Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meera asks Mansi to sit next to Gopi for the time being,later she will make her sit next to Ahem. She says Pari that she used to like some people in her childhood, but not now. Kinjal smirks. Meera continues that someone else has taken the place now.

Ahem gives water to coughing Kokila. She drinks water and thanks him. He says he has set doc’s appointment tomorrow morning for her cough and asks her to rest now. He turns back and picks mobile. Rashi comes with juice and spills it on Ahem by mistake. He shouts at her. Kokila says Rashi is apologizing him, so he should forgive her. Rashi asks if papa will get angry. Kokila says nobody can get angry on her golu/polu and asks her to go and rest.

Gopi gets Kokila’s call and says Modi family that she has to go.

Kinjal asks if mom is fine. Gopi says she is. Kinjal saysshe will drop her and meet Kokila. Gopi agrees and leaves with her. Tolu/molu pick Meera’s mobile and tamper it. Pari asks why are they smiling. They say they remembered a joke and keeps phone back. Pari sees that.

Vidya sees Kokila coughing and tries to give her medicine. Kokila says she has medicine and asksher to get some milk. She then looks at the botle and throws medicine on floor. Gopi reaches there with Kinjal and asks how is she. Kokila says she is fine. Kinjal sees pills on floor and tries to pick it. Kokila pushes medicine with legs and says she is fine. Kinjal sesnses something is wrong. Vidya gets milk. Gopi gives her another tablet. Kokila slowly picks medicine and drops milk on floor along with medicine. Gopi goes to bring cloth. Kinjal sees that and thinks mom is up to something.

Ahem changes his t-shirt and drops it on batho pick room floor. Gopi comes phenyl and cleaning cloth, sees his t-shirt on floor and starts wiping floor. Ahem comes out and asks if she thinks his t-shirt is a cleaning cloth and says she is doing this purposefully. She says she found it on bathroom floor, so she thought it is cleaning cloth. He yells at her. She says he would not have thrown his t-shirt on floor. While walking angrily, ahem kicks cleaning water. gopi asks him to cleaning himself.

Pari asks tolu/molu to go to college. Meera comes down angrily and asks them to stop. She asks how dare they are to tamper her FB account. They ask herto stop shouting. Mansi also comes down and asks what happened. She shows her FB account and asks why did they do this. They both laugh. She picks vase and throws it on Molu’s head. Molu gets injured and writhes in pain. Pari comes and asks how dare she to injure his son. She says she should control her sons first and says she will complain dad. Pari says she should behave. Meera says she will complain dad and will go back to Mumbai. Mansi takes meera and apologizes Pari. Kokila says Molu’s wound is very deep and asks tolu to call doc.

Kokila asks Kinjal to get her reading glasses. She asks Gopi why is she engrasped in tought and says she must be remembering scooter’s jolly ride. Gopi says she does not want to be happy by forcing Ahem and says she does not know if Ahem will accept her or not.

Kinjal sees 2 same medicine bottles and tries to check when Rashi comes and confronts her.

Dhaval comes home with Urmila. Kokila asks what did doc say. Urmila says she got one more servant who is even cutting fruits for her. Gopi says she will also serve her. Urmila picks fruit plate and leaves. Gopi says urmila’s condition is worsening. Kokila says even after many years, urmila has not been cured.

Rashi says she should not touch baa’s medicines. Kinjal says she is very arrogant. Rashi says she is arrogant to steal baa’s medicine. Kinjal tries to slap her when Dhaval comes and stops her. Rashi says kinjal was stealing baa’s medine.

Pari informs Gopi that meera injured Molu and she is taking him to hospital. Gopi says she will come there. Pari says there is no need and says she scolded Meera. Gopi says she is her aunt and has right to scold her. Pari says Meera left home saying she will go back to Mumbai and asks her to call her back. tolu says no need to call her back and molu tells Gopi that Meera insulted mom.

Precap: Kinjal goes to chemist and shows him medicines. He says one is vitamin and another heart medicine. Kinjal tells Ahem that his mom is lying.

Update Credit to: MA

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