saath nibhana saathiya after 8 years season 2 part 7 rakhi festival special


Episode started with gopi laughing see the video sent by neha…… kokila get to a room where pari premlata and radha fighting with each other for release of kokila…… Kokila enter the room and started her loud dialogue….. and premlata ask to stop this…. as it’s was our plan and open the entire plan before kokila and all three laugh…. Priya and Manisha record all these via mobile…..

Then both enter with police…….. Police arrested all three…..and kokila forgive parag and both goes to bring durga and tell everything to meera…….. Meera get teary eyes and ask Rashi to forgive her…

Vidya and sharavan also arrive with their son and daughter…..
Rashi says today was the day when 26year ago…. radha and gaura started their evil plan but Krishna bhagwan ki kripa se aaj sab thik ho gaya….

Bus ab Gopi ish ghar m wapas aa jaye… says Rashi..
Kokila says aaj rakhi hai aur aaj gopi vahu ko ish ghar m mai lekar aaungi…

Vidya ask her daughter to tie rakhi on their brother….
Rakhi festival started….

Kokila ask ahem and gopi to forgive her….by folding her hand on knees…
Gopi smile silently like a vamp and says to her that you are taking me to your house by dividing your own house….

Ahem take his mom up and says fine mom….

Kokila take gopi and the modi mansion…..
Gopi remember last day of this house when she left…..
Rashi take aarti of Gopi and Ahem…. and ask them to get in….

Gopi says to herself “Mere ish ghar m aana kahani tumhara ish ghar se Jane ki wajah Na ban jaye…. Rashi…”

Gopi and neha talk and says ab ish ghar se wanwas ke liye rashi jayegi… and gopi laugh like a vamp

Gopi comes down and ask Rashi is breakfast ready…..
Rashi says I am making it….

Rashi says to Manisha that Gopi is changed…. earlier give respect saying rashiben but this Gopi is taking my name…
Gopi hear them and says to herself that I have to do silently….
Manisha console Rashi saying mummyji yeh time phele Wala ni raha please don’t think more….

Then gopi enter and Rashi…” I want to tie you rakhi as you always help me.”.. by drama of being good…..

Rashi come with her and both go to Temple….
Rashi after 26year we are celebrating rakhi festival….

Gopi tie rakhi to rashi and says she brought silver rakhi and tied it…

Gopi says neha let go and see the drama…

Rashi got iching on the hand in which Gopi tie rakhi…..
And get more iching and by making food the rakhi fall and rashi not notice that…..

At dinner.

Vidya family
Meera family and
Kokila family all sit for dinner…

Rashi take bowl to dining table…..

When Kokila took the vegetables a shiny cheese shined but she not notice her…

Gopi notice and says to neha besides her ki ab Rashi ki shamat at

Kokila take the vegetables and eat and the rakhi.. break kokila teeth…
Gopi laugh slowly….
And neha too smile….
Scene freeze to Rashi….

Kokila shout at Rashi and ask to learn manner from neha who is trained like gopi….

Rashi goes to gopi room and says why are you doing…
Gopi says what am i doing…..

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  1. Jasmine Rahul

    they all welcomed gopi.but sad that gopi is troubling rashi n kokila 2 take revenge.
    which actresses r playing manisha n neha?who plays papu?

  2. Jasmine Rahul

    i’ve commented on part 6 n 5 too.plz check

    1. Chetan

      Now Gopi and neha will do Kalkari and trouble Rashi….

      Rashi jigar modi is not Rucha but she prena of kasuti zindagi ki

  3. Chetan

    The current Monika modi is neha……

    Helly shah is Manisha…..

  4. Jasmine Rahul

    i know that rashi is prerna after plastic surgery n jr Rashi is Rucha.sorry i 4got who r manisha n priya.plz tell

  5. Sarayumane

    Awesome, I love gopi bring vamp

  6. Sarayumane

    Oops, *being*

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