saath nibhana saathiya after 8 years season 2 part 15


Episode started with Sujatha (Nishigandha Wad) says to dev by congratulations him that shaurya is got engaged today… gives a happy expression and says whom in the meantime shaurya enter and says it’s my PA Riya Modi..

Dev says what!in shocked……. And says Riya is agreed …. Shaurya says she was very happy……

Dev says to himself.i will took revenge from Riya she has trap my brother now I will trap his sister ……. And ask Sujatha to come with us and we going to Modi mansion to ask my and priya marriage because I love her…… Shaurya get jealous and feels for Priya instead of riya…… Sujatha says Ok……

In modi mansion……

Gopi comes from kokila room and has thrown some khacra in kokila room….. Kokila enter the room and shout Rashi and ask what is this you haven’t clean this….. Rashi see Gopi’s face she gave vamp expression……..
Next morning Sujatha enter modi bhavan with shagun and ask kokila and gopi for Priya hand for dev goenka…….

In the meantime Priya come for breakfast….. Gopi ask her…. She says yes ….. Sujatha says now both the sister will have engagement today itself……. Gopi says yes…..

Shaurya wait for sujatha and sujatha enter and says to dev and shaurya congratulations…. Both look upset…. She says engagement is today and after two days marriage…… Both look sad……

At evening in modi bhavan……
Urmila Manisha molu enter with family….. Neha and papu too enter…… Vidya sharavan and their families shown… Rashi and Meera family are also enter……

Gopi comes out with sleeve less baluse and sona too come with latest look…. Rashi wear a simple salwar suit….

Urmila look at rashi and gopi….. Rashi took urmila to her room. And explain everything about Gopi…….. urmila get shocked and says who can help gopi in all these we have to break their unite then we can make Gopi positive…… Rashi says Ok….

Goenka family enter….. and engagement ceremony started…. Shaurya stand in side of Priya…. Priya get glad…. But gopi ask shaurya that go in side of riya…. Shaurya upsetly goes there and ring ceremony started….. Gopi says now both our daughter get engaged so clap everyone…… Shaurya feel that he is in love with Priya… And think how he can fall for Priya….

Goenka house…..
Shaurya think of Priya and feel guilty of separating riya and dev….. And says how he can marry riya as he loves priya and says now only dad can save him….

Raj slap shaurya and says you have to bear this guilt forever of your life….. Raj says to break once love is very bad

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  1. Jasminerahul

    i was waiting 4 this since many days.since shaurya riya marr is fized Dev decided 2 marry priya 2 take revenge n their marr is also fixed.thats so sad.gopi in sleeveless blouse.i can’t believe it.Did’nt Kokila Maaji say anything?Rashi n urmila planning 2 break gopi’s n her helping hand’s relation.if they find that its neha n break their relation n turn gopi positive it will b nice.waiting 2 c the positive gopi.waiting 4 gia manek’s grand entry too.In d engagement ceremony Shaurya standing near Priya n priya becoming happy was a nice scene.then shaurya was asked 2 go n stand near riya n shaurya riya dev priya got engaged.shaurya feels sad that now he luvs priya n feels guilty of separating dev riya.i could feel shaurya’s pain n i loved the way u portrayed shaurya’s emotions.
    plz sho rahul rashi scenes.missing them a lot.

    plz do read n comment on my ss Laal ishq part2.if possible plz give a detailed review

  2. Chetan

    Now the story will take a turn……. Shaurya and priya will be united…..

    Ahem’s najayez son will enter….. And Rashi and Manisha will find her…. He will prem (dheeraj dhoper)….. Will enter and she will marry to a girl (simar) and simar will help Manisha and Rashi to make Gopi positive……

    1. Jasminerahul

      Wow…prem n Simar here.I am so happy.u know I was longing to read prem simar ffs.Bcz there r only RoSid ffs n no Premar ffs.i like rosid n premar.cant wait 4 premar entry.hopefully there will b a lot of premar scenes too.
      if u can plz write a premar one shot too

  3. Jasminerahul

    Ok means?

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