enters. Gopi asks Vidya what see is doing.

Rashi is still running aorund Tolu-Molu. Guests start leaving. Prachi says I cant marry into a mad house. Kokila looks around at the house. Kokila leaves.

Gopi asks Vidya, you want to know who she is right? She is the one who always supported me and taught me all this things. Vidya asks teacher? Gopi you think anything.

Kokila goes into her room and shuts her door. She remembers what happned with Meera. Next day Rashi gets Tolu-Molu to Kokila’s room. They say sorry. Rashi brings up the topic of Ahem getting remarried. Kokila says find the best girl for my son.

Vidya looks at herself in the mirror and starts dressing up, wearing a bindi and ghungat and looks at Kokila’s picture and says I look like you now. Gopi calls Vudya and then Vidya starts packing her bag. Gopi leaves.

Tolu-Molu are going to school. Meera is on the same road as them. Meera asks the boys to stop hitting the cow. The boys tease Meera. Tolu-Molu come to support her. Tolu-Molu-Meera have a convo.

Vidya coems out of school. Gopi is asking her how it was. Someone yells Meera. Gopi gets emotional and turns around. She remembers what happened with Meera. Gopi is lost in thought. Vidya catches this.

Precap : Pappu tells a teacher, that the woman who came isnt Tolu-Molu’s mom. Principal calls up Jigar.

Update Credit to: DancingDiva

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