Saath nibhana saathiya after 8 years season 2 part 5

Episode started in USA,
Urmila tell gopi that kokila life is in danger………
Ahem gopi get shocked..

Gopi says what???

Ahem says to urmila that sorry mamiji! I don’t care whether modies are alive or dead….. I am not ahem modi but I am ahem Desai now..

And turn to gopi and says “agar gopi aap saath jayegi toh mere sare rishte thode ke jayegi….”

Gopi says to urmila”mamiji ahemji ne mere saath humesha diya aur mai ab uskna saath nibhana hai, sorry mamiji u can leave now…”

Urmila get shocked of gopi this look….
And left for India.

Ahem says to gopi today I feel sorry for mom that we are helpless because that witch has kidnapped our young daughter of meera eight years ago I can’t forget that day….and I know dad is also married her because of meera daughter is in custody of paridhi…….

Pari is shown shouting at a girl named durga (daughter of meera)(lookalike gia manek)….
Ahem goes to flashback……..
Meera rashi tripti and theirs went to picnic in lake side with meera son(Vivek7year) and a daughter(5years) came from hostel….

Vivek says mom I am hungry and meera ask Rashi can please tare care of durga she says Ok Di….
Durga goes near lake and radha throw a stone and rashi save herself but fall durga…
Meera shout durga….
Sansar and Rahul also shout at rashi…and Rashi says Sorry Di…
Meera and all reached home tripti console rashi….and meera ask Rashi you are kill my daughter you don’t have the right to stay here…and throw her towards door and tripti hold rashi and says it was not her fault I know someone is behind this and going to take radha name meera interfere and says if she lives here I will make her life hell and mummyji you please don’t come in between…

Pari take durga with her and built up and premlata ask ahem gopi to go to a place outside India otherwise durga will died….
Premlata ask parag to marry with Same damki…. and ask her to give place of kokila in modi bhavan…
Ahem came out from flashback and cried…

Urmila reached India and Rashi ask about Gopi…..she says Gopi is totally changed and will never come here ……we have to plan and bring gopi back………

In US Gopi says to herself I will go modi bhavan this time with a motive to break that family as the family never support her Gopi scene freeze to gopi face…..

Kokila return to modi bhavan and ask parag for remarrying….
Parag insult her and ask her to leave with fake drama….
Kokila says baa has made two partners of this house one motibhabhi(49%)whose owner is you and another (51%) whose owner is kokila modi…….so I have right to stay here premlata shocked..

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  1. Isaaq

    Hi Its good
    I’m confused about your comment on my ff. What do you mean about sindoora?

  2. Its awsome…i want to see gopi as a vamp…very much new concept…pls comment in my ff which is sun sathiya….ff

  3. Gopi’s motive to destroy the modis is good!!!…pls too comment in my ff which is saayhiya ek nayi kahani s2

  4. Jasmine Rahul

    Pari has taken meera’s daughter durga who is gia manek.2 save her only gohem left 4 US.Meera thinks its bcz of rashi that she lost durga n thats y she is treating her badly.sad.hope gopi exposes d real culprits

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