Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jaggi requests Kokila not to be so harsh on Gopi as Gopi has stopped eating just to calm her anger. Kokila says she is not related to Goi now and Gopi is his responsibility now, it is up to him as a husband to take care of his wife. Jaggi says Gopi did not eat since yesterday. Kokila says she does not care. Pari also enters and says same. She notices Kokila’s food plate intact and realizes even she has not eaten anything since yesterday night.

Vidya tells Meera that Gaura is right, Chanda is 5 months’ pregnant and if she tries to harm babies, even her life will be at risk. Chanda apologizes Meera and tries to leave. Gaura warns her not to leave house and go back to her room and never try to be oversmart. Chanda walks inside acting. Vidya thanks Gaura.

Gaura says she has brought clothes for them and they can get them from cupboard.

Pari informs Mona that even Kokila has not eaten anything as her food plate was intact since yesterday night. She says let us wait and watch and think how to create more differences betweeen Kokila and Gopi. Jaggi asks Gopi to stop her stubborness and have food. She continues that until maaji talks to her, she will not have food.

Vidya gets dresses from Gaura’s cupboard. Gaura asks if she liked them. Vidya says yes. Meera says even they want her to wear her old clothes and look pretty. Gaura then goes to her room. Chanda says her acting was too good, but she slapped her really. Gaura says she is acting since childhood. They both fooled her bahu so easily and her revenge is going well.

Urmila tells Urvashi that they have to make a drama and reunite Gopi and Kokila. Gopi continuing to fast falls unconscious due to weakness. Jaggi lifts and makes her sleep on sofa. Urmila starts shouting that Gopi fell unconcious due to weakness. Whole family gathers. Jaggi gets water and tries to feed Gopi. Kokila hears Urmila’s voice and walks down holding water. She sees Jaggi already trying to feeding water to Gopi and Gopi gaining conscious, thinks they are all just acting and walks back. Mona and Pari watch this and smirk.

Meera prepares turmeric milk for Gaura. Vidya asks if she is preparing it for baaji, if she really thinks Gaura has changed. Meera says she does not know, but looking at her guesture, it looks like she has changed, they should inform this to Gopi. Vidya says not yet as Gopi is surrounded by her own problems.

Gopi wakes up, but does not drink water. Jaggi teaches wrestling to students. Urmila and Urvashi give her some good moral gyaan and make her agree to have food. Gopi drinks water. Jaggi relaxes and thanks god.

Precap: Inspector arrests Jaggi. Gopi and other Modi family members stand in a shock.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Hello nandhini chitu sid riana shakaib chanu s.p isaaq rani and all the sunshine fans how are you all?
    Precap was v bad but gopi become jagga jasus for jaggi

    1. Oh sowmya hello my friend how are you? By mistake didn’t write your name

    2. Chithu

      Hi Prateek . That was a good one abt Gopi being jagga jassoos

    3. Hello Kp I am very well?What about you?

    4. Nandhini

      Hey prateek! I am doing good! What is meant by ‘jagga jasus’?? Well i can understand only little hindi??…in today’s episode its really unbelievable meera fallen in gaura’s trap!

      1. Nandhini jasoos means detective and nipptu purintu nampuki

  2. Hi sunshine group friends.I am Rose.Thank you Siddhardh Bhai mujhe Sunshine family mein member banane ke liye.SUNSHINERS rocks. SATHNIBHANASATHIYA rocks. DHEERA rocks.

    1. Welcome rose to sunshines,i wish u be happy always with us,member to update every day.GOD bless u.

  3. Gaura ko thanks Meera ne kaha.Gopi se Gaura ki baat na batane ke liye Meera ne Vidya se kaha.Gaura apni purani costly sarees ko paliya.

  4. Hi chanu, sowmya, priyankaakka,and all TELUGU people,sunshiners and all.

    1. Hello rose how are you? Don’t you like north indian friends?

      1. Nahiiiiiiiiii.Aisa nahi hai.I like North Indian friends also.Main ne TELUGU People ko isliye hi Lena raha hi ki conversation TELUGU mein ho sakta hai.Mujhe English aur Hindi mein Hussain conversation karne ki aadat nahi hi.isliye Soch samajhkar type karna pad raha tho bahut time le raha hai.pehale mein ne teendinon se means jab se main ne yaha comments karna shuru kiya tab we roj sab ko hai bol rahahu. Lakein Lou reply nahi Kia hai.mujhe laga ki kisiko bhi interest nahi hai.Tab sowmya me reply Kia tho main mein logon we baat kar rahi hu. next S.P aurSid Bhai ne reply Kia aur mujhe Sunshine family mein add Kia.Is liyemain neTelugupeople wese Conversation kar rahi hu.unmese bhi kuch log reply nahi kar raha hi.Iamsorry.main ne aap logon ko hurt kiya tho.

      2. I Like North Indian rituals,customs and food also.

      3. I don’t know talgu at all but for you MRU SVGATA UYI AT THIS SITE ROSE

      4. I don’t know talgu at all but for you MRU SVGATA UYI AT THIS SITE

    2. Chithu

      Hi Rose!! Welcome to Sunshine. Your Hindi is good aap bindas type karo

  5. Boss(Siddarth)

    In the upcoming episode there will be lots of high voltage dramatic situations seen amid jaggi and Gopi in the daily soap.

    It seems that Jaggi get the claim of doing eve teasing with some young teenager and the women activist come to Jaggi’s home to arrest Jaggi.

    Now, this is a very crutial case wherein Jaggi would get arrested for doing some very big offence which actually is just another evil plan against Jaggi and Gopi.

    The women activist come along with the police inspector who make it sure that Jaggi is arrested for doing such a crime.

    Gopi protect Jaggi becoming his shield

    In the upcoming episode there will be lots of tragic situations seen amid Jaggi and Gopi in the ongoing serial.

    Gopi makes it sure that the girl with whom Jaggi was linked for doing eve teasing has been bought amid the police and the girl gives the statement favouring Jaggi.

    It would be very interesting to watch as to how would Gopi pro-actively manage to save Jaggi?

    Stay tuned for further details and

    1. Siddharth Baha’i your updates are the best

      1. Boss(Siddarth)

        Thanks Rani?.

    2. Chithu

      Thanks for updates Sid. That’s bad news for Jaggi, Jaggi will never eve tease a teenager. I am sure Pari n Mona working under Gaura is behind this. This is apt time for them to put all these blames on Kokila. Y u need enemies if your own relatives create problems.
      Don’t know tragedy is going to hit them. Is it regarding Ahem’s death.

  6. Boss(Siddarth)

    In the upcoming episode, Paridhi made evil plan for trapping Jaggi.

    She gave money to the girl and asked her to blame Jaggi for misbehaving with her.

    She asked her to file complaint against him so that he gets arrested.

    When that girl blames Jaggi then everyone gets shocked and police comes to arrest him.

    Gopi brings the truth before all the members of the family

    But Gopi brings the truth before all the members of the family, she makes the girl speak the truth.

    That girl finally tells that Jaggi has not done anything and he is innocent.

    The girl tells that Pari gave her money to do all this, Gopi gets angry and accuses Pari for doing all this.

    Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.

    1. Chithu

      So it was indeed Pari’s dirty trick. She tries to be modern and sophisticated but have cheap thoughts

    2. Nandhini

      It will be really nice if kokila kicks out dat pari out from modi house!

      1. Chithu

        Yeah Pari n Mona should be kicked out. Mona looks elder than Pari

  7. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Rose welcome to our Sunshine group ? U can call me Sid ?as we are same age .
    Pratheek I am fyn Hw r u. and u put ur real name in DP .
    Saba u are mother of 4 children and ur elder son is 18 year old u are the eldest one in Sunshine group ?.
    And friends Paridhi joined hands with Gaura and now she is fully negative character if paridhi continues this soon she may be out from Modi house .
    So I think makers may be planning to bring another female lead for Jigar thatsy they may be turning paridhi negative wt say . Thatsy makers may be convincing Rucha to come back.

    1. Nandhini

      Sid but rucha has confirmed in twitter that she is not coming back…so i think pari will remain negative for some days and then she wil realize her mistake and will turn positive…

    2. Boss u are best to upcoming update,tanks a lot.yes i the oldest in sunshines,3 daugthers and 1 son, my son 14 and my daugther 18 sthe do bio medical in uni.

  8. Chithu

    Pari n Mona are utilizing the situation well n trying to create differences between kokila n Gopi. Pari has been in this house since long and upto now didn’t notice that kokila n Gopi r inseparable. They will patch up soon

    1. Nandhini

      Yes Chithu pari is a fool who thinks she can drive apart kokila and gopi easily but all her attempts will fail…

  9. Paridhi es el mejor.

  10. Chithu

    Kokila can never be angry on Gopi. She is fasting as Gopi is refusing to have a morsel. What more proof we want that Kokila is acting. This serial was more saath nibhana saasuma/ maaji rather than saathiya. Sort no offence I said this in nice way. Sns portrait MIL n DIL relationship in a new way. They always supported each other during thick n thin.

    1. Nandhini

      Lol while reading the title “saath nibhana saasuma” i imagined those words in the real title song!??????

      1. Chithu

        Hehe I too imagined them now

  11. Isaaq

    ??? after so long Urmilla called Kokila kagdi??.i wish Rashi comes back now

  12. Riana

    Hey guys….I have a shocking news for you all….In many spoilers it is heard that very Saathiya is Going to take a leap of 3 years shooting will be on abroad…many changes are coming soon…

  13. yes what is the need of enemy from outside……. main villain is paridhi…… khar me hi paridhi aur mona jaise saap paal rahe hai…… doodh dene wala haatho ko hi kaat rahe hain…. in front of these unfaithful ladies, every other villain may be nothing

  14. Hi sunshines ho i love,boss,sakaib,akshai,isaaq,sowmya,nisha,nandhini,rose,riana,chithu,rani,prathiusha,k.p,v.p,mahi,ramona,arvind and all sunshines,this episode is god and i sad because jaggi is so nice and he no need this.pari need go out to home.

  15. Chithu

    In the upcoming episodes Jaggi is happy and have assembled everyone to say some news. Kokila enters and shouts that 5 years back while driving a truck, Jaggi rammed it into a car and killed Ahem. All are shocked to hear this. Kokila calls police and arrests Jaggi. Jaggi looks upon Gopi who is equally angry. Police arrests Jaggi and heading back to her room Kokila gets a heart attack.

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