saath nibhana saathiya after 8 years season 3 part 5 summer camp special

Sakshi goes near Sujatha and says ab jaldi hi woh din ayega jab Goenka group of industries mere shaurya ki hogi and look like a vamp towards Sujatha….. In the meantime riya also vomatine and doctor checked her and says two good news are come at once…. Sakshi get irked…… Sujatha smiles and get happy and hug both priya and Riya…..

In summer camp……

Roshni cook food for Sanju and goes to call her…. Sanju play with children and Anjali was not there…. Sanju ask mom to meet her friends …… In the meantime Anjali came out from tent and looked shocked seeing Rashi……. And runs towards her and says mumma…. Meera come out and hear Anjali voice saying mumma….. Roshni turns and meera got shocked and she do shout Rashi…………

Roshni get shocked and loose her hug remembering Vikrant asking to be in her promise and goes towards madam and ask for withdrawal of camping right now….

Meera get shocked…..

In modi bhavan….

Gopi Rashi Sona Manisha and Simar talking to Roli about the proposal of durga marriage to aditya…. Roli says they don’t have problem and ask durga…. Durga smiled looking at Aditya…. Roli says we want to engagement within two days and shaadi after seven days…..

Simar look at Gopi and says maaji what do you think…. Gopi says yes.

In goenka house in dev room….

Dev touch riya stomach and says i love you my child and your mother too…. Dev hug riya and ask her for the best gift of my life…

In shaurya room

Shaurya says to Priya why can’t you take precautions and ask would you like to drop this child… Priya look shocked and goes near shaurya and says i want to bring this child to my world… And why are you asking me… Shaurya shout and says because I hate child….. Priya get shocked….. Sakshi listen to shaurya and get shocked… And says agar bhabhi phele dadi ban gayi toh bht problem ho jayegi…

In shimla….
Roshni was going for airport and from front Meera car blocked her car…..

Meera ask Rashi to come out… Roshni says Sanju to be in car.. Roshni goes near meera and remember the day she got married and how meera supported her ….. Meera remember how rashi took care of her children….

Meera ask Roshni why Rashi why you left our home your daughter and saying another daughter as your child I think you never liked our family and Rahul and get affairs with other man…..

Meera says i will go and tell everyone in family about you and I know your Ahmedabad address…..

Roshni get shocked and hold her hand says please don’t do that Di…….
Episode ended freezing Roshni face…..

You want to know the truth then listen to me… Meera get shocked…

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  1. Jasminerahul

    sakshi is so selfish.she thought all property can b acquired thru sharya’s baby.but her plan flopped as riya is also preg.loved dev riya scene.but shaurya doesnt want d baby.shocking.y is shaurya behaving like this?is there any hidden reason or he just doesnt want baby?Adi Durga wedding fixed n they smiling at each other was sweet.Rashi Meera…meera mu sad.waiting 4 d next part where rashi reveals her d truth.anjali rashi scene was heart touching

  2. Shakaib

    Awesome update chetan but truth will reveal in part 6, keep rocking….

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