Saath Nibhana Saathiya after 8 years season 3 part 8

Episode started in Agrawal house……
Everyone asking meera what wrong with anjali….. Sansar ask Meera tell me what game you was asking for anjali….. Meera says nothing, in summer camp Anjali miss her mom so much. So she get an illusion and saw her mom there so she reacted like this….. Meera goes to her room and think how she can told this to Rashi…… Sansar enter and hug from behind and says my love I missed you alot….. Meera says accha yeh baat hai call toh ek baar bhi ni aya….. Sansar says jis hum dil me rakhte usne yaad ni karte……… Meera goes…..

Tripti ask Surabhi to go for shopping for her wedding ……. Meera thinks how will I stop this marriage and bring Rashi home…… Please kanhaji show me a way….. Khushi comes and says badi maa… Ahmedabad m ek se ek collection hai shaadi ki saree etc ka…. Meera comes and says you are right Khushi we should go and get shopping there…. Tripti says why not you khushi and Surabhi go to Ahmedabad for shopping…. Meera thanks kanhaji…..

In goenka house….

Sujatha says Sakshi apne imagination ko hato…. Because ab dev hi raheta goenka ka chairman….. Sakshi irked says ab toh riya ko baccha girana hoga…..

Dev room riya was taking clothes… Dev comes and hug riya from behind and says my baby kya kar raha hai… Riya says machar mar rahi ho….. Riya smiles……

In shaurya room…..
Shaurya says I don’t need this child I ask you why can’t you get abortion.. .. Priya says why I do this is our child and he will come in this world…. Shaurya shout and goes and raise hand on her but Sakshi hold and says why are you reacting like this…… Sakshi ask her to come with me….

In Ahmedabad……
Meera in a hotel and thinking how I will leave from here… Surabhi says I forget to brought brush will you please bring…. Meera says yes why not…. Khushi says to herself something is wrong with meera bhabhi….. I must follow her…. Meera goes down and call Roshni and says i am in Ahmedabad please come and meet me it’s urgent…… Roshni says Ok….

Meera wait and Roshni arrive….. Khushi looking from behind and get shocked.. and says Rashi bhabhi…. Meera told Everything to Roshni. Roshni get shocked and says i will go and we will find the real culprit…… Meera says Ok….

Khushi goes to room and says yeh toh bht badi news hai ki Rashi bhabhi jinda hai jab ghar Walo ko yeh pata chalega ki usni pyaari bahu ne yeh sab kiya hai toh ghar ki chabi meera bhabhi ke pass se sida khushi ki kamar m….. She call Rahul and told everything Rahul get shocked…..

Next morning……..
Mehta house…… someone rang doorbell…. Baa ask Roshni to open.. Roshni open and get shocked seeing Rahul and think meeradi has broken my promise…. Vikrant come….. And says to inspector….. Police says this man is claiming that she is his wife…..
Vikrant says no she is Roshni Mehta and ask Roshni to say truth….. Scene freeze Roshni Rahul and Vikrant…….

Roshni says look inspector this is my passport in which I am Roshni Mehta…. I was in America with Vikrant for last eight years and shifted to Ahmedabad recently for two years and told the story how she met Vikrant….. Rahul get shocked.. .

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  1. Jasminerahul

    meera sanskar scene was romantic.varun tanya r a superb jodi.sakshi is so cheap 2 think of killing riya’s baby.hope it doesnt succeed.i cant believe that shauryacan stoop so low 2 think of abortng his that fight he even tried 2 slap sad.khushi can never change.inorder 2 get meera’s position she told rahul abt rashi n rahul reached there.sad that rashi too lied that she isnt will rahul react now?waiting 4 meera n rashi 2 find out d culprit

    1. Chetan

      I am thinking to add a ghost of Roshni who will help both to find real culprit

      1. Jasminerahul

        no fiction u can show ghost.but it wud b nice if ghost turns out to be real n Vikrant Roshni unite.Sanu will get both mom n dad naa

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