saath nibhana saathiya after 8 years season 3 part 3

Episode started in Mehta house…
Vikrant goes to Roshni room and ask whether sanjana slept or not… Roshni says yes sanjana has slept and goes to bring water. Vikrant called her as Rashi Modi… Roshni turn. Vikrant goes and says thanks and says you are upbringing my child as your child. Rashi says when I came here I thought how would I live without my daughter Anjali but you gave me my eight years old sanjana to me who fulfill my motherhood… And Vikrant slept in sofa and Rashi slept on bed…and think that I know my daughter care taker meera Di would be there….

Next morning……
In Agrawal house
Meera run behind Anjali and ask to drink milk… In the meantime all the ladies of Agrawal house sitting in sofa and tripti pick anjali up and ask to drink milk… Anjali says mujhe dude nahi pina hai…. Uma ask Anjali to drink milk Anjali says no……
In the meantime sansar arrive and ask what going on.. meera make her that anjali not drinking milk.. sansar says why are irritating my princess if she doesn’t want to drink milk then don’t force her… Meera too said that I will not force her… And turn towards tripti and says mom I was thinking that I will send anjali to summer camp. Sansar interrupt and says this summer camp is that where children play alot and get lot of fun.. Anjali says I will also go and drink milk… Tripti says both meera and Anjali will go to summer camp and other bahu of Agrawal get jealous

In modi bhavan…
Gopi ask Rashi about Anjali birthday and where Aditya and durga dance.. Rashi says they were looking cute… Gopi says that she will ask simar bahu to ask Roli about this proposal….

In Goenka house.

Shaurya ask Priya to stich the shirt buttons Priya goes and stich his shirt buttons and slowly shaurya hug her priya ask her to leave and song play Sanam re Sanam re….. And shaurya body was shown….

Dev stick fake chipkali in mirror and says when riya will she it and hug him… Riya came from washroom and goes to mirror and look at fake and understand and take it in her hand and says seriously dev it’s very cheap idea and throw on floor riya again doing her make up and a real chipkali came she shout and hug tiedly to dev and song play kabhi Jo badle barse…..

In modi bhavan…

Simar goes to her room and ask prem that I need to talk come here.. prem says tell me from there…
Simar ask her to come close… Prem get romantic and says how much close going towards her… And or this much close… Simar fall on bed… Prem too fall on… And prem gave kiss to her forehead…. And scene Freeze….

Roshni ask Vikrant for sanjana summer camp…. Vikrant says yes… Both Anjali and sajana reach summer camp and meera and Roshni too…..

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Liked vikrant Rashi relationship as gud friends.Y is Rashi pretending 2 b Roshni infront of others?Is it inspired by d show Kayamat?plz tell which actor plays Vikrant.Shaurya priya scene n song were damn romantic.Dev riya scene was funny,cute n romantic,nice song too.gud that gopi is thinking of Aditya Durga marr.plz show aditya Durga romance.Premar scene was so romantic n passionate.plz show more romantic scenes on Premar

    1. Chetan

      Vikrant is arjun bilani

      1. Jasminerahul

        wow..he is one of my most favourite actors

    2. Chetan

      In summer camp two years secret will be released and meera will come to know about Roshni and she will try to break Surabhi and Rahul and will make try to reunite Rahul and Rashi

      1. Jasminerahul

        i too hoped that rashi anjali meeting will happen in summer camp like will b nice if like kkhh rahul too meets rashi there.plz upload d next part 2day

    3. Chetan

      Rahul will not meet Rashi so soon

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