Saath Nibhana Saathiya after 8 years season 3 part 7

episode started in meera car…. Meera asking kanhaji to do some miracle so that rashi may come in her family…. The car break down and the car stop… Meera ask the driver what happened he says the car’s water is ended I am going to take meera says Ok… Anjali was sleeping…. Meera come out and get shocked the place was the same place where Roshni died…. She thanks kanhaji….. Meera start looking at all place for evidence but not get… She then saw a lady coming through the place and behind her a truck was also coming…. Meera shout and take lady aside….. She thanks her and says my best friend Roshni Mehta murdered here…..and I am looking for evidence for two years…. Meera get shocked…. She ask it was my mistake I hit by car…. The lady says no it’s not your mistake…. But my friend was murdered …. Meera told her everything…. She says that’s not true…. She was hit by car but someone push from this mountain… And she was alone her husband was not with her…. She started telling….

Flashback started….
Lady talking to Roshni and asking about who is trying to kill you….. The lady get answered in call I don’t know but I ask you to please be with me….. The lady says Ok….. They both were traveling in different cars…..

Meera hit the car and the car was about to fall then my friend came out to check and two persons pushed her I can’t saw there face as they were wearing mask….

Flashback end….

Meera get shocked and ask her name and number so she can contact and found the real culprit….. She says her name Nisha….

In Mehta house……

Sanju hug her baa and papa…… Baa says kartik aaj ni aya…. A man is shown he was Vikrant you brother and Roshni brother in law……. Vikrant take Sanju to room and ask how was summer camp…. Sanju says bht accha tha papa…. She says in summer camp a little girl call my mumma as her mumma…. Vikrant get shocked …… In the meantime Roshni enter…. Vikrant ask Sanju to go and play with baa…. She leaves….
Vikrant shout and says you broke your promise rashi …. And met your family……. Rashi shout and says agar thodana hota toh wapas ni aati ….. Apni behen ke saath chali gayi hoti. Aur aap bhi kuch nahi kar pate.. . Vikrant shocked…..

In Agrawal house Anjali come with meera ….
Surabhi run and try to hug she loose her and says door raho tum…. Tum mere mumma ni ho…. Rahul tripti and entire family shocked…. She says my mumma is…… Meera says to Anjali aapko game yaad hana……
Flashback started …….
In car meera ask Anjali that you wont ask anyone about your mumma… Apki mom apke saath hide and seek khel rahi hai agar aap sabki bata doge toh woh har jayegi…. Kya aap aapni mumma ko har dekhna chate ho…
Flashback end….
Anjali goes to her room….

Surabhi meera and khushi all plan to go to Ahmedabad for shopping…… Khushi saw Rashiface lady talking to meera and tell entire things to Rahul… Rahul enter to Vikrant house with police and call Rashi to take her home…..

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  1. Shakaib

    Awesome update! Chetan, add some gohem and Rajri scenes.

  2. Jasminerahul

    Wow..loved this twist,Meera is not d real killer.Roshni wasnt there in dat car.some goons pushed her off is there any chance that Roshni will come back?then it wud b rly nice.but who was trying 2 kill roshni?is that karthik?Rashi blasting at Vikrant was touchy.hope vikrant apologizes 2 rashi.Anjali burst out d truth.felt bad 4 surabhi when she was rude 2 her.precap is interesting.waiting 4 it eagerly.
    plz show shaurya priya,prem simar,aditya durga,jigar rashi,sanskar meera

    1. Chetan

      The real culprit is very much shocking……. And Roshni is dead …. . And the lady saying Roshni best friend has biggest secret

      1. Jasminerahul

        happy to see ur reply after a long time.4 d last 2 updates not seeing ur reply i wondered what happened 2 u.
        waiting 4 the shocking secret 2 b revealed.but i hope its not vikrant d real culprit.bcz i like arjun bijlani very much

    2. Chetan

      Do you believe in Bhoot etc

      1. Jasminerahul

        no,i don’t believe in it.but i like fantasy stories.y did u ask?

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