Saath Nibhana Saathiya after 8 years season 3 part 9

Episode started……
Roshni runs to her room and take out some documents and photo and came back and says to inspector to look this my passport I am Roshni Mehta. I will you the entire story I and Vikrant met in America we both love each other…….. Earlier my mother in law was against our marriage but after Sanju birth she accepted us…. So we shifted her after 8 years….. She showed her and Sanju pic of birth time…….. She ask Rahul whether if you ever feel that I am your wife….. If I would be your wife then I couldn’t talk you like this…..

Rahul agreed and says yes you are right my Rashi can never say lies. If she does her eye never support her lie…. And says to himself my wife is dead……. I should accept that and think of Surabhi….. Meera who was listening from outside says to herself I know Rashi how you feel to talk like this to Rahul but I promise you I will the culprit and bring you back before Surabhi and Rahul marriage……

In Goenka house ……
In a room… Sakshi ask shaurya to listen to me if you want chairmanship in Goenka industry then you have to love your child to come in this world otherwise according to your grandfather will whole property will go to dev and riya and will go out and beg for even single things..

In modi bhavan……
Prem ask simar you look so young that noone say that you are going to be mother in law soon…. Simar hug prem and says premji mai toh mother in law nahi lagti par aap toh father in law lagte ho….. And smiles….

In Agrawal house ……
Rahul shout and says bhabhi why you don’t tell me about Roshni. …… Meera says I am sorry as I told lie but when I saw Roshni in summer camp I was too shocked and goes and ask her and she said the same as you told us…. Meera says to enquire about her I do go to Ahmedabad for enquiring about her but the results was same she is Roshni Mehta. I don’t think why khushi directly called you. I don’t want to hurt your emotions….

Surabhi come down and says Anjali has fever and she is not taking medicine says take me to Rashi…… Meera says Anjali saws Rashi lookalike so she is thinking as her mom is alive…

In Mehta house…..
Roshni overhear kartik and Vikrant conversation and talking about secret room…. Roshni think to enter and check what is inside that room and she follow Vikrant……. And enter room and saw Vikrant checking something in locker… She took pic of password enter by Vikrant and after Vikrant leaving she checked the locker and get shocked she the photo of Nisha and Vikrant with sanjana…. She immediately called meera but Nisha stopped her and says i am Roshni Mehta……..

In the meantime Vikrant enter and pass inside the Nisha(aka Roshni Mehta) and Rashi shout and says Roshni…. Vikrant get shocked…. Immediately Nisha enter in Rashi body and says to Vikrant what she would rat in dinner. .. Vikrant says anything….. And goes…. Nisha come out and says to Rashi please don’t say anything to Vikrant ……. I will tell you everything…
Flashback started
Nisha says I ran NGO in Ahmedabad through my assistant in Ahmedabad she sent most of her patients to nav jivan hospital which kartik runs…. But my friend told me all our patients died in that hospital so I think to check out in nav jivan hospital…. When I went I saw that he use to sell all patients body part I immediately took my car and goes to tell this to Vikrant but I died on the way I was hit by meera car but I was saved and two persons through me down I know one is kartik but I don’t know who is helping kartik…… Now kartik has opened a branch at Rajkot and he used to be there….. Flashback end

Nisha I request you to please don’t tell anything to Vikrant other he would break out…. Please and promise me one thing also that you will always take care my daughter…. And found out the real culprit….. Rashi promise Nisha aka Roshni(ghost)…. Episode ended freezing Rashi face….

Rashi come to Rajkot and says i am in my family but as Roshni Mehta…… She step in to Agrawal house…. Meera was very happy but pari was upset…

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  1. Jasminerahul

    sad that rashi said lies n rahul saying that rashi can never tell lies touched my heart.Sakshi’s advising shaurya 2 luv his baby only 4 property was horrible.hope shaurya changes.premar scene was so cute n funny.y did u stop it there?wated 2 know prem’s reaction when simar said he looks like a FIL.will they bring rashi as anjali is sick?Its so shocking that Nisha is Roshni’s 1 killer is kartik as i expected.wonder who d other one is.but how can nisha ask Rashi 2 take care of Sanu always?She shud unite Rashi with Rahul.Right?how long can rashi sacrifice?

    plz tell which actress plays Nisha/Roshni?

    1. Chetan

      Shagun from yeh hai mohbattian…… Doing Roshni role

      1. Jasminerahul

        wow..i like anita a lot.

    2. Chetan

      I stopped there because I want to focus more in Rashi Roshni and Vikrant

    3. Chetan

      Other killer is so unexpected that you would get shocked… ..

      And Nisha aka Roshni will not make Rashi and Rahul unite….. But she will use Rashi body after getting her culprit known to live with Vikrant

      1. Jasminerahul

        if d villain is not vikrant i’m fine

  2. Shakaib



    Nisha is really ghost or….
    OK! Take care.

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