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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gaura dorns veil/chunri on Meera. Meera throws it on floor and says she does not her chunri and asks if she thinks, she will accept her alliance, then she is wrong. She burns churni. Gaura reminisces someone burning and gets asthma attack. She starts getting shortness of breath. Meera then throws her sari and runs to her room. Gaura’s grandson Shravan somes and is shocked to see her panicking. He sets off chunri’s fire with Vidya and asks where is gaura’s room. Vidya takes him to Gaura’s room. He starts searching her bag. Vidya asks if he is searching inhaler. He says yes. He then sees a locked box and goes towards it.

Vidya runs back to Gaura and starts pressing her palm. Gaura starts shouting in pain. Shravan also comes down and asks her to stay

away from gaura. Vidya says she knows what she is doing and asks Gopi to bring eucalyptus oil. Gopi brings it. Vidya then asks her to apply it on tissue paper and keep it on her forehead. Gaura starts feeling good. Vidya says her friend also has astham and she told her about this technique. She apologizes gaura for paining her and says she did not have any other option to help her.

Shravan says Gaura we will go from here right now. Kokila says Gaura is still ill and should not go. Ahem says doc will come in some time. Shravan says he will not listen to them. Gaura says if he takes her from here, she will meet yamraj for sure. Kokila says she will take Gaura to her room. Shravan says he will take her alone. Kokila scolds meera that she did wrong.

Kinjal picks her suitcase from cupboard and slips. Dhaval holds her. She asks him to leave her. He leaves and she falls on ground. She says what the hell and starts packing her clothes. He asks where is she going. She says modi mansion. He says she cannot go there. She says then he has to accept London job. He says he cannot as he can take only her and Pappu and not fai/Urmila. Urmila hears their conversation standing outside.

Doc checks Gaura and says eucalyptus treatment calmed her a lot. Once doc leaves, Kokila asks since when she got asthma. Gaura says there are many issues which she does not know. Kokila apologizes her for Meera’s misbehavior and says she got very tensed seeing her panic attack. Meera makes weird faces and tries to leave. Kokila stops her and asks if she is not ashamed to trouble her friend and forgot she is our guest. Meera says Gaura is not her problem, but her whole family. Ahem asks her to shut up. She says daadi wants her to speak, but he wants her to shut up. Kokila asks her to shut up.

Shravan says Ahem that his granma’s condition is bad and they should all let her rest now. Meera leaves saying she is fed of up this drama.

Gaura tells her grandson that some people’s ego is so strong that they don’t care if other people die or live.

Ahem asks Meera to go and apologize Gaura. She says she will not as they took her life’s major decision without taking her consent. He says he asked her opinion. She says they asked gaura first and then her after fixing alliance.

Kokila apologizes Gaura for Meera’s mistake. Gaura taunts that she took revenge for punishing her in temple. Kokila is shocked to hear that and says she knows she is telling lie. Gaura says it is her mistake that she forgot monkey does not stop jumping even if it gets old, her granddaughter troubled her so much, but she did not utter anything. Kokila says she is thinking wrong. Gaua says she is ill and cannot move, once she gets well, she will leave from here.

Precap: Ahem asks Meera to apologize Gaura. She says she will not. He says mom got back her friend after many years and he does not their friendship to broke. He folds hands and requests her to apologize.

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