Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi applies medicine to Ricky’s injured knees. He writhes in pain in sleep and murmurs it is paining like hell. Jaggi watches standing at door and murmurs woman is a form of shakti/power, but when she becomes mother, she is very weak. Kabhie khushi kabhie gham…song..plays in the background. Gopi pampers Ricky and then goes to home temple and prays god that her intention was not to harm her son, she is fighting for him and is not against him. Jaggi comes. She cries that because of her, Ramakanth is severely injured. Jaggi says she is feeling more pain than Ramakanth. Only a mother can show their children right path and for that, tough decisions have to be taken. It will take some time to change Ramakanth. Gopi cries that she cannot go through all this. Jaggi tries to cheer her

up and says whatever happened is good, what will happen is also good. Everything is according to god’s wish. She smiles and thanks him for making her understanding. He jokes.

Next morning during breakfast, Kokila telsl Gopi that chaitra month is starting and this is Ramakanth’s first navratri and they have to make it special for him. Ricky comes limping. Gopi asks if he is fine now. Sona gets thepla for all. Ricky asks Seeta to pass on bread butter. She asks if he can apply butter on bread. He says okay and tells everyone that he told he does not like theplas and asks Seeta to get him fresh orange juice every morning. She nods head. Ricky shows orange and says dumbo. She nods head. Jaggi scolds her to stop giving five star service to Ricky and asks Kokila what was she telling about navratri. Kokila tells modi family celebrates navtri festival since 80 years and they fast for 9 days and do poojas , etc. Ricky says he likes navratri function as babes wear colorful dresses and dance in Singapore. Kokila says everday they will prepare different prasad. Urmila says she needs her favorite prasad everyday as it is her and Jaggi’s favorite. Ricky hears that and smirks.

Gaura praises Divya in front of Vidya that she found perfect bahu for her. Bhavani enters. Divya says even she is lucky to marry Dharam. Gaura asks her to go and give tea to Dharam. Bhavani gets jealous, follows Divya and after buttery talk takes tea cup from her. She then checks herself in mirror singing Sajna hai mujhe sajna ke notices that.

Pandit enters Modi bhavan. Jaggi yells how can he enter without permission. Pandit says he came to find out navratri muhurath. Gopi apologizes him and Kokila with others joins. Pandit finds navratri establishment muhurath after 2 days. Kokila says she saw it is tomorrow in calendar. He says that is wrong. Sona says she will get out all items needed. Seeta says she will clean them. Everyone smile. Ricky smirks, thinking of some mischief.

Bhavani takes tea t Dharam’s room and seeing him drying his air in front of mirror thinks he is old, but his body is still young. He asks why did she bring tea instead of servants. She says it is okay and purposefully drops tea on her foot and acts. Dharam tries to help her and she feels his body. He gets ointment and she asks him to apply it on her foot. He is about to apply ointment when Vidya enters and says she will apply. Dharam says okay and leaves.

Ricky brings navaratri pooja items. Kokila asks if he brought everything written in list. He says yes. Kokila says she will be blessed a lot. Jaggi tells Urmila that something is fishy.

Vidya stops Bhavani and confronts her that she can see that she is behind Dharam now. Bhavani asks what will she do now.

Precap: Ricky punctures car and tells Gopi that navratri muhurath was of 9 a.m. and her family not knowing that must be having breakfast that time. Gopi gets tensed. Kokila yells at Ricky that he did a big sin and she will not forgive him. Gopi gets a call and worriedly shouts Ramakanth..

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  1. These ramakanth will never stop his dirty tricks, kokila should stop believing and pampering him, the good thing is that vidya came to know about bhavani intention toward dharam.

  2. sowmya ( huge fan of dipika kakar )

    hi friends !!!
    i am here after many days but this time no more excuses….i am in a bit grief as my exam didn’t go that well as i expected it to go….but still it is good enough and now i have many exams more to write like andhra pradesh eamcet and telangana eamcet and srm entrance exam and the most important one jee advance exam
    all my exams will end by 21st may
    i hope u all understood what i meant to say
    dont know when i will come back here again
    so guys alvidha but not forever
    i will be back soon with a bang
    take care friends

    wishes to all friends and saathiya fans on all the important occasions that are going to come in next few days
    take care guys

    1. Shakaib

      All the best for your exams Soumya di….

  3. Shakaib

    Hi sunshine friends… How are you all..?? I’m totally fine now…Thanks a lot for your prayers….. Nandi di….I was smiling reading your comment…. I know one reason why you hate Shivika and that’s “They are over acting….”.Right?? Please tell me Other reasons also…Its a request…Reasons seems to to be strong…and I want to know about that reasons..if you don’t wantto tell me you can message me….And iI think you don’t watch DBO because of Shewtlana and her mystery… Her mystery is solved….She had other face and Gets someone else face through surgery…. Might it could be reason???its okay… I’m happy that you tell me truly…There is need of reading ff when you don’t like it… I’ll surely write a ff or SS on Ishana_Omkara_Gauri after my ffs’ completion…. Coming to episode….;
    Gomakanth/Goky (Ricky/Gopi) scene was painful and Jaggu/Jaggi said right… About the situation… I like this dialogue of Jaggi….After his irritating Dialogues which we were getting since many days…KGKG time was adding more drama to scene…
    Next….Morning…Dramatic… Now I’m damn sure…Bhavani will swap bride with herself…I bet you all….it’ll happen….. I’m damn sure…in tomorrow’s episode they will show full episode on Ricky puncturing Car telling Gopi about Navratri and Gopi will run to modi mansion… And in Precap…Gopi will surely get a call…. SHE WILL shout Ricky…Let’s see. And guys I’m bit sure they’ll drag Ricky-Sita’s chemistry till august….. Let’s see……Sita has become docile cow for Sita and I remember Gohem also used to sit together on dine like Ricita was sitting…… We can say its version 2 of Kyunki saas bhi kabhi Bahu thi…..I love the scene where Bhavani murmur Dharam is aged but still young….. Love you Dhavani…I think CVS are going to introduce love triangle b/w Dheerani……Let’s see…. Moreover, Bhavani is more interested in Dhara’s body…I think Dharam will apply ointment on Bhavani foot but Vidya give me shock…… I’m sure Vidya will ise this fact in her benefit…. And guys you notice..?? When Dharam help Bhavani in sitting om bed… She touched her abs….. Looool…have some shame Bhavani….. Gaura is getting less SS now a days…More drama is in Modi mansion…..BTW…where is our tikhimirchi MMeera..?? Where she is lost….Guys…Don’t know what you think but in my opinion..Gopi and Suta’s dressing is not okay…. Only Urmila, Kokila, Gaura, Bhavani, Jaggi has good dressing…please CVS..if you want to increase trp then focus on actors/actresses’ dressing also because dressing also effects trp..??!!!! Like in Ishqbaaz and DBO…every one has proper and good dressing either they’re villains or not!!!!……These were my views on today’s episode….. Guys, I think Star plus will soon reduce SNS also and it will air on Mon-Sat or Mon-Fri….What you say..??let’s see….Waiting for Tomorrow’s episode….

    1. Mansi

      Hii Shakaib….How are u??Good to know u are completely fine now?…Kadha n our prayers worked n u became fine?still take rest as much as possible so u won’t get fever again or any health probs?take care?

      1. Shakaib

        Hi mansi di…How are you?? Will surely take next I be safe from fever and other health probs.

      2. Mansi

        I am fine Shakaib?….U should????

    2. Riana

      Hey Shakaib…You’re right n i love the uniform dressing of IB n DBO…❤❤…All r in same in colours in any function!!…like during shitia’s fake wedding all were in red n in shivika’s wedding all were in white…Awsome??

    3. Nandhini

      Hii shakaib! Yeah the main reason is shivika are over-acting…its not natural the way it appears….instead of DBO i watch DSDT in colors..its really awesome??

  4. Ricky’s dirty tricks are the only thing that is keeping this show entertaining. Jaggi is not that funny but he tries.

  5. All the best for your exam sowmya.

  6. They show a precap 3 days they don’t know how to make a futur story mdrr

  7. Mansi

    Sita is feeling some love for Ricky….It has gone the old sns way of gohem story….They are applying the same logic/formula for RiciTa too….Their scenes are very sweet????…..UrJa got a doubt on Ricky good….How can he just give a money to panditji to speak according him disgusting??…..Bhavani feeling jealous of Divya???….Bhavani checking herself in mirror with sajna Hai mujhe in bg?….But Vidya is smart now saw it n started to doubt on her….Bhavani feeling dharam’s touch n when he going to apply ointment Vidya came n Bhavani’s face was to see??…..Let’s see what Vidya will do now as she got to Bhavani’s intention regarding dharam….Precap is the same from 2 days???

  8. Shakaib

    Guys, Every serial’s update has new pic whereas In SNS, Were seeing the old pic…MA ji please Change the Cover pic…we know it’s old one…Please get new pic from somewhere and use that new pic for cover pic..!!

  9. Riana

    MA n Forum moderators pls change the cover pic of SNS…Thankyou

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