Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gaura acts as throwing stone on Urmila. Urmila bends. Gaura says she cannot provoke her today as today is Dharam’s birthday and she will forgive her.

Dharam comes and Gaura picks thali to perform his aarti. Meera comes with bouquet and Gaura she has leg sprain, so she should go and rest. Gaura says it is her son’s birthday and she is fine. Meera says she will perform aarti and takes thali from her hand. She peforms aarti and gives bouquet to Dharam and even hugs smirking on Gaura. Gaura fumes. Whole family gathers. Gaura to make Meera jealous asks Durga to feed sweets to Dharam.. Meera says she will and feeds him sweets. She then says today she arranged a special dinner for them both and he should come home soon. Dharam says they can have it right now. Looking at Gaura, she says other people have to spend time with him. Shravan sees this drama and angrily leaves without wishing Dharam. Dharam yells that he went without wishing father.

Gopi continues sitting in front of Ahem’s room door. Ahem sits silently reminiscing Meera and Gopi insulting him. Madhuben thinks she has to get away Gopi from here and gives sleeping pill mixed tea to Gopi. Gopi falls unconcious. Kokila and others pick her and take her to her room. Madhuben smirks and says Ahem that Gopi fell unconscious. Ahem opens door and leaves.

Gopi in her room calls Ahem. Madhuben come and tells Kokila that dadamji went somewhere.

Vidya asks Meera what is she doing. Meera says she knows what she is doing. Soon she will rule over this house and everyone has to follow her orders. Vidya says she is thinking wrong. Meera shouts at her and asks her to stay away. Urmila watches that and thinks she has to stop Meera from doing all this drama.

Precap: Kokila calls Urmila and informs that Ahem left home and Gopi went out searching him. Urmila says all this is because of evil Gaura. Gaura snatches Urmila’s phone.

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  1. How good will this serial get.

  2. I think ahem is going to gaura house to insult her or meera

  3. Ithonn nirtheett poykkoodey???
    Kitnaa boringg hey yeh…
    Without even a proper storyline…

  4. I m so excited to see the Dilwale team come and get gopi-ahem and jigar-pari together! Cannot wait!

  5. I cant believe that srk,kajol and the entire team is coming on saathiya….waiting for the ep…??????

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