Saath nibhana saathiya after 8 years season 2 part 6


Episode started with gopi asking neha to go to modi bhavan with papu I have a plan……

In India gopi ahem papu and neha reached to a flat gopi and ahem goes inside and papu and neha goes for modi bhavan…….

Urmila open the door and see papu and neha….. and hug them .
Premlata shout why are you here it’s not your house it’s my house get out….. neha goes to premlata and says it’s my husband mama house so we have right to stay here….. new Nani ji…. with expression…….

After few moments kokila enter the house with Rashi and premlata shocked and says Rashi who this woman Rashi..

Kokila goes to slap premlata but parag come in between and get emotional but hide his emotions by remembering premlata damki….. and hold kokila hand ask who are you?.
My wife is died eight years ago….
Kokila shocked and says to him that she is Kokila parag modi..

Premlata says my dear friend died in an accident giving vamp expression..
Kokila says I am not your friend….
Parag pushed kokila….and says her wife is dead so please get out from here

Kokila stand up and says she is 51% ownership as baa divided this property…..and you are only 49%
So I am Malkin of this house….Mrs. kokila modi …….

Premlata shocked and says herself ab yeh kokila kya karegi…….

At the evening neha tell everything to gopi and ask what to do….
She says first you make place in everyone heart and ask her to down rashi and manisha in everyone eye….but not to sona as she was the one who helped me…
I will tell you do as…..
Manisha prepared food for everyone…..and come out hearing telephone ring….
Neha goes and add chilly powder in food….and gopi engaged Manisha in phone saying a company call….
Neha come out and rashi was cleaning the floor….neha put more powder and rashi cleaning the steps cide with that water and then premlata come out and get an attack by stepping down……
And shout at rashi and saying kokila would recommend you and kokila shout at rashi by doing such cheap incident….
Neha record all this and sent to gopi….

Gopi watch that and get glad…..and says to her rashi it’s just beginning I will make you to leave this family…..

Manisha serve food to everyone……rashi sona Kokila premlata parag jigar tolu molu urmila all shout for water and molu shout at Manisha by adding too much chilly powder…… Kokila shout at Rashi by not explained Manisha to make food…..
Neha record all this and again sent to gopi….


Kokila bring gopi and ahem and police arrested premlata radha….in making kokila died….

Gopi enter the house and says my coming in this house will make rashi and manisha leaving this house and laugh like a vamp with neha and sona …

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  1. Riana

    Pls make gopi a powerful vamp…its one of the best ff….pls comment in my ff too

  2. Chetan

    I will make her powerful……

    Rashi will soon come to know about Gopi plan to break the family

  3. Jasmine Rahul

    papu neha in modi bhavan.neha on behalf of gopi is taking revenge on modis.shocked abt gopi’s revengeful face.Sad 4 parag.actually 4 their well being only he married premlatha.
    i’ve commented on d previous part too.plz check

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