Saath Nibhana Saathiya after 8 years season 3 summer camp special part 6

episode started with
Meera shouting at Rashi for not calling her di. Because she has lost of calling this…. Meera goes to her car. Rashi hold her hand and says you want to know why I am doing this….. So listen to me… .

Two years back
You was driving and going to Modi mansion to meet Gopi masi
Flashback started………
Meera was driving the car and listening the music. In the same time Vikrant was with Roshni….. And Roshni get hit by meera car and you doesn’t recognize that… But Vikrant saw meera face and when you reached on modi bhavan you called me and ask about that you may hit a lady. So I go there and check whether and lady body was there or not….

Rashi goes to that place where meera hit Roshni and she doesn’t saw anything there… She then call meera and says my badi didi kabi koi galti kar hi ni sakti hai.. . And someone pushed her from backside and she shout and her phone fall… But the man hold her…. He was Vikrant and start shouting on rashi that your Di has killed my wife by hitting her…..

I am a lawyer I will filed a case on your Di and will sent her for jail for whole life.. Rashi shocked and says what will you get if you file a case on Di…… Vikrant says would you think how I will grow up my daughter Sanju alone… Me and my wife was done love marriage my mother was against this… After my daughter birth she called me so we all were going to meet her… How will I give her such big pain… Rashi remember that Meera Di has always being away from family now this time I won’t do this to Di…

Rashi says to Vikrant that I have an idea after which neither your daughter will feel that her mom is not there nor your mother….. I will stay with you and leave my family but you have give a promise to me that until I am there in your family you won’t file any case on my Di….

Vikrant agreed and says it’s Ok…. Vikrant dress Rashi dress to Roshni and take Rashi as Roshni……

Flashback end…..

Meera get shocked and says it’s all because of me… Rashi why you take my punishment to your head…. Meera cried and says Rahul is going to marry Surabhi how can I do this to you… I will tell entire family about the truth….

Rashi hold meera hand and take her hand to her head and ask her to promise me that you won’t say anything to anyone… Meera says but……. Rashi says please Di…..

Meera agreed and both goes to their families…..


Sanju says papa summer camp me meri ek friend ne mumma kaha tha…..
In Agrawal house…
Surabhi hug anjali anjali says door raho tum….

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  1. Jasminerahul

    its a shocking twist.Unknowingly bcz of meera,rishni died in car save meera from going 2 jail rashi went with Vikrant as roshni.hope vikrant will let rashi go with rahul later.sad that rashi has made meera promise that she will not tell d truth to d family.oh..i think from anjali all will know that rashi is alive.I’ve a doubt.On Rahul Rashi wedding anniversary kangana said that something will happen 2 rashi which will change her life.Did Kangana do anything?Is Kangana d real killer of Roshni?If not,why did Kangana tell Rashi like that?
    Which actress is the real Rashi?
    Have u seen Kayamat?In Kayamat Proteek’s wife died in an accident when they were on d way to meet his family with d baby.So Prachi goes with Proteek as lives there as his wife Panchi.

  2. Isaaq

    This is really good!

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